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Graph paper tower defense


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I want you to make a game for me. Here are the plans. Please do exactly as they say.

Published in: Design
  • im 12 but ill try to make this it might be a slightly modified version though
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Graph paper tower defense

  1. 1. Graph Paper Tower Defense A game in the making by Nicholas R. Campagne
  2. 2. Things you should know... <ul><li>The term x is equal to the amount of upgrades a tower has obtained, or a number between 0 and 9.
  3. 3. A tower can have up to 10 upgrades
  4. 4. Term x can equal 10, but most of the time it doesn't equal 10 after the 10 th upgrade. (example: On turret and sniper turret, 2 10 (turret's damage with x set to 10) usually equals 1,024, but the sniper turret's damage is 1,500.
  5. 5. Explosion is measured in eights of an inch and is defined as the radius of damage splatter. Damage is doubled on a direct hit with an explosive projectile.
  6. 6. Range is the distance a tower can reach (radius) measured in eights of an inch (because that's what the graph paper I made it on looked like). While range may be limited, the projectile keeps going (except in the case of the Bomb Cannon, Octogun/M.S.G. and Flamethrower/Sunthrower.).
  7. 7. Rate of fire and duration of effect is measured in seconds.
  8. 8. Under the Flamethrower and Sunthrower's flame, damage is doubled. When the creep is no longer being blasted, the effect clock will begin.
  9. 9. The cost of the upgrades costs c(x+1) 1.75 , where c equals the cost of purchase of the tower.
  10. 10. The Flamethrower, Triturret, and Laser Beam are all classified as epic towers due to their ultimate upgrades.
  11. 11. The graph paper used to plan this game was like this: 8×11 paper with 6 individual 30×26 grids, 1 square in said grid equals 1/8 square inch. </li></ul>
  12. 12. Turret <ul><li>A basic tower, cheap, yet effective, and decently upgrading.
  13. 13. Great tower to start out with, but not so good come later in the game, unless the ultimate upgrade is purchased.
  14. 14. Can upgrade into a powerful Sniper Turret with an epic range, not to mention awesome damage. However, fire rate is much better before the upgrade. Trust me: the range and power are all you need. </li></ul>Damage: 2 x Fire Rate: 6+2 x / 5 Range: 12+3 x Cost: $80
  15. 15. Octogun <ul><li>A gun that can shoot in 8 different directions.
  16. 16. Not the best gun to choose, but it is good at thinning out corners. Range is crappy, but that's because it was only designed to clear out corners. Damage is fairly good. Rate of fire is decent.
  17. 17. Upgrades into a M.S.G., (tell you what that means later) that does well with damage and reload, but the range still sucks. </li></ul>Damage: 3(3 x 2 ) Fire Rate: 4+1.5 x / 5 Range: 5+1.5 x Cost: $100
  18. 18. Bomb Cannon <ul><li>An excellent tower, good at clearing out groups of creeps.
  19. 19. This tower has a special power. It can explode on impact, taking out multiple units at once. However, the rate of fire sucks.
  20. 20. Upgrades into a missile silo, where it can blow up a much larger area on impact. Also, damage is good, and range is decent. Rate of fire still sucks.
  21. 21. Upgraded form has a new special power, but I can't tell you until I get to that page; it's a secret... </li></ul>Damage: 12 x 2 Explosion: 4 Fire Rate: 2+0.5 x / 5 Range: 12+2 x Cost: $125
  22. 22. Freeze Tower <ul><li>The freeze tower is one of the three elemental towers; the other ones are the Electricitower and the Flamethrower.
  23. 23. This tower is mostly harmless... “mostly” meaning it doesn't do any damage... rather than making creeps slow down, which makes them more likely to get killed by other towers before reaching the finish line.
  24. 24. Elemental effects like ice, electricity, and flame only last so long... the slowdown isn't going to last forever, and effects don't stack. That means once a creep is hit with an effect, hitting the creep again only resets the clock.
  25. 25. The evolved form of this tower is called the Absolute Zero Tower, which upgrades pretty well, and the slowdown power upgrades extremely well. </li></ul>Slowdown percentage : 15+5 x Duration: 5+ x Fire Rate: 5+ x / 5 Range: 10+3 x Cost: $150
  26. 26. Electricitower <ul><li>The electricity rod, the second of the three elemental towers, is quite powerful.
  27. 27. This tower has the power to stun a creep, which can completely immobilize them... for a few seconds.
  28. 28. The effect of Stun is a powerful move, and to balance the equilibrium of this game, I have to make it so repetitive applications of Stun can't stack, or even reset the effect clock. Also, lightning never strikes twice. Both this tower and the Storm Tower never consecutively hit the same creep more than once, unless it has no choice. Bosses cannot be stunned.
  29. 29. This tower upgrades into a Storm Tower, which stuns people for a really long time. </li></ul>Damage: 2 x +1 Stun Duration: 1+ x Fire Rate: 3+ x / 5 Range: 10+5 x Cost: $250
  30. 30. Flamethrower <ul><li>The Flamethrower is the the last and most powerful of the three elemental towers.
  31. 31. This tower has two special abilities, one of them being elemental. The regular ability is that it fires constantly, meaning it never reloads.
  32. 32. Because the tower goes under the Fire Element, that can only mean one thing. You play with fire, someone's gonna get burned. And that someone is the creeps. When the creeps are on fire, they will lose health at a set rate. But fire doesn't live forever. Eventually, that fire's gonna go out. Also, while the creep is being torched, damage doubles.
  33. 33. This tower upgrades into a Sunthrower, which I must say, is purely epic. Don't believe me? Try it out! I'll tell you how epic it is later. </li></ul>Burn Damage: 2 x /sec. Burn Duration: 6+ x Fire Rate: Constant Range: 10+3 x Cost: $400
  34. 34. Triturret <ul><li>The Triturret, a relative of the turret, is just as the name says: 3 turrets on one tower.
  35. 35. Unlike the Octogun's multidirectional gun layout, the Triturret's three guns point in the same direction, and is as functional as the Turret, if not more.
  36. 36. “ How can it be more functional?” you ask? Well, I'll tell you how! The turrets don't fire all at the same time; they fire one at a time, thereby tripling the rate of fire.
  37. 37. The Triturret is classified as an epic tower, because it's upgraded form, the Minigun, fires so fast, your head would explode, as if you were learning how to divide by zero... </li></ul>Damage: 2 x Fire Rate: 18+6 x / 5 Range: 18+3 x Cost: $640
  38. 38. Laser Beam <ul><li>IM FIRIN MAH LAZORZ!
  39. 39. The Laser Beam is, without a doubt, the strongest tower * in the game, not to mention the most epic. With a constant beam of plasmatic death being fired upon the creeps, they're sure to get PWNED.
  40. 40. The 10 th upgrade will purely blow your head to molecules... therefore I cannot tell you until later. </li></ul>Damage: 2 x +3 /sec Fire Rate: Constant Range: 20+4 x Cost: $1000 *strongest of the lesser towers
  41. 41. Sniper Tower The upgraded form of the turret, and one heck of a strong tower. However, it has a poor rate of fire (relative to a turret that is one upgrade away from evolving). But that's the way I want it, because it balances out the equilibrium of the game, and it makes it so people have to spam the tower to get the results of a Minigun. Honestly, I feel that the Minigun is wa-a-ay better. Damage: 1,500 Fire Rate: 1.5 Range: 80
  42. 42. M.S.G. The Micro Supernova Generator, or M.S.G., is the upgraded form of the Octogun, and since supernovas fire in all directions, this makes this tower all the more special. Now, instead of just firing in 8 directions, this baby fires in all 360 directions! “May the creeps at every corner tremble in fear before our exploding suns!” However, the range is still poor, because this device was only designed to clear out corners. Damage: 1,000 Fire Rate: 4 Range: 25
  43. 43. Missile Launcher <ul><li>Ah, the missile launcher. Where would we be without it? Dead, that's where we would be! Without missiles, we (The USA) wouldn't have won World War I or II. We also wouldn't have gotten as far as we did in Onslaught or BTD4 or basically any tower defense game. And here it is, again, in another tower Defense game.
  44. 44. So anyway, The upgrade from a bomb cannon to the missile launcher increases the explosiveness of the projectile from radius 4 to radius 6. Also, the range and damage are decent. Fire Rate sucks though. </li></ul>Damage: 1,200 Explosion: 6 Fire Rate: 1.6 Range: 40
  45. 45. Absolute Zero Tower The Absolute Zero Tower is the upgraded form of the Freeze Tower, and it takes its name from the scientific term for the temperature at which all matter ceases movement. This tower has an amazing slowing power: Any unit attacked by this tower slows down to ¼ of their speed for 15 seconds. The rate of fire and range isn't half bad, either. Slowdown Percentage : 75 Duration : 15 Fire Rate: 3 Range: 40
  46. 46. Storm Tower <ul><li>The storm tower, the upgraded version of the Electricitower, is one bad-ass tower. It can completely immobilize creeps in their tracks for a complete 12 seconds. The damage is excellent, too. Fire rate and range aren't half bad either.
  47. 47. Remember, lightning never strikes twice. Electric Towers can't repeatedly strike a creep (unless its the only one, and bosses are immune to stunning. </li></ul>Damage: 2,000 Stun Duration : 12 Fire Rate: 3 Range: 40
  48. 48. Sunthrower <ul><li>Man, you'll never see fire burn so hot in your life. You'll also never see fire shoot so far from a flamethrower in your life. But then again, this isn't a flamethrower... it's a Sunthrower.
  49. 49. The Sunthrower (upgraded form of flamethrower) harnesses the ingredients of an active star in it's tank, instead of napalm. So being, it can shoot flames so hot, they come out blue. And the advantage with that: THE FLAMES NEVER GO OUT!!! </li></ul>Burn Damage: 1,200/sec Burn Duration: Permanent Fire Rate: Constant Range: 40
  50. 50. Minigun Ah, the Minigun. Uncle Sam's weapon of choice. Who doesn't love a good ol' minigun? Nobody, that's who! Upgraded from the Triturret, the minigun can shoot bullets at an amazing 10 bullets per second! That's enough to gib a person in seconds. Damage doesn't matter at this rate of speed, but range is still decent. Damage: 1,000 Fire Rate: 10 Range: 45
  51. 51. Railgun <ul><li>Are you ready to be mind[xxx]ed ? The Railgun is so epic, so brutal, so massively metal, just sight of the beam alone will make your head explode in an atomic manner. And for the creator's information, the beam's color is deep blue with yellow lightning surrounding it. </li></ul>Damage: 10,000/sec Fire Rate: Constant Range: 60
  52. 52. Things for the coder to know... If you would be so kind as to add a story mode with 50 levels, free play mode with adjustable difficulty, sandbox mode, and an endless mode, and add quality control and mute functions, as well as all the elements included in the general info page and weapon info pages followed exactly as I said to do them. If you do, I will feel as if my life's work has been completed. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. My email address is [email_address] . Thank you for your support. Please take lead billing.
  53. 53. The End A [Your Name Here] production. A hyperhippy92 presentation.