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  • Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. (Buddha)
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Pope Jpii Posted By Eddy Tg

  1. 1. Definition of Forgetting:  1. Cessation of memory.  2. Cessation of affection.  3. Neglect of something that should be kept in mind
  2. 2. Now I am going to ask you a question: Did you forget me?
  3. 3. If you did, I am going to remind you who I was.
  4. 4. ¡ Hello, I am Lolek! And this is my story I was born on May 18 in Wadowaice, Poland
  5. 5. This is my mother, Emilia was her name, she went with God, but gave me the best gift, Life.
  6. 6. My parents died when I was small And I had to walk alone...
  7. 7. I met my best friend when I was 8 years old And you know… … I never forgot him!
  8. 8. I was a joyful youngster, I liked soccer, swimming and was a very good student.
  9. 9.  When I grew up I liked to do theatre, and my friends wanted me to continue …
  10. 10.  I lived the horrors of the Second World War, I could not go to school and because of the Nazis we had to do it secretly.
  11. 11. I surrendered my life to my friend, and I received more…
  12. 12.  One day, I was appointed to be the leader of your company and then my life and maybe yours changed.
  13. 13. I had to work hard But I was supported by all. I used all the tools available.
  14. 14. There were people who believed that I was wrong but…
  15. 15. I made some friends…
  16. 16. Only a few…
  17. 17. I fell once..
  18. 18. But with love, I stood up And forgave.
  19. 19. I realized that I was not alone there were people who shared my love for others,
  20. 20. And my love for children,
  21. 21. And for young people, who I went towards so many times. In the end they came towards me.
  22. 22. I traveled and I met you
  23. 23. We were together many times
  24. 24. I realized that it was Mexican!
  25. 25. I tried to identify myself with you.
  26. 26. But that time is over…
  27. 27. I would have liked to continue with you but it was time to go see my friend And say, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
  28. 28. I saw people shed tears for me,
  29. 29. I saw them very sad,
  30. 30. I saw them suffering …
  31. 31. Don’t feel that you are walking alone. I never did!
  32. 32. I prayed for you
  33. 33. And for your sins
  34. 34. Keep praying to God
  35. 35. Be strong
  36. 36. See His Greatness, compared to the smallness of problems
  37. 37. And thank you for being with me!!!
  38. 38. Thank you for showing me how much you needed me !!!!!!
  39. 39. I also need you
  40. 40. And I will be watching over you
  41. 41. I will never forget you
  42. 42. Remember me smiling !!!!!
  43. 43. Help my brother, who will continue with the work of Christ
  44. 44. That he might not forget…
  45. 45. I am not going, I will leave but I am with you!!!!!
  46. 46. Jean Paul II 2nd Anniversary of his meeting with God.
  47. 47. Please pass this e-mail.