Technology In The Classroom


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Technology In The Classroom

  1. 1. Technology in the classroom W200 By: Michael Gawdzik NEXT!
  2. 2. Technology is our friend click a title below! Texas Instruments Kindle Online Data Banks RESOURCES CONCLUSION
  3. 3. Texas Instruments Texas Instrument calculators are suitable for any age group. Helping students in kindergarten doing simple computations all the way to the college level helping students in many mathematical areas including; Algebra, pre- calculus, calculus, geometry and statistics. Click the red or blue calculator HOME
  4. 4. T.I. applications Not just stopping at math applications Texas Instruments has set the bar for user friendly apps. If you are Chinese there is an app that will translate your calculator into Chinese along with other languages. Need help staying organized? Downloadable calendars and day planners will surely make your life easier. Their website is host to hundreds of applications designed to help students learn as efficiently as possible. back
  5. 5. Helping the Teacher Texas Instruments is getting the teacher as well as the parents involved to further improve understanding of a potentially intimidating product a link to a recommendation letter already in a PDF file on their website helps teachers select which calculator best suits their class. Providing many tutorials and class room activities will help the teacher unlock the full power of their calculator so students are not just using it for simple computations. BACK
  6. 6. Amazon’s Kindle -10.2 ounces -wirelessly connected to a 3g network -60second book downloads -carries up to 1500 books! -can read books to you -choose from over 400,000 books! Click the kindle see what happens HOME
  7. 7. Applications Kindle has many great features but the one that students would benefit from the most is saving a lot of money on textbooks along with not having to carry around a super heavy book bag that can very well lead to back problems. Click either the kindle or the book bag HOME
  8. 8. Good Kindle kindle kindle BACK
  9. 9. BAD BOOKBAGS although you will not turn yellow, if you carry around enough books for a long enough time your back will let you know how much it hates you. BACK
  10. 10. ONLINE DATA BANKS before coming to college I had to deal with libraries but more so the crotchety librarians that work at these monuments to education. Now I have the pleasure of working with online databanks that IUPUI has generously bestowed upon its students. IUPUI breaks down each data bank into categories which is the first of many refinements one can have in their pursuit of the appropriate information. -Anthropology -chemistry -education !click the -women’s studies pic! -business managements -sociology -psychology these are just a few of the subjects one can use to get information !HOME!
  11. 11. INSIDE A DATA BANK Once inside a user has the option to further refine his/her search -full text articles -picture articles -peer review/unreviewed articles you may also limit the dates to: -within the last 12 months -any year -or even specific dates all the way to document type or physical description These options allow the user to fully get where they need to be information wise data banks are open 24/7 and all you need to access them are a student ID and a willingness to learn. BACK
  12. 12. RESOURCES 1.Texas Instrument. Advertisement. Http:// x.html. TI incorporated. Web. 26 Jan. 2010. < dex.html>. IUPUI. Web. 26 Jan. 2010. 3.Advertisement. Amazon. Web. 26 Jan. 2010. < Reading-Display- Generation/dp/B0015T963C/rf=amb_link_40449862_2? pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=center- 1&pf_rd_r=0707BMMP47QWJW059BB1&pf_rd_t=101& pf_rd_p=92571142&pf_rd_i=507846>. HOME
  13. 13. CONCLUSION From this assignment I learned a great deal about how important it is to know how to make a non linear power point. First I didn’t think it would make a difference but soon realized that it gets the viewer much more involved in what they are looking at as well as making it more fun for me the creator. Before this assignment I had no idea that a calculator had the capability to speak Chinese or to have a day planner as well. Finally I learned about my own capability to learn about a program and effectively utilize its components to make for a joyous learning experience. HOME