Hiking Around Greenville


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Hiking Around Greenville

  1. 1. Hiking Around Greenville<br />By: Haley Cannady<br />
  2. 2. This park has 7,467 acres of land<br />This is the best park near Greenville for breathtaking views<br />Hiking trails range from easy to challenging.<br />The most popular trail at Caesars Head goes to Raven Cliff Falls, where a suspension bridge overlooks the falls<br />$2 general admission<br />Caesars Head State Park<br />
  3. 3. Raven Cliff Falls<br />Raven Cliff Falls is a 400 foot waterfall<br />To get to the observation platform hikers must enter Caesars head state park and hike the raven cliff falls trail.<br />Difficulty: Moderate<br />The trail is 2 miles and takes 1.5 hours to hike<br />To get to the suspended bridge hikers must continue on the trail for another 2 miles<br />Basic Information<br />Raven Cliff Falls<br />
  4. 4. Table Rock State Park has two lakes, a campground, mountain cabins, and a historic, renovated lodge<br />The park has 3,093 acres.<br />It is best known for its rock formations, family camping, and strenuous hiking. <br />Admission is $2<br />Table Rock State Park<br />
  5. 5. Trails at Table Rock<br />Carrick Creek Nature Trail<br />One of the most scenic short hikes in the Upstate.<br />The loop is only 1.9 miles long and is fairly easy<br />The trail weaves along Carrick and Green Creeks as they cascade down flat rock and into pools and small waterfalls<br />Pinnacle Mountain Trail<br />This is a strenuous 8 mile hike which leads hikers to the peak of Pinnacle Mountain. The summit has waterfalls and an overlook of Greenville. <br />The summit is a 2,332 foot climb, so the trail very demanding and hikers should bring ample amount of water.<br />Views from Carrick Creek Nature Trail.<br />View of Pinnacle Mountain<br />
  6. 6. Table Rock Summit Trail<br />This trail takes hikers to the top of Table Rock Mountain. <br />The hike is 7.2 miles and is highly strenuous.<br />The hike begins on the easy Carrick Creek trail, but soon becomes very demanding. Hikers will have a elevation gain of 2,400. <br />Trails at Table Rock<br />A view from the top<br />
  7. 7. 3,346 acres of land in Jones Gap<br />A major highlight of Jones Gap is the Middle Saluda River, which was the state’s first designated scenic river. <br />It is the best Greenville Park for cool valleys and trout fishing<br />Best time to see the falls is in the spring because the area is covered with azalea, meadow rue, and Solomon&apos;s Plume.<br />$2 general admission<br />Jones Gap State Park<br />
  8. 8. Rainbow Falls at Jones Gap<br />Waterfall facts<br />Rainbow Falls<br />Rainbow Falls drops 100 feet over steep tan and black walls. <br />Hikers will cross over the Saluda River and will have to climb almost 1,000 feet over 1.6 miles<br />Difficulty: Strenuous but definitely worth it<br />Total Length: 2.4 miles<br />$2 general admission<br />Best time to see the falls is in the spring because the area is covered with azalea, meadow rue, and Solomon&apos;s Plume.<br />
  9. 9. Paris Mountain State Park is a 1,540 acre park just outside the city limits of Greenville. The Park has hiking, swimming, bicycling, boating, fishing, and camping for visitors to enjoy.<br /> Trails in the park range from strenuous trudge up the mountain to simple walks through the nature trail. <br />$2 general admission<br />Paris Mountain Info<br />
  10. 10. Sulphur Spring Loop Trail<br />It is a strenuous hike up and down the slope of Paris Mountain. <br />It has a variety of terrain and is a 3.5 mile loop.<br />It is rugged and steep throughout regardless of the direction of the loop you choose to endure. <br />Popular Trails at Paris Mountain<br />
  11. 11. Brissy Ridge Trail<br />This trail is 2.3 miles round trip and is fairly moderate. <br />It is very family friendly and includes views of the reservoir below.<br />Lake Placid Nature Trail<br />This is the easiest trail in the park.<br />It is only a 1.3 mile loop and it encircle the shore of Lake Placid.<br />Popular Trails at Paris Mountain<br />View from Brissy Ridge Trail<br />Views from Lake Placid Nature Trail<br />
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