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  1. 1. Hello my name is Tommy Kim and Im here to talk to YOU about why smoking is bad! First off, smoking is addicting. You cannot stop once you try once. When kids/people try to smoke once, they get addicted and end up never stopping. So some people wonder why smoking is so addicting. A drug called Nictotine inside the cigarrette is the addiction drug inside.  If people are going to stop smoking it will be very hard. They try to throw away their cigarrettes but end up buying them again because they go crazy due to the addiction. 70 percent of smokers want to quit and 25 percent ATTEMPT to quit each year and less than 5 percent succeed to quit. By looking at the previous sentence, you can see that smoking is VERY VERY HARD TO QUIT! out of 1100 smokers they are saying that 55 smokers will quit, 350 try to quit, and 700 WANT to quit. <br />Rule number 1. Dont smoke because its addicting. You might start smoking just to try it and then you will end up getting addicted to it so never do smoke.<br />Rule number 2. Dont smoke because affects long life. If you are a heavy smoker all the organs in your body will start wearing out.<br />When you smoke, something called carbon monoxide reduces the energy in your body. Therefore, this can lead to many health problems like heart failure, heart attacks, kidney failure, high blood pressure, and lung cancer. In fact, 90 percent of lung cancer is from heavy smokers. The other 10 percent is from second hand smoking. Second hand smoking is when you are in the same room as a smoker, and when you inhale the smoke that they are smoking.<br />Im Tommy Kim and Im here to clear my case by telling Michael Kim that Smoking is BAD!<br /> <br />There are many good things of smoking. Back in the 50’s, doctors actually gave cigarettes to patients to calm them down. It is true that smoking relieves you from all stress. It is scientifically proven that one cigarette won’t do anything at all to your body. Another thing that smoking does for your body is that it increases concentration. It’s kind of obvious that the coolest people of the world are smokers. Smoking just makes you cool. If you are saying, “Oh, smoking causes lung cancer and heart attacks!!~”well, Smokers have a lower chance of getting heart attacks than non smokers and many nonsmokers get those diseases as well and then after that you would probably be like, “Then its second hand smoking that causes those diseases.” I mean how would smoking do anything to you, when all smoking is, is breathing with a piece of paper in your mouth. Also, scientists proved that second hand smoking does barely anything to you. Smokers pay for their cigarettes giving profit to the sellers so what’s so bad? Now, you might be wanting to respond, “SMOKING KILLS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!~ ^@#$&@%@#$^” and my response to that is that tons of nonsmokers die every day too~ not only smokers. The ingredients in cigarettes are in our everyday vegetables. Nicotine which is the drug that causes the addiction is in vaccines for various diseases and Stanford researchers have discovered that Nicotine actually helps new blood vessel growth.If you think smoking is bad, a bottle of wine is 32-40 times worse than a whole box of cigarettes. Sick smokers may burden a country’s health care system but dead smokers save government’s money. Therefore, I think that there are many more advantages than disadvantages of smoking.<br />SCRIPT~<br />MK: I think we shouldn’t ban smoking in local areas<br />TK: Are you kidding me, do you know what smoking does to you?<br />MK: NO…………. there aren’t that many bad things about smoking. All you are doing is breathing with a piece of paper in your mouth.<br />TK: Don’t make me start a debate you<br />MK: FINE BRING IT<br />TK: Ill start the debate with a fact about how smoking is bad bad bad!<br />MK: How can smoking be bad when smoking is the main factor of relieving stress!<br />TK: That is just how the person feels right after the smoke temporarily~<br />MK: Well, why don’t you defend yourself?<br />TK: after trying it once to relieve stress, they get addicted to it<br />MK: How would you get addicted? If a person wants to stop he’ll stop!<br />TK: Do you know what is in the cigarette?<br />MK: maybe.... nicotine.....<br />TK: NICOTINE!<br />MK: yea whats so bad about nicotine.<br />TK: nicotine is a drug that makes smoking addicting and unstoppable for smokers!<br />MK: wait~ nicotine??!?!? That’s the drug that’s in the vaccine for brain disease!<br />TK: well its really addictive for smokers<br />MK: Stanford researchers have discovered that Nicotine actually helps new blood vessel growth.<br />one cigarette is not bad for you at all!~its scientifically proven! <br />TK: well that’s what the scientists say, but what they don’t tell you is the addictive parts of smoking~<br />MK: One bottle of wine is 32-40 times worse than smoking a box.<br />TK: Then don’t drink wine!<br />MK: Did you know that doctors in the 50's gave cigarettes to patients to relieve them from all their stress?<br />TK: No. But the only thing smoking does for you is relieve your stress but it does a lot more harmful things than positive things to your body. <br />MK: Well then proove yourself!~<br />TK: 90 percent of lung cancer is from SMOKING!<br />MK: Thats not the only reason for lung cancer though.<br />TK: the other 10 percent of the lung cancer patients are probably from second hand smoking.<br />MK: Second hand smoking barely does anything to your lungs.<br />TK: Then why do people die of lung cancer and heart attacks everyday?<br />MK: Scientists have tested it and smokers have a lower chance of getting heart attacks than nonsmokers. plus there is a higher percentage of nonsmokers dying than smokers.<br />TK: Anyways, Smoking doesnt only give lung cancer but also gives cardiovascular diseases such as Cononary thrombosis, Kidney failure, and high blood pressure.<br />MK: A bunch of nonsmokers die from those diseases too~<br />TK: How would people get kidney failure, high blood pressure, or conorary thrombosis then?<br />MK: IDK just life... smoking increases concentration~<br />TK:  SMOKERs get addicted to that concentration and gets more.<br />MK: well the smokers pay for the cigarettes so the people selling them profit, then what's so bad.<br />TK: whats so bad is that the people selling the cigarettes are lying and gaining free money!~<br />MK: Well it's the smoker's decision. tommy<br />TK: OK anyways, come to a conclusion. <br />MK: There are many people that smoke in this world. It may cause them to die earlier or something but it's there choice so there are many good reasons to smoke and not to smoke<br />