Legitimate Millionaire


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Legitimate Millionaire

  1. 1. TABLE OF CONTENT GETTING STARTED------------------------------------------------------------1 I OUR FAITH II WELCOME NOTE III THE MAGIC INTRODUCTION------------------------------------------------------------------2 I GENERAL OVERVIEW II THE ULTIMATE TRUTH III WHY IS THERE SO MUCH MONEY ON THE INTERNET? IV WERE DO THIS MONEY COME FROM? V HOW LONG WILL IT LAST VI WHO IS ELIGIBLE VII HOW SOON CAN ONE START ENDING THE INTERNET RISK-------------------------------------------------------------3 I WHAT SHOULD I GUIDE AGAINST ON THE INTERNET (CYBER-SQUATTING) II WHAT IS VERISIGN? INTERNET MARKETING REPRESENTATIVE PROGRAMME---------5 I THE INTERNAL AFFILIATE II THE EXTERNAL AFFILIATE YOUR WEBSITE OPPORTUNITIES---------------------------------------------------6 MAILING LIST RENTAL LIST GENERATOR FOR OTHER BUSINESSES JIONT VENTURE PARTNERSHIP E $ T STORES INFORMERCIAL AD WORD MORTGAGE WEBSITE--------------------------------------------------------------------7 E-COMMERCE--------------------------------------------------------------------------------8 PREFACE This book is written base on proven fact resulting from our ten years of assiduous work by our team of professional in analyzing and filtering out the god given financial freedom to man kind. Even if you don’t have time to do any other thing else in this book, just open www.legitimatemillions.com and click on your yahoo website I assure you that you are on the express road to a god given financial freedom. The assurance we are giving you in this book can be further ascertain making sure you don’t deviate from any of instructions given in this book. Before you read this book, make sure you have made up your mind to give back at least
  2. 2. 10% of what ever you will make from the knowledge gain this book to god. Please don’t ask why because any legitimate money comes from god alone and the information I am giving here free of charge come through his inspiration. NOW; You are welcome to the world of plenty opportunities. Lets get started straight away, what is internet? The word internet is a synergy of two words, international and networking. In order words it’s inter – connectivity between networks. You should be very familiar with the word international and networking, if you don’t, then better give your dictionary it uses today. THE MAGIC IS CALLED INTERNET MARKETING REPRENSENTATIVE PROGRAMME Let me first of all disabuse your mind right away from thinking that internet marketing representative program is all about the old fashion and unfriendly type of network marketing where companies entrap you in the name of marketing. That we are going to discuss through out this book is entirely different. GENERAL OVERVIEW WHAT IS INTERNET MARKETING REPRENSENTATIVE PROGRAMME? It can be define as a business system design to make it easy for every one to become an entrepreneur through the aid of the internet. In other words with any internet enable device like the computer, PDA, internet enable phone etc you can become an entrepreneur selling companies products or referring or encouraging people to buy and end Hugh commissions. THE ULTIMATE TRUTH Have you ever imagine why some people work just a little and are rich why others work endlessly through out their entire life time and never even have enough to eat? The reason is because of what is known as the prime law. This law was ignited in the sixteen century by king of England prior to the labour uprising in Europe, other nations follow suite in the implementation of the law which make it universal. If you want to know more about how this law and how it can be turn to your advantage and many others laws that separate you from the so called rich guys than open www.legitimatemillions.com and click on e-learning and choose general investment guide. WHY IS THERE SO MUCH MONEY ON THE INTERNET? Unlike the industrial age with it prime law; the computer age has no law yet. Government of different country has tried over the years to have control of the internet activity in their areas but it has yielded little or no result due to its global and fast glowing nature. The prime law in
  3. 3. the industrial age limits the ordinary man from taking advantage of entrepreneurial system available in the computer age. In the industrial age only few people that have the reputation and can afford the down payment usually a Hugh amount beyond the ability of ordinary man is eligible as a distributor/representative of a company. The computer and the internet has not only make it possible for every one to be distributors for any kind of company but also, provide an automated system that keep inventory of all sales to avoid mistakes or deliberate cheatings. If you know the astronomical figures few individuals make under the cover of that mustard called prime law, then you will understand why there is so much money on the internet. You must have heard that the money own by the first ten richest men on earth if distributed can make every body on earth a millionaire. That is the money on the internet. If i were you the next thing in my mind is how to joint this revolution train. Then open www.legitimatemillions.com and follow the steps. WHERE DOES THIS MONEY COME FROM? If you know how much money is been spent every year by companies world over on advertisement then you will better understand what I am saying very well. Since companies has realize that internet network marketing promote sale double the rate of other form of marketing, the money such companies spend in other forms of advertisement is been channel in internet network marketing. This can be confirm in astronomical rise in money spent on internet network marketing over the years from $128illion in 2004 to $185million in 2007. According to marketing expert, this figure will continuous to be on the rise for over a decade. So my friend what are you waiting for. Get started now at www.legitimatemillions.com and follow the steps. HOW LONG WILL THIS TREND LAST? Very soon is the answer to that question. Quite contradictory isn’t it? The reason for that is that since there is so much quest by government of all nations to create an avenue of monitoring the internet business in their areas, in order to collect taxes and for proper evaluation, software developers recently announce that there are on the finishing stage of launching a software that will be capable of monitoring the internet business for every nation. By that I mean, the government will now be able to control it s operations such as who is eligible, how much to pay, where to pay and so on. Who knows may be the laws will be more stringent than that of the industrial age. Don’t wait until the battle line is drown, make haste why the sun shines. Remember in the Stone Age, carvers made the greatest fortune, the goldsmith took their turn in the iron age, why in the industrial age, industrialist like Thomas Edison of general electric follow suit and now in the computer and information age, the computer gurus such as Bill gate of Microsoft, Eric smith of Google, John Chamber of Cisco, and Paul Allen of DOS. Are all on top of the chat. You too can be listed among this people if you start now. To get started open www.legitimatemillions.com and follow the steps. IS IT FOR ONLY THE COMPUTER SAVVY, OR ALSO FOR NOVICE? If you can operate a mobile phone then you will do as well as a professional in internet marketing representative programme. As I have mentioned earlier, all you need to do is to follow set of instructions as I will direct you and you are done with it. If an elementary school pupil could do it, then I see no reason why you should have any problem doing same. CAN I START MAKING MONEY THIS WEEK? Yes, it all depends on you. If you register through any of our link, we will get you list of all the companies that pay directly by sending checks to your address and show you how to get
  4. 4. other type payment system that is accepted in your region like pay pal, direct deposit, money others etc, for companies which do not pay by checks. Some companies send checks every two weeks why others make provision for you to choose the amount to reach before sending you the check, why those who use pay pal and direct deposit; you have the money paid into your account. WHAT IS THE RISK INVOLVED? Like every other businesses, the internet is the most risky place to do business. To be candid with you, 95% of all the opportunity advertised on the internet is scam (false). Day in and day out fraudsters are busy fabricating all kinds of attractive offer to lore new comers like you into their net. Such experience is making so many people skeptical of doing any type of business online thereby missing out of this world of plenty opportunity and languishing in poverty. Don’t be the next victim, for there say wiser is the man that learns from the mistakes of others. So learn from the mistake and correction we have made over the past ten (10) yrs. Our team of expert has got what it takes to take you to the promise land; we guarantee you our full support night or day to make your dreams come through. WHAT DO I GUIDE AGAINST ON THE INTERNET? The following are what you should conscious about why on the internet. Cyber-squatting; this is a situation were by someone opens a similar website with little deviation in URL address with an already well known site like yahoo, Google etc with the intension of gaining its traffic by capitalizing on typographical errors by visitors or by machine mistake. You may not know that there are cyber-squatter until you finish been dupe, and since there don’t have any reputation to protect, there can tamper with your personal data’s particularly your credit card information. To be on the save side, I have provided the link to there site we have tested and trusted on our website. If you don’t follow our links to any website we should be blame for it. To do that open www.legitimatemillions.com then click on the link to the site you want. We have links to almost all the authentic commercial sites. WHAT IS VERISIGN? Like you have SEC (security and exchange commission) in every nation to control the activity of its financial institution so also is Verisign to the internet. If you must make any payment online make sure that the site is approved by verisign or the payment page is been handle by yahoo or pay pal. The Verisign mediate between you and the site owner to make sure that all the information on that site is authentic or that you can have a good deal for your money on the services rendered. Although there are other verification company coming up in recent time so if you need us to help you a know if a site is authentic then email us at legitimatemillions@yahoo.com the URL address of the site and we will give fit back immediately. MAIN BODY WHAT IS INTERNET MARKETING REPRENSENTATIVE PROGRAMME
  5. 5. Now is time to go into the real business. Internet network marketing is simple the art of executing sales with the aid of the internet. If you don’t quite understand that definitions don’t bother still we would hit it one by one and you will understand. Prior to the formal introduction of network marketing by America Carl Rehnborg in 1940, there has existed a traditional network marketing system which is synonymous to commerce. To cut a long story short, marketing representative programme is a system that allows someone to sale on and gets a commission for it mostly on a website. Unlike the traditional network marketing, internet marketing representative programme provides a huge leverage owing to the automated and global nature of the internet. Automated in the sense that when once its set up, the system takes over the sales, inventories and above all keep track of event as regard when(time of sale) and where(location of buyer). When we talk about internet marketing representative programme, the following three basic STEPS will guarantee you success if in case you want to get involve in more by your self. SELECT THE RIGHT COMPANY: - This is the first thing to ever think of if you must make any money online. There are over a million company involve in network marketing today marketing health products to skin care to financial services to electronics to long-distance telephone services etc. the right company in this case is the one you are passionate about-- If you are a person that care so much about cosmetic then the right one for you is skin care. Also to take into consideration is frequency of usage of the products and your target audience (geographical or global), because marketing is a game of numbers so your success rate is determine by the frequency of orders or the influx of new ones. Well, it may seem to be a hard thing but when once you are done with this then are already matching the red carpet to the millionaire club. All the same, if you can go through the huddles this selection process, our team of professionals has filtered the best out of the millions. Base on your URL address, we will send the best paying ones for you when you contact us. CHOSING THE RIGHT PAYMENT PLAN: - Internet marketing representative companies has numerous payment plans and medium there use to reward their distributor/associate/ affiliate. The most widely use payment plan are the unilevel, the binary, the matrix, the breakaway, the two-up and various other combination plan. Not to bother about all those jargons, I am here to lead you. The matrix, the breakaway, the two-up are archaic and outdated, but since older company already involve in this consider it a huge loss if there abandons it for innovative ones like the unilevel and the binary, there continue deceive people and entrap then into their wicked plan, and that is why many are skeptical of network marketing. So before you enroll in any network marketing ask this question. Which compensation plan are into, is it unilevel or binary otherwise don’t partake. Another thing is the compensation medium, here companies use three way, many deliver the checks to your physical address were you can cash it in your local bank, some pay it into your bank account directly and others prefer you converting it into goods for you. For me I prefer the first two. For more clarification, open www.legitimatemillions.com and contact us by clicking on the contact us button CHOOSING THE RIGTH LEADERSHIP: - By this I mean going beyond the internet level to inquire about the company physical address, their management team to ascertain their
  6. 6. credibility and weather there will withstand the taste of time. For companies that are already listed in the stock market you can be sure of them. AFFILIATE PROGRAMME (THE ULTIMATE MONEY TREE) An affiliate program is a system makes it possible for a company to provide a link to its products and services through a marketable medium mostly a webpage. This system allows every one to be an entrepreneur by automatically making every one qualifies to be a company distributor. Imagine been given an opportunity to distribute for every company in the world-what a super leverage, no wonder its call divine enterprise. I call it the magic money tree because of the unlimited money making channel it offers. As I mention earlier in this book, the recent figure shows that more than a hundred billion US dollars is been pump into this system called affiliate program and marketing expert said this figure will continue to be on the rise for more than a decade. In fact, I personally see it as god given opportunity to bridge the gap that exists between the rich and the poor. There exist in two categories, the internal and external affiliate program respectively. THE INTERNAL AFFILIATE PROGRAMME; - As the name implies, the company in question provide the link in a form of a webpage or a forge website for you free of charge and all you have to do is to market the link. This system to me limits your marketing potentials because you are limited to the company products and services and subject to their laws. If you thinks you want to try it out, I have filter some that friendly condition plus online survey you can take and make additional income on my website, so your can enroll by opening www.legitimatemillions.com and click on Microsoft website link. THE EXTERNAL AFFILIATE (THE MONEY MAKING MACHINE): - This is all the billion of dollars you have been hearing about is been made. Unlike in the internal affiliate system were you limited to one company, the external affiliate system allows you to manage as numerous company links as you like meaning you can end money from all the companies simultaneously and when you are marketing one link invariably you are marketing others as well because as I already mention earlier, marketing is a game of numbers and the amount of money you can make depends on how well you make public this system which will determine what you can make. Due to lack of information, many people thinks to put this kind of system in place is still costly as it was some years back when you have to know how to develop a website or pay huge amount to a webmaster to develop and manage one for you. Thanks to the innovation in technology by microsoft were every thing about owning a standard website, with a sophisticated web stat program, search engine optimization, share SSL and encryption, aided advertisement and a link management system have been automated and above all an unlimited memory usage. If you are lost let me put you through now by explaining the meaning of those phrase above. A WEB STAT as I have mentioned before, is a program that keep track of all the transaction on your website. In other words, if you don’t have this system in place you can never know what you are ending. And that exactly is the situation you encounter when you see a free website, the trick involve in it is that there will develop and host the site for you and since you can not have access to the web sat so you can’t never know what you are making which means you do the marketing and
  7. 7. they make the money. Why search engine optimization is a future that make it possible for you r site to be easily spotted on the internet which make it the most important thing about owning a website because it play an incredible role in traffic generation owing to the numerous people that surf the web per seconds. In addition to that is $360 worth of advertisement in major search engine like Google, yahoo etc… free to boost traffic to your site. My ten years of active involvement in e-commerce, microsoft is the cheapest and only developer/host I know that has active web stat. developer/host here I mean their automatic web development software make it possible for even a computer novice to just follow the tree steps and in less than an hour have a standard web site online 24/7/365 with all the money making futures I explained above. And the interesting thing here is that the web development it self is free of charge which normally would have cost upward of $500, then you just pay about $4.96 for the hosting and you will have a standard website up and running. The user login I mention earlier is what will enable you to log into your web site main body anytime any day and add what ever you may like to add when the need arises, particularly companies links as I mention above, this again is the advantage yahoo has above others not to talk of the unlimited memory which means you can continue add things as long as life exist. All these may be the reason for their popularity. Because of this popularity, cyber squatters (those wanting to capitalize on mistakes) are always employing all means to take advantage of their huge traffic owing to their renowned name particularly on the internet. For this reason I have provided an authentic link to this awesome yahoo programme. Just open www.legitimatemillions.com and click on get the Microsoft website at the bottom left corner. Note that its only through this link I can guarantee you the money fountain, otherwise you are on your own. WEBSITE (YOUR MULTIPLES STREAM OF INCOME) A website like the one above apart from affiliate program, you can also end huge residual income through the following ways 1. Mailing list rentals: - Here you put a free subscription on your website so that you gather information about their contacts. Many companies rent this list to advertise their products, some pay as much as $2per name. now if you have just five thousand name at $2-is that ten thousand stress free dollars? If just ten companies hires your list a year you make cool $100,000. If you are the browsing freak, you may have come across free subscription for news letter- Can you know see why I so emphasis on unlimited memory so that you don’t run short of memory to store information on your website data base. When you get a yahoo website from www.legitimatemillions.com , mail me and I will put the subscription for you. 2.Lead generator for other business: - This is a beat similar to the first on but here instead of renting the list out you send an endorsement letter about a particular company product and when there buy you get paid reasonable amount per sale. You can end more money here because of confident your client have on you, that is why is important to give true and quality service to your client so that you can win their trust 3. Joint venture partnership: -This is a fifty-fifty kind of arrangement, a company mostly those with new and unpopular products will eagerly agree to this kind of arrangement. Since you already have a data base that trust your information and are passionate about that kind of
  8. 8. products, it becomes easier for them to market their goods or services and gain popularity than using the conventional Advertisement system 4. E and T store; - Here you acquire goods in hole sale and resell it to people in your database. It could be any goods at all, since there confident in you there will prefer to just shop through your store than risking their money to some other place there are not sure of. Can you see that all we are saying here hinge on trust? So that is why we don’t joke with the quality of information we render because there exist a symbiotic relationship between both parties. Were the E and T is superb is that it’s a two edges squad even if you don’t have a single visitor to your site your can still make good money. I assure you that you can start ending good money that same day you got the yahoo website and continue ending it for life. If you want a proof just open www.legitimatemillions.com and click on get a yahoo site in less than an hour and you will see the result. Then mail me immediately at legitimatemillions@yahoo.com , I will assist you through. 5. INFORMERCIAL (THE ULTIMATE FORTUNE MAKER) Do you know any thing others do we do not know? Or do you know anybody that knows something that is under marketed? Then this is for you. Here you can make money though consultancy services and teaching others what you think you know and can help someone. For there say, what you are looking for someone has found it before. You can render expert advice and end huge royalty. For example, I know of many people that has end a fortune just giving out information on stock and foreign exchange, others on real estate, nutrition, e- commerce etc. The information or idea you render must not necessary be yours, even bill gate who is credited with the successes of Microsoft today bought the idea from someone yet is the riches man on earth. So you too can make it to the top as I am aiming if you take your destiny into your hand by starting today. Ad word: - 6. This is a system that enables you end money each time someone plays around your website. It is made possible by the help of internet search engine like Google, yahoo etc, by feeding your WebPages with ad words (advertisement link) and when ever it is been click, you end money which is paid to you through check or directly into your bank account depending on which option suit you. What make this system particularly unique is it ability to end you money as long as you can be located on the internet, but the amount you can make largely depend on you the search engine ranking of your website because bulk of this categories of your site visitor comes through the search engine. This is the very reason why you should go to www.legitimatemillions.com and click on get your yahoo website at the bottom of the page MORTGAGE WEBSITE:- Like the word implies, the mortgage website is a the site that has been already develop with all the money making futures intake and lease out to individual that will start paying after when there have started making money from this site. The good thing here is that you can apply now for free and start ending immediately but the amount you can make depends on the publicity you give to this site your self. This kind of system is good for those who do not have any thing at all to start with and have enough time to put into the system. Although the yahoo small business I talk about earlier has it advantages like the security, reputation, and free ad system, the mortgage too is made easy for a starter. You can still go for both to multiply your endings after all there take just little of
  9. 9. your time in general. If you like to be part of this system, just go to www.legitimatemillions.com and click on freewayout at the bottom of the page or for more info on that contact us there. E-COMMERCE:- Do you have anything to sell? Be it product or services. If you answer is yes then this is for you. The e-commerce is a system that enables you to put anything at all on a web through the internet for people all over the world to see and buy. The most interesting thing in this system is the fact that market audience is global(world wide) and when ever there buy, the money goes straight to your bank account at your absence and every thing is been documented automatically so that when ever you like you can just open and see. This means you do not need to pay any sale person, accountant etc for your business for your business to be up and running 24/7/365. I know of a lady in south Africa that make thousand of dollars monthly just pictures of anything at all on the internet, so I begin to wonder when some folks tell me that there do not have anything to sell. You can sell anything at all, be it someone ideas after all Bill Gate did same and became the riches man on earth so what you need to sell doesn’t necessary have to be your own products or services you only need do some is re-branding or repackaging. If you want this type of system, go to www.legitimatemillions.com and click on webhosting on the bottom of the page, then you follow the steps and register your domain name and contact us with what or how want your site look like. NOTE: - WE OFFER E-LEARNING TUTORS (HOME TRAINING)/EXAM REGISTRATION ON THE FOLLOWING AREA, COMPUTER EDUCATION ORACLE (8i, 9i, 10g) OCA & OCP LEVELS CISCO (CCNA &CCNP) LEVEL A+ CERTIFICATION (COMPUTER REPAIRS AND MANTENANCE) COMPUTER PROGRAMMING (VIRTUAL BASIC, JAVA, HTML, ASP, PHP, NETWORK PROGRAMMING) MICROSOFT (EXCEL, POWERPIONT, SPREED SHEET ETC...) FINANCIAL EDUCATION FOREIGN EXCHANGE (FOREX) TUTOR, TRAINING EXAMPLES & ROBOT GUIDE TO INVESTMENT MARKETING MANAGMENT OPEN legitimatemillions.com AND CLICK ON E- LEARNING The information in this book is summarize/simplify for quick understanding of those who may not have enough time. But if you want indebt study of this system for research purpose or otherwise, I will advice
  10. 10. you to mail us at legitimatemillions@legitimatemillions.com . NOW YOU CAN SAY GOODBYE TO POVERTY.