Barnardos Silver Spoon Poster Campaign Anlysis


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Barnardos Silver Spoon Poster Campaign Anlysis

  1. 1. Ryan Hunt – Issues a personal response F486 <br />Bernardo’s Silver Spoon Campaign Analysis<br />
  2. 2. Target Audience<br />The target audience for this poster campaign is:<br />Parentswould be a good audience for a campaign like this because they sense the child&apos;s vulnerability and show raw emotion towards it to due personal experiences and relations with babies.<br />Adults in general would show a similar thing, in particular ones planning on having a baby, maybe in the younger bracket of Adult.<br />
  3. 3. Visual Aspects<br />The main aspects of the image are;<br />The main image of the baby is the most shocking visual aspect of the page. It dominates the space and creates the most emotion, with the assistance of the prop.<br />The text is also quite prominent due to the black against the white and stands out to convey the message boldly and clearly.<br />
  4. 4. Design Style<br />The design style of the posters mainly consists of the following factors;<br /><ul><li> The use of colour shows the harshness of the baby’s environment in comparison to the silver spoon version. The harsh shades of greens, black and white create connotations to such things as poverty and lack of resources
  5. 5. The other factor would be the dominance of the main image centred in the poster, it is what captures the most attention and reaction in the page</li></li></ul><li>Main Message<br />The main message behind the campaign would be that not every child is born into a comfortable and nice lifestyle, and is raising awareness to the reality of the situation. The 3 posters showing the deprived baby’s are naturally compared to the one shown on the right, and is summed up by the slogan ‘If only every child was born with a silver spoon’. The images themselves show this through the techniques mentioned previously and are not very dependent on text to assist the message that they are trying to portray, purely due to the boldness and strength of the images,<br />
  6. 6. Summary<br />Through looking at the campaign and the aspects of the posters, I have mixed feelings about its affects and impact on the audience. Firstly, I feel that its very powerful in conveying its intended mess, the juxtaposition of the props and the newborn children is a great way of capturing the emotion of almost every person who views it. However, the fact that the campaign got banned makes me feel they may have gone a step to far in terms of shocking their audience, and by getting it banned surely defeats the purpose of the campaign because its being taken out of the publics eye and is no longer capturing the attention of regular viewers<br />