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  1. 1. Webliography Discipline in the Classroom
  2. 2. Introduction How do we as teachers, discipline a child? • Do you remember the kid in your elementary class who was always getting in trouble? The kid who could never grasp the concept of behaving in the classroom? Discipline in the classroom is still an issue today. Spankings at the principals office is a thing of the past. Today if a teacher speaks the wrong way to a student, they have done something wrong. So what action do we take as educators, when a student is not willing to cooperate? Click here
  3. 3. The question of how to discipline is hard to answer. The author of the website below has some tips. http://712educators.about.com/od/discipline/ Classroom_Discipline_Resources.htm This website show tips on how to handle post- secondary students when it comes to discipline.
  4. 4. Best discipline strategies for the preschool classroom Helium is a great website where viewers can post their personal experiences and opinions. I found articles on discipline in a preschool setting. “It might take a while to teach a preschooler because they may be used to having the reign of the house or daycare.” http://www.helium.com/items/1246981-disipline-in-the-preschool-room Teachers share their opinions on how to discipline their students in preschool.
  5. 5. Preschool discipline cont… From a Helium author, I have learned to take time with preschoolers. Young children may be used to being in control at their home or their former daycare. I also learned to keep a fixed schedule. If something is out of order, children will notice and will probably panic. If children are expecting a particular activity, they will be better prepared and will probably cooperate better. Consequences must also be consistent. This lets the child know what to expect when it comes to their actions. Sometimes a one on one conversation is the best way to get a child to calm down. Keep time out as a last resort. Quiet time has been shown to help a child relax and possible think of what they have done wrong.
  6. 6. Discipline in Secondary School Melissa Kelly posts her experience with high school students and provides us with ten discipline tips. “If one day you ignore misbehaviors and the next day you jump on someone for the smallest infraction, your students will quickly lose respect for you.”- Melissa Kelly http://712educators.about.com/od/discipline/Classroom_Discipline_Reso urces.htm
  7. 7. Discipline in Secondary School cont… 1. Start the year off with a plan. 2. Be fair with every student. 3. Deal with disruptions immediately. 4. Minimize confrontations in front of students. 5. Laughter is good. 6. Let them know your expectations. 7. Minimize free time. 8. Be consistent. 9. Be clear with your rules. 10. Start fresh everyday. Melissa Kelly on About.com
  8. 8. Personal Reflection for Both Preschool and Secondary Discipline I will be working with younger children and I will have to remember children come from a house where they are probably allowed to play freely and who probably aren’t used to sitting for long periods of time, especially with other children their age. Patience will be tested in a kindergarten classroom. I have not been out of high school for very long, but I remember teachers who were and who were not consistent with discipline. Some teachers gave students one chance, others only enforced rules when they were having a rough day.
  9. 9. Discipline Techniques That Backfire Linda Albert surveyed dozens of teachers, asking them what methods have backfired for them. http://www.honorlevel.com/x46.xml
  10. 10. Here’s a few  attacking the student’s character  acting superior  using physical force  drawing unrelated persons into the conflict  having a double standard — making students do what I say, not what I do  mimicking the student  making comparisons with siblings or other students
  11. 11. Reflection to backfire techniques Overall, these techniques would make the teacher seem childish. I have not seen a teacher try to enforce rules with techniques such as getting in the last word, insisting they are right, or physical force. If a teacher tried using one of these techniques, their interest is not in the student.
  12. 12. Resources Albert, Linda. “Techniques that Backfire.” Discipline By Design. www. Honorlevel.com/x46.xml Kelly, Melissa. “Top 10 Tips for Classroom Discipline and Management.” About.com: Secondary Education. http://712educators.about.com/od/discipline/tp/disciplinetips.htm MommyofTwo. “Best discipline strategies for the preschool classroom.” Helium. http://www.helium.com/items/1246981-disipline-in-the-preschool- room .