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Integrated Talent::Corporate Storytelling

  1. 1. Feel the Difference Great video will always be judged by how well you connect with your audience. Put simply, people need to feel the difference your product or service can make. We can help. From the Fortune 500 to 20th Century Fox, we travel the planet to help our clients discover, defend, and tell the human story.
  2. 2. Doing That One Thing Well Our team has spent decades mastering the craft of filmmaking and we deliver fresh cutting-edge creative so you can reach your audience. We’ve won numerous awards for our work, including twelve Telly Awards, and we bring years of experience in documentary, feature film, and broadcast production to every project.
  3. 3. Our Films Solve Problems Your job is tough. We get that. There’s more noise than ever as marketers hunt for more effective ways to capture hearts, minds, and wallets. That’s where Integrated Talent comes in. We’ll help you rise above that noise by creating stunning visual stories, films that capture the imagination and engage viewers on every level ensuring your message is not only seen and heard, but felt.
  4. 4. Where’s the Proof? We’ve created films with and about some of the most notable names on the planet. And we’ve proven time and time again that the power of the human story is the number one ingredient for success in film. Want some proof? We thought so.
  5. 5. The Conveyors of Kudos “The quality and integrity of the videos were instrumental in the double-digit growth we saw.” Keith Landers, CTO, Extreme Logic “They took the idea and stretched it into something brilliant, something unexpected and totally unique…surprising…memorable.” Chris Tomeo, Senior Communications Manager, K2 “The perfect balance of out-of-the-box creativity and practical execution. IT delivers results.” Mario Juarez, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft
  6. 6. Integrated Talent by the Numbers Feel the Difference not only speaks to the way our films engage audiences, it also speaks to our commitment to an efficient creative process that puts a smile on our clients’ faces and keeps them coming back for more. Just ask our clients. We did and here’s what they said...* When customers were asked if Integrated Talent brought value in creating the story for their video, 100% gave a thumbs up! Our customers also told us that the most valuable characteristics in a video were a compelling storyline, excellent visuals, and quality editing. And did we hit our client’s messaging goals? Once again 100% said “yes”. Finally, our clients told us the words or phrases that they believed best described Integrated Talent. And we’re happy to say that the things we value most rose right to the top: storytelling, high-quality, great photography, results-driven, dependable, and easy to work with. *Customer satisfaction survey conducted by Klein & Co.
  7. 7. Where We Can Take You Human emotions can’t be measured, but there’s some great news! When given the choice, ten out of ten people will always choose a compelling human story over being lulled to sleep by a typical corporate video. All kidding aside, we know you demand great results just like we do, so we thought we’d show you a few examples of how we’ve wowed our customers. So grab a comfy seat, some hot buttery popcorn, and roll the HD...
  8. 8. Intel & UC The Unified Communications launch required great customer evidence videos and Integrated Talent delivered with this case study showcasing how Intel is using the UC platform to connect, collaborate, and innovate across the company.
  9. 9. St. Luke’s Hospital Integrated Talent worked with Microsoft to capture the moving story of Garrett Schram, a young cancer patient who—thanks to the Microsoft RoundTable—was able to live his dream and attend school. We discovered the passion the teachers and IT folks have for helping kids with illness to overcome obstacles, and we captured the emotional story of the difference this technology actually makes in real people’s lives.
  10. 10. The Lone Server The Windows Server team gets the human story so whenever we have a chance to join forces, we jump at the opportunity! Faced with the challenge of convincing customers to upgrade to Windows Server 2008, they could have done a case study or two or three, but why? Instead, they decided to try something a little different and we’re glad they did. We pulled out the stops and brought some Hollywood to the mix with this fun comedy piece that brought home a Telly Award and hit the mark with viewers.
  11. 11. Windows Mobile The client wanted to highlight how Windows Mobile technology can be leveraged in the battlefield to save lives. Problem was they came to us with little more than a location shoot in Washington, D.C. We knew there was a much better story to be told and so we said those two magical words. What if? What if we created a mock firefight in the field, complete with an armored personnel carrier, and a battlefield clinic. The client wisely said yes and we created a powerful cinematic story that knocked it out of the park. The rest, as they say, is history.
  12. 12. MX vs. ATV What do you do when you have a 2 Million Dollar campaign on the line? You show off your great ideas rather than talk, talk, talk. End result? This heart-pounding gaming commercial we produced won the day and the pitch.
  13. 13. MS Enterprise How can you tell a great story, hit key messaging points, and deliver great value with a limited budget? Integrated Talent delivered creative that would enable us to produce three comedy pieces with only one day of production. Each of the three pieces hit on one of the client’s three key messages. End result? Great creative and great value so MS Enterprise can continue to engage their audience
  14. 14. Microsoft Surface Faced with a tight budget, the Surface team asked us to create a high-touch high-value piece highlighting Hard Rock Cafe’s implementation of the Surface platform. The team at IT delivered with a highly efficient production with zero skimp factor on quality.
  15. 15. Let’s Get Rolling Long after the latest and greatest marketing trends, tools, and tactics have faded from memory, people will still be telling stories. And if we at IT have it our way, they’ll be telling your story. You’ve got a great story to tell and we’ve got an unparalleled team of filmmakers ready to tell that story. Interactive, broadcast, events, and live action films—we’ve got you covered and we look forward to showing you the difference we can make. Feel the Difference at