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Format Of Good Finance,Marketing And Hr Project


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this is the format of will help you in making synopsis.

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Format Of Good Finance,Marketing And Hr Project

  1. 1. A good project should cover following aspects or points. These points are the general points which may be not required in all kinds of projects. However the sequence of these points may be different in different colleges. But ignorance of any of the below mentioned point may result in uncompleted project which may not be accepted at different places. Synopsis includes following points: • Objectives • Scope • Literature review • Research design • Methods of analyzing data • Limitation
  2. 2. Complete project should be based on following points • Front page • Acknowledgment • Certificate of approval • Declaration certificate • Executive summary • Index • Objectives • Scope • Literature review • Research design • Introduction to the project
  3. 3. • Data, facts and figures • Analysis and interpretation • Summary • Conclusion and Suggestions • Limitation • Findings • Bibliography • References • Appendix or annexure For more information about any of the above mentioned point please visit At you can also find various projects which may help you in understanding basic concepts. For more projects please visit