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               Pre-Season Basketball Clinic
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Published in: Sports, Education
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  1. 1. Pre- Pre-Season Basketball Clinic Beginners” for “Beginners” (Boys and Girls Ages 4-6) Dates: November 7 – December 19 (No class on Nov. 21) Day: Wednesdays Times: 5:00pm – 5:45pm (Will open another time slot at 4pm if necessary.) Fee: $60 per child (Max. of 12 kids) Involves: NEW! This clinic is led by Brett Barber and involves six times of skill development such as ball handling, dribbling, shooting, defense, and games that at a lowered rim height. Parents are welcome to help out with the instruction. s ei ! lin er 5 ad b Contact Brett Barber at De em v No or for general information call SportsPlex West at 515-987-0806. --------Cut Here-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2007 SPW BASKETBALL PRE-SEASON CLINlCS for “BEGINNERS” Registration on Wednesdays Please return this portion with payment to SportsPlex West or drop by SportsPlex West. Child’s Name ________________________________________________Date of Birth _______________ Age __________ Parent’s Name __________________________________ Phone Number _______________________________________ Address ____________________________________________________City, Zip _______________________________ Email Address _______________________________________________________________________________________ Waiver: I do acknowledge the risk of injury is possible while participating in this program. I agree to waive all claims against SPW, staff, volunteers, coaches, and sponsors of this program. Parent/Guardian Signature ____________________________________________________ Date ____________ (515) 987-0806 ● 890 SE Olson Drive in Waukee Please visit for more information.