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Bop Large Format Presentation


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Bop Large Format Presentation

  1. 1. LARGE FORMAT A quick look at some of our products: Large Banners Bulk Rolled Banners Retractable Banner Stands Murals Etched Glass Trade Show Options Floor Graphics Life Sized Wall Graphics
  2. 2. Oversized Banners
  3. 3. Bulk Rolled Banners
  4. 4. Boulevard Banners
  5. 5. Retractable Banner Stands
  6. 6. Wall Murals
  7. 7. Creative Applications
  8. 8. Create An Illusion
  9. 9. Etched Glass Designs
  10. 10. Magnetics
  11. 11. Corporate Branding
  12. 12. Boardroom Graphics
  13. 13. Custom Glass & Acrylic Displays
  14. 14. Dual Level Acrylic Feature
  15. 15. Large Wall Images
  16. 16. Branded Cubicles
  17. 17. Custom Facility Signage
  18. 18. Trade Show Booths Basic Pop-up Display Booths
  19. 19. Fabric Displays
  20. 20. Full Event Signage
  21. 21. Economy Trade Show Options
  22. 22. Florida Panthers Kiosk
  23. 23. Life Size Standees
  24. 24. Architectural Rendering
  25. 25. Lifesize Wall Graphics
  26. 26. Floor Graphics
  27. 27. Brand Management
  28. 28. Outdoor Advertising - Also known as “out of home” advertising - Substantial growth in the last decade
  29. 29. Why go outdoors? • Traditional in home advertising has become fragmented • TV networks have expanded from three to hundreds • Newspaper readership is in steady decline • Radio has gone satellite with a hundreds of stations • We’re on the road more. Driving kids to soccer etc. • We’re driving further to work. • According to an Arbitron study - 23.8% increase in average commuter time in past decade. “You can change the channel but you can’t change the view out the window”
  30. 30. Outdoor advertising is everywhere.
  31. 31. Window Graphics
  32. 32. Bus Shelters
  33. 33. Wall Graphics
  34. 34. Concrete Columns
  35. 35. Taxi Cabs
  36. 36. Mall Kiosks
  37. 37. Building Wraps
  38. 38. and of course…
  39. 39. Vehicle Graphics
  40. 40. They all look familiar right?
  41. 41. Vehicle Graphics Work! The statistics are staggering…
  42. 42. Impact!!! • An estimated 60,000 people a day see a typical vehicle ad • 91% of all people surveyed noticed words/pictures displayed on trucks. • 75% developed an impression about the company/products • 29% said they would make a buying decision based on the impression they had Sources: Epic Media, Outdoor Advertising Association of America, 3M Company, RY&P, Traffic Audit Bureau and a Arbitron Outdoor Study in 2001.
  43. 43. Fraction of the Cost of other Advertising
  44. 44. Cost per Thousand
  45. 45. Big Bang for the Buck! • Less than .50 cents per thousand impressions • Prime time TV can be $30 per K • Captive audience • Reaches all demographics • Anecdotal evidence of fleet operators shows a substantial increase of sales directly attributable to the branded fleets Sources: Epic Media, Outdoor Advertising Association of America, 3M Company, RY&P, Traffic Audit Bureau and a Arbitron Outdoor Study in 2001.
  46. 46. The Pitch “Now is not the time to be hiding from your customers” • Now more than ever you need to find cost effective ways to remain relevant and stay in front of your customers • Studies show companies who maintain brand exposure during bad times will emerge stronger in good • Challenging times bring out innovative marketing strategies • Using a vehicle as a billboard, whether it’s yours or not is a cost effective, high impact form of promoting your company, attracting new customers and increasing sales. • Try it, watch what happens and see for yourself why advertising executives have called it… “the most powerful branding medium on earth”
  47. 47. Key Benefits Expose your brand Impossible not to get noticed Cost effective Pay once and it’s working the rest of the time for free Increase Sales Studies prove a direct correlation to an increase of sales Looks cool Drive by and watch people point to your brand and say “cool”
  48. 48. And if you’re still not convinced that creative vehicle graphics can leave a lasting impression...
  49. 49. Thank you!