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NWAB2BOnline Media

  1. 1. Media Kit 2009 ® Wise Choices fo r Business FREE Northwest Arkansas HOO KNOWS ® SALES STRATEGIES page 26 er Sponsor C ov May 2007 As Good as it Gets! Professionals need B2B publications to help them make decisions. What- ever their role, discipline or seniority, key decision makers can turn to HOO KNOWS® Biz2Biz Marketplace for current information on products and services. HOO KNOWS® business publications are a springboard for new ideas, information and inspiration. And an exceptional source for sales and sales opportunities. HOO KNOWS® packs adver- tising effectiveness into every page because research shows that the greater the advertising content, the more sales are generated for advertisers.
  2. 2. HOO KNOWS® Biz2Biz Target Audience More decision makers use Stimulate the economy of your business with business magazines to stay HOO KNOWS® Biz2Biz Marketplace. Trated the most informed about products useful, B2B media out sell newspapers and Internet more and services than any than two to one. other type of media. • HOO generate leads from a uniquely qualified target audience • HOO drives traffic right to your door, website and sales team • HOO influences decision makers in every link in the supply chain HOO Facts: • 82% consider advertising information a key benefit • 70% keep B2B publications for reference or pass along • 81% were prompted to seek more information from advertisers Who reads HOO KNOWS® Biz2Biz? Those in the know–from executives to mom and pop shops. Key decision makers rely on advertising to find the solutions they need for everyday business matters. HOO’s unique distribution strategy reaches a targeted group of service and industry markets in your community. Using specialized, revolving direct mail and a market-wide network of qualified distributors, HOO taps decision makers looking for your products and services.
  3. 3. HOO’s Inviting You Advertising Effectiveness HOO KNOWS® Biz2Biz is the colorful authority for Wise Choices in products and services in your community. HOO invites you to showcase your business with this exceptional advertising value. No where else will you find such commitment to your advertising response or a better rate than with HOO KNOWS® Community Digests. Advertise with Biz2Biz now and receive HOO’s special added bonus at! • Get FREE National & Local exposure online • Get FREE full color ad in the web magazine • Get FREE pop-up Google Map listing & locator • Get FREE Driving directions to your store • Get FREE links to your website and email Create a buzz in your community using HOO KNOWS® Biz2Biz targeted approach. HOO KNOWS® advertising works! RSVP! Reserve your space in HOO KNOWS® Biz2Biz today.
  4. 4. Readership & Distribution HOO’s Northwest Arkansas Readership HOO KNOWS® Biz2Biz Northwest Arkansas reaches business professionals who have purchasing power no matter where they fall in the supply chain. The B2B publication is rated the #1 source for staying informed on products, services, industry news and competitors in the local market. Business leaders say they not only respond to local advertising but also believe their own advertising enhances their compa- ny’s image, and find their target audience most receptive when reading B2B magazines. It’s why Biz2Biz Northwest Arkansas is the first choice when choosing where to advertise. • Businesses that sell to other businesses rate business-specific publications, trade shows and online connections as their top marketing vehicles. (Digital Transformation, Forrester Research, 2007) • Businesses report that more than two-thirds of their B2B customers are drawn from a 50-mile radius. (Kelsey Group report in Yahoo Small Business Insights, April 2006) • Research shows 82% of business decision makers consider advertising info in B2B magazines a key benefit and 81% say they are prompted by ads to seek more information from sales personnel or the company website. (The Vital Investment, November 2002) 10,000 monthly HOO’s Northwest Arkansas Distribution HOO’s Housecalls™ 6,000 controlled circulation to business decision makers in Northwest Arkansas: Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville, Bella Vista and Harrison. HOO’s Rackography™ Highly visible HOO racks at high traffic locations HOO Helpers™ Targeted businesses who distribute at their location HOO Sites™ Tradeshows, networking at chamber meetings, busi- ness expos, charity events, etc. HOO Subscribers A members only list of readers who receive Biz2Biz each month, right at their door.
  5. 5. Rates & Specifications Ad Sizes 1/8 PG 1/2 PG 2.25” x 1.75” Full Page 4.75quot; x 3.625quot; 1/2 PG 4.75quot; x 7.5quot; 2.25quot; x 7.5quot; Full Page Bleed 1/4 PG 5.625quot; x 8.625quot; 2.25quot; x 1/4 PG (with .375” margin) 3.625quot; 4.75quot; x 1.75quot; Art Specifications REQuiREMENtS GRAPHiC FEES Trim Size: 5.375quot; x 8.375quot; Initial Ad Set-up Fees - $50.00 Live Area: 4.75quot; x 7.5quot; Minor Text Changes - No Charge Please supply a hard copy by fax or mail. ACCEPtED MEDiA No proofs will be given for submitted ads.* CD or Electronic Submission (see below) ACCEPtED FORMAtS *HOO KNOWS® publications are not responsible for s any errors on submitted ad material. .psd, tif, .pdf, .eps, or .jpeg at 300 dpi Monthly Rates All Prices Include Full Color Ads CONSECutivE 1/8 Page 1/4 Page 1/2 Page Full Page 4 MONtHS $ 175/mo $ 275/mo $ 450/mo $ 845/mo 8 MONtHS $ 155/mo $ 250/mo $ 435/mo $ 795/mo 12 MONtHS $ 125/mo $ 225/mo $ 395/mo $ 725/mo COvER SPONSOR BACK COvER iNSiDE BK COvER iNSiDE FR COvER DOuBlE tRuCK $ 250/mo $ 950/mo $ 895/mo $ 895/mo $ 1600/mo Janie Pritchett-Clark – Distributing Publisher Biz 2 Biz Northwest Arkansas 479-253-4257 Distribution 10,000 Monthly Northwest Arkansas