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Cv biswaranjan-410


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Cv biswaranjan-410

  1. 1. Biswaranjan Mohanty Age: 35 Home Phone: +91-674-2351040 Sai Housing Complex, House no-04, Cell Phone: +91-9178457614,9439925082 Jag Mohan Nagar, Near ITER Engg. college Web: Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India 751030 E-mail:, SKYPE: moh_biswa A TECHNO MANAGER SERVING INDIAN FARMERS BY JOINING VARIOUS AGRO INDSTRY FROM LAST 11 YEARS April 10, 2010 PROFILE OF BISWARANJAN MOHANTY Career Objective "MANY LOOK AT TRUPPERWARE AS A PLASTIC CONTAINER, THE POSITIVE THINKER LOOKS AT IT AS AN OPPERTUNITY" 1. In accomplishing my carrier's endeavour, I always have the power to stay focused, never looking back and marching forward without fear of the untold future. 2. Opportunity is every where; need to have patience, planning and strategy to have the fruit for every one within permitted time frame. CORE COMPETANCE 1 Strategic Planning and monitoring 2 Project Management and Implementation 3 Reporting and Financial Management 4 Team Co-ordination and Supervision 5 On time completion of work. 6 Creativity, Aggressive, optimistic, and result oriented Sai Housing Complex, House no-04, Jag Mohan Nagar, Near ITER Engg. College, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India 751030
  2. 2. Biswaranjan Mohanty Professional Experience Project Officer DuPont India , India, Costal belt, Orissa Jun 2000 - Sep 2002 1 Field Demonstration and Farmers Meeting. 2 Introducing product in Technical bulletin of various Agri University, KVK and state government. 3 Create sales channel by developing networks. 4 Keeping all stock record as well as sales report. 5 Sales promotion budget and appointing temporary staffs. 6 Training to temporary staffs and attainting all field problems. 7 Solve problem on spot with prior information of my Boss. April 10, 2010 PROFILE OF BISWARANJAN MOHANTY 8 Keeping update regarding farmer requirement and market update. Marketing Officer Panacea International Ltd, India, Western Orissa, Orissa Oct 2002 - Mar 2004 1. Lunching Bio fertiliser and Bio pesticides among the Orissa farmer community. 2. Linking Bio fertiliser and bio pesticides with various SHG and Volunteer organisation. 3. Achieving goals according to organisation need. 4. Others are same as above. Product Manger BIOSOURCING.COM PVT LTD, India, Bhubanerswer, Orissa May 2004 - Dec 2007 1 Sourcing and marketing of various nutraceuticals. 2 Developing a smooth and reliable supply chain. 3 Keeping updates on client’s requirement and sheared with supplier. 4 Developed software on MS-Accesses which help to manage quality. 5 Avail subsidy to organisation from different state and central government agency. 6 Repairing promotional mail with our offer to all the clients and generate inquiry. 7 Making customised pack offer to clients for private labelling. 8 Keep in touch with various certification agencies to keep updates on standards. 9 Organise farmer and register them in our PGS (Participatory Guarantee System). 10 SOP for Internal Control System. 11 All the paper works for organic certifications and developed own internal standards to set up the organic integrity. 12 Selection of area for organic farming. 13 Manage and keep all the norms to keep top quality of produces. 14 Sharing knowledge on various organic standards USDA-NOP, NPOP, EU 2092/91, and JAS & NOCA with my team. 15 Various manufacturing and processing standards like cGMP, HACCP, KOSHIER, HALAL etc. 16 Participating with different seminar and trade fair to promote our product USP. Sai Housing Complex, House no-04, Jag Mohan Nagar, Near ITER Engg. College, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India 751030
  3. 3. Biswaranjan Mohanty Assistant Manger JK AGRI GENETICS LTD, India, Jaipur, Rajasthan Jan 2008 - Aug 2009 1 Availing Subsidy to farmers who are associated with JK. 2 Preparing budget and doing cost analysis for minimum input. 3 Sourcing required Quality organic produces for our clients. 4 Keeping farmers and field workers update on organic farming standards and regulations. 5 Others are same as in Bio sourcing expect Marketing. Agriculture Operation Executive SAMI LABS LTD, India, BBSR, Orissa Sep 2009 - Present April 10, 2010 PROFILE OF BISWARANJAN MOHANTY 1 Bank Finance from the banker. 2 Subsidy from SMPB through NABARD that is 25% on the total cost of cultivation. (Back ended) 3 Avail Crop insurance from the Agricultural Insurance Corporation. 4 Persuading farmers for future planting acreage. 5 Preparing bankable project. 6 Getting Innovative farmer from Banks and various cooperative agency like OAIC,APICOL etc. 7 Helping them to plant and sourcing best farming input for these farmer. 8 Preparing local language literature on Coleus, Aswagandha, and Baccopa for the farmer in an easy way with proper picture which can be easily understood by farmer community. 9 Practicing and developing GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) from starting to have best and reliable quality produces round the time. 10 Keeping all the update data of the field and farmer by developing a Database on MS accesses, Education Indira Gandhi Krishi Vidyalaya, Raipur, Chhattisgarh. 1 Bachelor-Agriculture, Jul 1994 - Aug 1998 2 First Division with an aggregate 6.6 out of 10 Fortune Institute of International Business, New Delhi, 1 Master International Business, Sep 1999 - May 2000, 2 Post graduate Diploma in International Business Management Sai Housing Complex, House no-04, Jag Mohan Nagar, Near ITER Engg. College, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India 751030
  4. 4. Biswaranjan Mohanty Additional Skills COMPUTER LITERCY ·1 Well versed with WINDOWS-XP, 2007 and 2003. ·2 Well versed with MS Accesses and Excel. ·3 Good in promotional brochure and pamphlet designing. ·4 Online reporting module on daily basics. DOCUMENTATION AND SEARCHING ·1 Developing proper documentation for daily reporting. ·2 Budget and Cash flow ·3 Good in searching and browsing on search engine. ENTERTAINMENT April 10, 2010 PROFILE OF BISWARANJAN MOHANTY ·1 Guitarist cum drummer ·2 Winner best singer award university as well as Youth Festival. ·3 Good office Interior Design. OTHER ·4 Creative and developing new module which help in operation and marketing. Publications 5 Biswaranjan, Contract Farming, India Organic, 2006 6 Biswaranjan, Core competency Of India in Organic Era,, 2009 7 Biswaranjan, Endangered spp of medicinal plants and Herbs, IFOAM, 2008 8 STATE OF AYURVEDA-G.A.P & ORGANIC FARMING, a PPT hosted at agriculture information. 9 VALUE CHAIN VS SUPPLY CHAIN, a article is under process to yet published India Agro Net. Honours and Awards 1. INTERNATIONAL CORE COMPETANCE ON ORGANIC AGRICULTURE (ICCOA), Nov 2006 a. Contract Organic Farming in India PPT was selected by ICCOA Jury at Bangalore and published globally. 2. INTERNATIONAL WORK SHOP ON INDO EU TRADE, Jun 2007 b. Selected for Europe (Netherlands and Switzerland) visit on Organic and PGS business trade 3. REGIONAL CENTRE FOR ORGANIC FARMING, Aug 2007 c. Regular lecturer on Organic trends, Certification and Market. 4. STATE AWARD SCOUT AND GUIDE, Mar 1989 d. Received Rajya Purskar from Governor of Orissa for Social service Sai Housing Complex, House no-04, Jag Mohan Nagar, Near ITER Engg. College, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India 751030
  5. 5. Biswaranjan Mohanty References Mr.Sidharth Routary Chairman Bio source BIO SOURCE BUILDING, A-45, ASHOAK NAGAR, Bhubaneswer-09, and Orissa. India Phone: +91-9437016509 E-mail: April 10, 2010 PROFILE OF BISWARANJAN MOHANTY Mr.Monoj Nair GM of Operation JK Group Link House, Bahadursaha Jafar Marg, New Delhi. Phone: +91-9811573821 E-mail: BISWARANJAN Sai Housing Complex, House no-04, Jag Mohan Nagar, Near ITER Engg. College, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India 751030
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