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Just some facts for people who want to know more about austalia!!!

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  1. 1. ASTRALIA <br />Class by Mrs. Rhodes<br />
  2. 2. Just in review... What Australians say that is different the Americans <br />Australians speak English. But they say different words that mean the same thing as another word in English.<br />Here are some examples:<br />American Say Australians Say <br />countryside bush <br />good day or hello g'day<br />sweater jumper <br />candy lollies<br />large ranch or farm station <br />ketchup tomato sauce <br />diaper nappy <br />cotton candy fairy floss <br />cookie biscuit <br />
  3. 3. More AussiwORDS<br />ANZAC -- Australia and New Zealand Army Corps<br /> back of beyond -- far away in the outback <br />bail up-- to rob <br />billabong -- a watering hole<br /> bloody -- general all purpose adjective, once thought profane<br /> cobber -- a friend<br />cuppa -- a cup of tea <br />digger -- Australian soldier<br />g'day -- hello, good day <br />good on ya -- well done, general term of approval<br />jackaroo -- apprentice cowboy, station (farm) hand <br />jumbuck -- sheep <br />Kiwi -- New Zealander <br />mate -- friend, buddy <br />outback -- the bush, the interior of Australia, or desert country <br />Pom or Pommy -- an English person <br />swagman -- a vagabond<br /> up a gum tree -- in a bad situation <br />vegemite -- black, yeast based bread spread<br />walkabout -- travel on foot for long distances<br /> Yank -- an American <br />
  4. 4. The Great Barrier Reef<br />The Great Barrier Reef is an Amazing place. Most people come to Australia for all it wild <br />Life and the GREAT BARRIER REEF!!<br />This is Me!!! Today I will be your<br />Tour guide!! The only rule is to <br />Have fun!! So lets get started….<br />We are going to take a little trip around the Great Barrier Reef today!!!<br />Well at least online we are Follow ME!!<br />
  5. 5. Here we go!!!!<br />Lets look at some animals that we <br />would find on the great barrier reef!!<br />This is a Dugong.<br />They are Mammals and Vegetarians. Very BIG MAMMAL!<br />Can you guess what this is??? <br />A marine turtle!! Another Vegetarian animal!! <br />There are lots of star fish in the Great Barrier Reef<br />Because there is so much coral that star fish can live basically anywhere.<br />
  6. 6. Plants on the great Barrier Reef<br />These are some great plants! Most of the great barrier <br />reef is made up of coral but then there are these COLORFUL plants that God <br />Made to make visitors like you and I AMAZED!!<br />
  7. 7. Collage of Photos<br />DADDY SHARK!! Du dudu<br />Du dutadu<br />Fish Fish and More FISH!!!<br />I wouldn’t touch that if I were<br />You it looks kind of mean??<br />
  8. 8. Thank You<br />For watching the PowerPoint!! <br />I hope you enjoyed it!!<br />