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Visualizing the Future


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Visualizing the Future exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota by the students at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design

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Visualizing the Future

  1. 1. a visual response to the past
  2. 2. proposal Visualizing the Future: A visual response to the past for the Science Museum of Minnesota by the Bachelor of Science: Visualization students at MCAD. The world is vastly changing. As we move into the future with advancements in all social realms, spearheaded by technology and social-media: a fear of what our future will be like is looming in the air. Sustainability, Global Perspective, Universal Healthcare, Economic Stability, Food Systems and Carbon Offsets are some of the many buzz-words that leave our collective society questioning our fate. These are the questions that Bachelor of Science students confront every single day. As problem- solvers, MCAD has re-engineered the educational system allowing students to create the future. The Minneapolis College of Art & Design has commisioned the Bachelor of Science: Visualization students to paint a portrait of our future. Leaving subject and medium open-ended, we hope to receive a diverse range of submissions. This will give us a varied view of our future, reinforcing Stewart Brand’s ‘future-tree’, where he describes that “There is no one future” but rather, varied and diverse possible options. By opening this relationship, we hope to allow the Science Musuem of Minnesota to continue its mission to educate, whilst giving Bachelor of Science students the opportunity to share their work. This will allow a larger range of people to see the future, taking steps to make it a reality. For questions, please contact us at
  3. 3. proposal What? Students can choose to create presentations, campaigns, triptychs, posters, experiential pieces or artistic renditions of their perceptive future. They may choose to innovate products and concept designs which may materialize in the future as a response to the changing society like shoes or back- packs, or reinvent the future social-system, like the food system or social system, or simply graphically visualize important elements of the future, like sustainability or energy. Students will have the option to either create new work or submit previous work done for classes, clients or independently. This is an open exhibit to all BS Students. When? The open call for submissions will be announced on February 22nd and will be open to all BS-Vis students as well as anybody taking a BS Class during Spring 2010 Semester at MCAD. Other students who are not currently taking a BS class are welcome to submit a piece that was created specifically for a BS class in the past. Each student is allowed to submit (2) pieces by the deadline of March 12th. The pieces will be juried by: • Jerry Allan, Chair of Bachelor of Science: Visualization at MCAD • Kevin Byrne, Senior Visualization Professor at MCAD • Michael Sanders, Manager of Public Operations at the Science Museum of Minnesota • Abbi Allan, Adjunct Professor Faculty at MCAD/Instructor at the Science Museum of Minnesota Accepted pieces will by announced by March 23rd 2010. The exhibit will open on April 09th 2010 and will run for 3 months, until July 09th 2010. The show will be curated by Ben Reed, Lead Installer for Gallery at MCAD. Students will be required to pick up their own pieces from MCAD by July 23rd 2010 Why? The goal of this event is to provide an excellent portfolio and resumé addition for Bachelor of Science: Visualization students, who don’t often receive the opportunity to share their work in gallery/exhibit settings. It will help students network with industry professionals in marketing, exhibit design and connect with a family demographic. It will help the Science Museum continue its mission to educate families and children on how (and why) the world works the way it does and where it is going. Accepted pieces will indicate directly which piece they relate to in the museums collection and will provide the community with visual evidence of our past, presence and future.
  4. 4. important dates February 2/22 - Announcement March 3/12 - Submission deadline 3/23 - Jury Announcement April 4/9 - Visualizing the Future exhibit opens July 7/9 - Visualizing the Future exhibit closes
  5. 5. rules and regulations • This exhibit is open to only BSc: Visualization students. • Additionally, any student of MCAD currently taking a BS Class may submit an entry. • For those students who have taken a BS class, they may submit a piece only if said piece was created for that particular class. • Students may submit individual projects or collaborative projects, as long as all participants are listed. • Students are required to write an Artist Statement (max: 450 words) explaining their concept, strategy or process and how/why it is relavant to the future. • Upon selection, those students who’s work will be presented will also be required to provide business cards to go along with their piece at the Science Musuem. This will be used as a means to promote networking. • Students may submit a maximum of (2) pieces, including both individual or collaborative pieces. • Submission form, piece and Artist Statement must be submitted digitally to on March 12th 2010 by 05:00 pm. Students will not be penalized for submitting work before-hand. Any tangible pieces should be photgraphed and included with submission. • Pieces selected by the Jury for the show are final and will not be open to debate, and are based on individual criteria. • All submitted pieces should be presentation quality. • Students will be informed via email by March 23rd whether their pieces have been selected. Students selected must then submit any tangible pieces that goes with the submission. Students will be reimbursed for printing costs by the BS: Visualization Department.
  6. 6. submission form Please fill out the following sheet and attach with each piece (Limit: 2 pieces per student) you would like to submit for the Visualizing the Future exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Additionally, attach a typed Artist’s Statement of maximum of 450 words explaining your subject matter and why you believe it accurately depicts a viable future. Please be sure to complete all required fields and submit form along with your piece and Arist’s Statement by 05:00 pm on March 12th 2010 digitally to You will be informed by March 23rd if your piece has been selected by the Jury. Name: Major: Academic Year: Phone: Email: Title of Piece: Medium: Year created: Media required for exhibit: Comments: By signing below, I understand that my piece will be evaluated based on an individualized criteria and I give permission to the Minneapolis College of Art & Design and The Science Museum of Minnesota all rights to the piece during the duration of the exhibit so that they may choose to display or market you and your work in any way they see fit. Signature: Date: