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Alba i Maria fotos

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Alba i Maria fotos

  1. 1. Photography
  2. 2. Colour Black and white We choose this image because we thought that this can be nice, different. We put it in black and white because it create a dramatic atmosphere.
  3. 3. Composition We’ve made this photo in diagonal. By this way you can see more things if we made it in horizontal
  4. 4. Camera position If you put the camera in the top, you will see a different image from the original. This are trees, but, will you think that if we don’t tell you?
  5. 5. Light In this photo, we use a effect that the camera has. We put more contrast, so the part of the image that is near the camera has more light than the others.
  6. 6. Perspective With this effect we are trying to show you that if you put the camera near an object the other ones will seem that they are further, but they aren’t.
  7. 7. Movement In this photo you can see perfectly the movement. As you can see, the players trainers are blurred because of the movement.
  8. 8. Frame Here you can see only a part of the reality. What is she doing? Whith this effect we can show to you only a part od the reality, but when you see the image is totaly different from what you can imagine.
  9. 9. Frame She was in her birthay!
  10. 10. Close up If you make a photo near a person or an object it will seem bigger. But as you can see, this is only an effect because she is really small!
  11. 11. Maria Andrino And Alba Castilla