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Acto It Consulting Presentation

  1. 1. grounding innovations March/2009
  2. 2. Welcome Acto.IT Consulting is the result of joint expertise comprising professionals holding over 10 years worth of hands-on experience in the field of Information Technology. Our teams understand what work is all about: seriousness. We strive on delivering cutting edge quality standard projects, rocked on consistent ethnical values that likewise permeate all parties as focused on common objectives. Partners, collaborators, suppliers and clients namely - strategic allies - that upon demand, promptly cluster, given caring respect in fellowship. We are all fully enlightened with awareness concerning the responsible employment of managed practices and processes as the tool towards success in projects, irrespective of complexity parameters. Challenges: Reposition our clients, before markets that day by day, seek competitiveness; Team up with qualified and experienced professionals, in varied economic segments; Convert Professional Services into tangible products by focusing on qualitative improvements; Mitigate impacts resultant from rework, fomenting product integrity as deployed along each project life cycle, ensuring ascending quality to all parties at stake; Transmute all relational interfaces into strategic allies, irrespective of roles played within the value chain of the economic segment Acto.IT acts. 2
  3. 3. Overview Corner Stones 4 Services 5 Process Assurance 6 Business Intelligence (BI) 7 Project Implementation Management 8 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 9 Software Factory 10 Database 11 Operating Systems 12 Treasury Regimes & Systems 13 Fiscal Auditing Software 15 Books of Accounting Systems 16 SPED Fiscal & Accounting 17 Electronic Invoicing (NF-e) 18 Support & Maintenance 19 Allies & Citations 20 Stepping Stones 21
  4. 4. Corner Stones Power Deliver commitments bond by accountability, ethics and high qualitative standards, steered - in a unique manner - towards duly shared objectives. Grounding Fidelity; Discipline; Continuous Learning; Flexibility to Dare; Acknowledgment in Alliances. Quest Recognition in IT, given excellence in innovative approach deployment. Achievements Incremental quality standard services; Proven applicable methodologies; Standardized practices and processes; Retention, improvement and multiplication of common benefits. 4
  5. 5. Services IT Arquitecture Functional Technical Process Assurance Modeling Compliance Project Implementation Selection / Provisioning Management Quality & Performance Certification 5
  6. 6. Process Assurance Emancipate redundancies, rework, information loss and fine tune time to market responses, has for long challenged leaders focused on precise, quality-oriented and compassed allocation of valued resources. Catalyzing results, streamlined processes welcome communities engaged in anytime quests, shouldering frontiers. Revisiting organizational processes is instrumental to environments permeated by synonyms – driving forces, changes and ascendant innovation – typically at times of : Fusions, acquisitions and joint complementary integrations, modifying manners activities are internally executed, shaping new improvement opportunities; Regular challenges inflowing from business neighborhoods - legal, qualification and qualifying entities - demand entrepreneurs to renew positioning, decision making and hands- on relearning, as per newly edited parameters; Knowledgeably: Map, diagnose and re-evaluate management models Recommend improvements and re-design processes Define performance indicators Transfer knowledge, documenting procedures Consolidate recommendations and new processes Increment organizational structures, in suit 6
  7. 7. Business Intelligence (BI) Rampant market competitiveness has edged companies towards ideating innovative enhancements and despite technology, effective management has increasingly become instrumental to both consolidation and steady improvement. Leadership is taken for granted and no longer ranks amongst desires. The same applies to making ongoing use of business intelligence tool sets. Benefits: Mitigate risk n’ loss; Optimize performance-oriented competitive management; Enable overall understanding of corporate information; Facilitate information and trend analysis management; Spruce up decision making. Via: Smart data extraction, organization and consolidation technologies; Models, indicators and tools for driver/result analysis and comprehension; Strategic governance and monitoring (BSC e KPI’s); Financial, administrative and budget planning; Information analysis and reporting tools. 7
  8. 8. Project Implementation Management Sound application of Programme and Project Management (PMI and other renown references) best practices goes way beyond consolidating a team cell or PMO - whether at corporate, department and/or at non-complex individual project level - for joint ideation of control and performance metrics, mirroring forecasts till attainment of expected outcomes. Acto.IT Consulting is ready to cope with the application of knowledge, skills and techniques in overseeing and ensuring safe deliveries of IT system implementations falling under direct control of contract cornerstones and common, pinpointed objectives. Ensuring the human side of management reflects - within reason - multiple stakeholder perspectives, with a flair of innovation renders the uniqueness all seek: Dedication: Integration Scope Communication Experience: Time Costs Knowledge Management Quality Change Management Human resources Process Optimization Risks Best Practices Definition Acquisitions Performance Appraisal 8
  9. 9. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Benefits: Curbs activity redundancy; Refrains costs and expenses; Props entrepreneurial decision making processes; Confers assertiveness and speed to market response timings; Contracts manual interfaces, releasing resources for new activities; Information flow perfecting, incrementing quality and efficiency. Business Area Solutions: Projects: Financials Maintenance Implementation Supply Human Resources Migration Sales Projects Roll-out Procurement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Support and Maintenance Manufacturing Warehouse Management (WMS) Tailoring of business peculiarities 9
  10. 10. Software Factory Versed. Modern. Structured. Tasks demanding precision, detailing and speed, permeating each character string as traced by methodological austerity, unveil the character of those that strive to meet peculiarities rendering uniqueness to each project, each client, despite similarities each addresses. Here , you’re addressed: Development Take home Customizations for major SW packages; Cost x Benefit ratio; Customizations for in-house systems; Cost, deadline, knowledge & risk management; Tailor-made Systems. Quality assurance cells; Specification tests; Specialities Development standards; Communication standards; Solution design; As-Built* documentation; Requirement mapping and testing; Version control; Component reuse; Tools & Programming Languages Patch system; Java, .Net, PHP; PL/SQL, forms and reports; Discoverer; * Compliant with AIM (Application Workflow Builder; Implementation Method) requirements. Frameworks Oracle; 10
  11. 11. Database Performance, consistency and security for your database environment; Certified professionals with proved experience on local and international markets; Acto.IT Consulting deploys over an assortment of varied database products, specially Oracle, SQL/Server, Informix, DB2. Providing: Installation; Migration/Data Base updating; Technical support; Round-the-clock monitoring (24X7); Information security and availability; Remote assistance; Capacity planning; Data recovery services; Version compatibility testing; High availability testing; Real application clusters (RAC); Tuning. 11
  12. 12. Operating Systems Projects designed to meet round-the-clock corporate processes such as 24x7 services, strive on a flawless operational environment. Whether large and complex or small and simple, installation and maintenance, effective, efficient support and timely responses are mandatory. In addition to seeing to complimentary Operating Systems needs, Acto.IT Consulting deploys Linux and Unix (IBM-AIX, HP-UX, Sun-Solaris) Operating Systems: Environment mapping Operating system installation Basic “kernel” parameter configuration to meet specific demands (databases, general servers) Support communication software installation/configuration among servers (TCP/IP, Samba, NFS) Disk & Volume configuration (LVM and Volume Manager) Mirror “cluster” database configuration (HP-UX Service Guard) HTTP, FTP, Proxy, Firewall service configuration Environment performance optimization via monitoring/adjustment (tuning) Storage environment configuration (EMC, IBM, StorageTek, HP, etc) Team training in UNIX and Linux 12
  13. 13. Treasury Regimes & Systems In many ways, for years. locally established enterprises have resorted to an assortment of tax and/or duty related benefits. Offered on an ongoing or temporary basis by governmental entities, promoting socio- economic development, these gave rise to a speciality known as tributary architecture, applied to numerous cross-functional corporate areas such as logistics, financial control, accounting, human resources, product and service operations, etc. This strategic management tactical resource has ensured exceptional financial and/or economic savings for those investing in generating manufacturing, processing and/or service rendering improvements in Brazil. Ultimately, all generate cross border prosperity as income is applied and distributed in an improved manner. To some extent, this managerial performance improvement tool is becoming increasingly digitalized in it’s operational application aspect, qualifying corporations with proactive, precise, intelligent implementations, an auditing simulator and/or deployment and monitoring capabilities, bringing about numerous additional competitive advantages. 13
  14. 14. Treasury Regimes & Systems The Brazilian tributary regime is ruled by 79 tributes and over 5 thousand laws, subject to the amazing average of 3 alterations at every two hours according to surveys performed by industry specialists. Within such a framework, it’s perfectly understandable that companies - despite resorting to specialized professional services on a routine basis - even then oversee opportunities, fail to make continued use (irrespective of occasional application) and/or simply incur in non-conformities, all of which impact margin contribution drivers. Amongst other preventive and corrective actions, currently, the local Government is implementing the Public Digital Bookkeeping System (SPED) to substitute traditional bookkeeping recordings, declarations and cross-checking routines for an electronic equivalent. Likewise, SINTEGRA – Product and Services Inter-State Operations Integrated Information System – was introduced to facilitate the inflow of information supplied by contributors to State Treasuries and to enhance data exchange at and between administrative bureaus emulating the European IVA model - with due tropicalization.- to safeguard constitutional federalism rulings. The quest is to ensure information of interest is relayed to treasuries at federal, state and municipal levels, tax departments, exchanged and cleared between the numerous public and private parties engaged in the Brazilian tax compliance and governance scenario. 14
  15. 15. Fiscal Auditing Software Anticipates the analysis that the Treasury Department undertakes applying both SINTEGRA and SPED legal rulings. This software verifies all tax-related documents issued upon abidance with these ancillary obligations. Protect your Company Operates regardless of ERP vendor platform type; Strategic Fiscal Management Performs checks at less than 24 hour intervals; Verifies 100% of fiscal documents; Facilitates non conformity/inconsistency analysis; Screens procedures and fiscal routines; Confirms client and supplier register status; Avoids transactions with disqualified companies; Facilitates identification of misguided parameters; Compares GIA relayed data to electronic Business Opportunities SINTEGRA and SPED fiscal files; Pinpoints inconsistencies/mishaps avoiding fines; Supports accounting forecasts/alternative budget allocation decision-making; High Added Value 15
  16. 16. Books of Account System Magnetic Files: The system brings into a single program all Fiscal Registers, speeding Electronic GIA for major local States; up information control and Annual DIRF issuance file; management. DSTA issuance file; Reports: Management: Debit/Credit Book (ICMS, IPI and Issuance of reports in spool, avoiding substitute tributary ICMS duties); reprocessing upon forthcoming prints; Production/Stock Control Book, model 3; Automatic date and time scheduling Inventory Registry Book, model 7; for report issuance; Automatic tax accrual (other credits, File export (text) to open in debits, aliquot deviance, automatic spreadsheet (excel) as of reports that balance credit and other required have already been processed; adjustments); User report parameterization. Diverse reports to determine collectibles INSS,ISS and Income Taxes) incident Consonant with the Fiscal Data over third party services; Warehouse concept, this product ISS Accrual Registry Book; integrates to corporate systems IPI data definition to fill-in DIPJ and DIPI and databases whether proprietary beverage declarations; Recordings critics report; (legate) or a market package in the CNPJ and State Registry validation form of a national/international report; ERP. 16
  17. 17. SPED Fiscal & Accounting Fiscal Digital Bookkeeping (EFD) is a digital file that comprises a set of recordings concerning fiscal documents and other information of interest to state treasuries and the Brazilian Federal Tax Department, depicting the registers of tax settlings relative to operations and presentations accounted for by contributors. Therefore Fiscal SPED is no more than a file to be digitally signed and transmitted over the internet to the automated environment known as SPED. Likewise, Accounting SPED is a tailored system module, defined as substitute to traditional mercantile bookkeeping. Both have been vouched by IOB – one of the most accredited local organizations of this skill domain offering objective information - to which many members of the accounting community in Brazil resort to for guidance at times of change in current rulings. Objectives: Painting of Luca Pacioli, attributed to Jacopo de` Barbari. Source: Wikipedia Promote the integration of federal, state and forthcoming municipal treasuries; Standardize and rationalize the supply of information to regulatory and fiscalizing institutions (Central Bank of Brazil-BACEN, Stock Exchange Commission-CVM, Federal Tax Department-SRF and Superintendence of Private Insurance-Susep); Allow for shared access to digital registries placed by contributors by duly legally authorized parties; Speed the identification of tributary illegitimacies; Increase the contributor at fault’ s perception of risk; Social Benefits: Increment tribute proceedings /collections. Document storage cost reduction; Cost reduction upon compliance with accessory obligations; Information exchange between contributors as of a standardized layout; Reduction in time invested given the presence of fiscal auditors at the contributor’s premises; Simplification and speed-up of procedures subject to the control of the Union’s, State, Federal Capital and Municipal regulatory and treasury management institutions; Reduction of involuntary involvement in fraudulent practices; Formatting of information taxpayers relay to varied federal, regulatory and fiscalizing institutions; 17
  18. 18. Electronic Invoicing (NF-e) The Electronic Nota Fiscal (NF-e) solution interacts with major market ERPs, generating an XML format file according to the layout as defined in the Taxpayer’s Manual. Digital signatures are certified and auxiliary documents holding bi-dimensional barcodes (DANFE) are printed. Batch files and permit requests follow suit to Treasury so as to obtain authorization to issue NF-e`s. The solution thus expedites this complex local procedure that often bottlenecks logistics and on occasion impairs an entire SCM corporate process from following through flawlessly, in Brazil. Margins are ultimately seriously impacted and so is the economic scenario. Mitigating risks of this nature goes beyond corporate frontiers. It`s about being socially responsible locally and overseas. Features : Checks results of file batches processed at State Treasury (SEFAZ); Analyze images returned by SEFAZ; Exports/Imports electronic invoice XML files; Supplies electronic invoices (e-NFs) to recipients; Issues alert messages to system administrators; Controls contingency entry/exits; Verifies at SEFAZ recipient fiscal status; Monitors SEFAZ servers; Enables detailed e-NF monitoring throughout issuance process; Runs on Windows, .Net Framework 1.1 or higher; Registers all system events, enabling service performance analysis, both internally and at SEFAZ; Registers response time and communication status, supporting contingency entries; 18
  19. 19. Support & Maintenance TICKET MANAGEMENT Support Support Check Support Monitor 2nd Level 1st Level Ticket 3rd Nível SLA’s Create Classify Identify Identify Ticket Enhance Correct Correct Apply Classify Solution Complexity Add`l Test Terciary Define Suppliers Estimate Approve Monitor User Solution Knowledge Base Software Factory Translation Unit 19
  20. 20. Stepping Stones Phone: (5511) 5081-3925 Fax: (5511) 2579-3925 Acto.IT Consulting 20
  21. 21. Thank you, Invited! Rua Tenente Gomes Ribeiro, 78 – Cj. 44 Vila Mariana – São Paulo – SP – CEP: 04038-040 21