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Medioval games


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Medioval games

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Medioval games

  1. 1. MEDIEVAL ANCIENT GAMES The game, a fascinating topic that occupies an important part of our existence. Although not all have done the same way, no man who has not passed as part of his time. To play always and at all ages, but of course games and interests vary. The adult baby and man do not have identical tastes and does not relax the same way: for the child in the bands are colored rattle ol'animaletto an introduction to life, sounds simple and familiar, and the distraction to the enjoyment of pure a beloved object, and past a certain age, you start to look more complicated hobbies that require a certain skill and provide a competition.
  2. 2. Tournaments
  3. 3. The rides
  4. 4. Araldi and Fanti
  5. 5. Reconstruction of roundabouts
  6. 6. The Palio
  7. 7. Hunting with falcon
  8. 8. Games
  9. 9. The game of football
  10. 10. The game of Pallacorda
  11. 11. Chess
  12. 13. Games with cards
  13. 14. Some types of cards
  14. 15. The dolls
  15. 19. <ul><li>Giuseppe Giancotti </li></ul><ul><li>Classe I sez B </li></ul>