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  1. 1. COSMO PHYSICS Copyrighted Name: R.Arun Prasad, Address: 64/100,Dharamapuram road, Mayiladuthurai, Tamizh Nadu, INDIA.
  3. 3. COSMO PHYSICS ABBREVATION POWER - Producing Own Energy Restless. ENERGY - Effect On Nuclei by Electron Revolving by Gyration. QUANTUM - Quantity Usually Maintained. [ Quantity always present ] EXPLANATION LIGHT ENERGY - Proton energy need to give up or booster [+, Charged ion] DARK ENERGY - Electron Energy to disturb Proton [-, Charged ion] NUCLEI POWER - maintain energy levels in proton and electron [No Charge] [i.e, infinite ion (∞)] COSMO PRINCIPLE “POWER CAN NEITHER BE CREATED AND NOR BE DESTROYED. BUT IT TRANSFER FROM ONE FORM TO OTHER FORM”. “EVERY ACTION HAS EQUAL AND OPPOSITE ACTION” POWER P=∞ P – Power. ∞ – Infinity.
  5. 5. COSMO – “Control Oscillations and Motions” QUANTUM Principle Of Quantum:- “WITHOUT PROTON AND ELECTRON NUCLEI CAN EXIST. BUT WITHOUT NUCLEI NO EXISTENCE OF PROTON AND ELECTRON.” Power – Nuclei Energy – Proton and Electron Proton – North pole Electron – south pole Proton and electron revolve nuclei Nuclei – base of an atom. WHEN ENERGY Energy E = Nuclei + Magnetic field. Magnetic field = Proton + Electron.
  6. 6. Due to magnetic field gravitational pull occurs. After neglecting of proton and electron. WHEN POWER Consider as power P = Nuclei i.e Power P= ∞ Due to magnetic field nuclei attain loss When neglecting of proton and electron, Nuclei attain gain Nuclei become infinite. Particle can travel the universe at infinite speed. PROPERTY OF LIGHT:- When white light is passed through prism it split into seven colours “VIBGYOR”. Before it is in hydrogen ion milky white fluid.but in three dimension it is in red colour and act as base of milky way
  7. 7. In fourth Dimension red gas of hydrogen became milky white fluid. From milky white fluid several colours formed . By the combination of “VIBGYOR” several colours like grey, brown, etc., are formed. Likewise “VIBGYOR” are formed from milky white fluid. From the above phenomenon several planets and stars etc., are formed from milky white fluid of hydrogen. In fourth Dimension it is pure white light. By combination of seven colours the Milky Way is formed. Monochromatic to multichromatic property of Atoms. Monochromatic - Hydrogen ion Disc Multichromatic - Four Arms of Milky Way
  8. 8. Fusion done by Hydrogen ion Disc to form whole galaxy. Several Elements are formed by Nuclei fusion of Hydrogen ion. Pure white light have the property of seven colours. Likewise several Elements are formed by Hydrogen ion Disc by Nuclei fusion. Because Hydrogen ion Disc is “Fourth Dimension of light” Have the ability to create the Galaxy Milkyway. From monochromatic to multichromatic ions and Atoms are designed by the super Natural power. STRUCTURE OF HYDROGEN ATOM •+ _ • - Nuclei hydrogen ion. + - Proton [+, Charged Particle] - - Electron [-, Charged Particle] Proton hatched to nuclei hydrogen ion.
  9. 9. Electron revolve by gyrating of negatively charged ion. Nuclei - Power hydrogen ion. Proton and electron, are bind together by a strong magneto electrostatic force [M E F] Hydrogen atom having one nuclei, one proton and one electron is called soul of living beings. Proton and Electron are one and one in numbers. Nuclei also one in number [i.e, it’s not Element it is heart of soul.] All bodies are made up of elements to form a structure [i.e, Muscular System, Skeletal system, and circulatory system etc…] But soul hydrogen atom is transferred from one host to other host to activate whole system. Plants, Animals, Flies, Birds, worms etc… also have soul hydrogen atom to activate life.
  10. 10. Exit of soul hydrogen atom from any living beings results in death and decay. This phenomena is called as “TRANSFORMATION OF POWER FROM ONE HOST TO OTHER HOST.” Birth when power enters and death when power exit. Hydrogen ion disc is the source of hydrogen ion and it activate hydrogen atom and other atoms in the galaxy and in the earth. From nuclei hydrogen ion to the Milky Way Galaxy, the power is transferred. Eg:- CH4, C2H5, H2O etc… are Elements H2O - Two molecule of hydrogen bond with one oxygen molecule. All the above groups are called as Elements. Human body, Animals body, Insect body, Worms’s body, Flies body etc… are made up of elements with hydrogen to give structure.
  11. 11. Above is called as host or body. But have a base or core or soul hydrogen atom to activate life. Hydrogen atom is filled particle having own light [i.e, it is power] Hydrogen atom is also called as “soul or Core or Base Atom of life.” HYDRO - Water in Vapour GEN - Generation ION - Light in ‘ON’ state [∞ state] Hydrogen ion disc is generation of life for all living beings. Special features of hydrogen ion Four dimension in nature Having own sense , so it is called as real sensor. Travel at infinite speed . No other ion should not travel the universe. Only hydrogen ion have the ability • To travel • To create elements • To destroy elements
  12. 12. QUANTUM PHYSICS Without four arms of milky way Nuclei Hydrogen Ion Exist. But without nuclei hydrogen ion no existence of four arms of milky way.
  13. 13. HYDROGEN ION DISC Disc having hydrogen ion in gaseous state, its called as “SUPER NATURAL POWER”. From hydrogen ion disc, Power is transferred to all the four arms of Milky Way Galaxy. But Every Stars, Planets etc… having individual nuclei of Hydrogen gas ion for rotation. HEAD OF CONTROL IS HYDROGEN ION DISC. Hydrogen ion and other elements are bonded by a strong Magneto Electrostatic force [M.E.F] to form Galaxy [i.e, Designed by “SUPER NATURAL POWER”] When white light is passed through a prism, it splits into seven colours. By the combination of “VIBGYOR” Several elements are formed by Nuclei fusion. Nuclei fusion of Hydrogen ion with other elements to form the whole milky way Galaxy. [i.e, other elements formed by nuclei fusion of hydrogen ion.] Monochromatic hydrogen ion into Multichromatic charged ions.
  14. 14. Because all living beings have colours of light in the body. Elements also have colour. Even Carbon is black, but it is made up of light. Substance belongs to light and Nothing belongs to Dark. BEST EXAMPLE : Carbon is black matter it convert into Graphite and Diamond after a long period under Earth. [i.e, it belong to light]. In carbon state it is black in colour. In diamond state it is pure glassy nature. Change of state from black to pure glassy nature likewise several element are formed by Hydrogen ion. It attain three state carbon state, graphite state and Diamond state.
  15. 15. By the above change of state indicate the conversion of matters. There is no relationship between three states. Likewise several elements and living beings are formed by Hydrogen ion disc. [By Nuclei fusion] Carbon - black colour Graphite - grayish colour Diamond - pure glassy colour. Science cannot determine the change of colour. No relationship between the colours. How pure glassy colour come from black. It is Mystery of Hydrogen ion Disc. HYDROGEN ATOM STATE Stable state of hydrogen ion is ∞ Unstable state of Proton +, ion is 1 Excited state of Electron -, is O ‘O’ - it is not zero. It is circle (Rotation) Infinite state is also called as “ENHANCEMENT STATE OF ION”.
  16. 16. Hydrogen ion have OWN SENSE. So it is called as REAL SENSOR Hydrogen ion having “EIGHTH SENSE” so it is “FOUR DIMENSION”. By conduction of Electron over Nuclei with proton it become nuclei ion and attain infinity. Conduction of Electron done by dark energy over light energy with ion it become individual ion and attain “ENHANCEMENT STATE OF NUCLEI ION”. Nuclei become individual ion having specific property [i.e, individual filled by light. Free from dark energy]. Dark Energy have solid state, but darkness or empty space have no matter [i.e, Nothing] Light Energy has liquid state, but it is charged positive ion by Nuclei power. Attain the state “ENLIGHTED.” [i.e, ENHANCEMENT LIGHTED.] and reach hydrogen ion disc.
  17. 17. BY THIS PRINCIPLE LIGHT ALWAYS PRESENT IN INFINITE STATE IN MILKY WAY GALAXY. By this light is a THING and darkness is NOTHING. BLACK HOLE : Light cannot escape when it reach the point. [i.e, it COLLAPSE or DEVIATE] Generally Light have the property of wave in Nature. Light have wave due to proton and electron from a source designed by scientific method. Source of light should not have wave [i.e Proton and Electron are neglected]. Light purely from Nuclei only can Enter Black hole. Because Black hole is Power Boundary. Light free from Energy can enter Black hole. Finally Nuclei source of light can Enter black hole. Black Hole boundary are made up of carbon material. So its black but it belongs to light ion. [i.e, Nuclei Carbon ions].
  18. 18. Inside center free space connected to hydrogen ion disc. Any hydrogen ion from four arms it passes through black hole and reach hydrogen ion disc to attain “ENHANCEMENT MODE.” No other ion should not pass through Black Hole. Only soul can pass through to reach hydrogen ion disc. When soul reach hydrogen ion disc TIME IS CONSTANT. MILKY WAY GALAXY : In milky way galaxy, millions of stars elongated from central part named “HYDROGEN ION DISC.” Disc filled with hydrogen gas ions. Inside the Mid Point of disc a shell called HYDROGEN ION SHELL. At present, there is nothing inside the shell, so its black. But shell is mid point of the Galaxy Milky Way.
  19. 19. From shell a large amount of hydrogen ion gas expelled out to form a disc. From Mid Point to disc, time is constant. After the boundary of disc, time starts in four arms. Because of Proton and Electron time starts in four Arm. [i.e, ENERGY FIELD START FROM THAT BOUNDARY.] Hydrogen ion disc is Static, But Stars, Planets, Black Holes etc… are in motion to form a galaxy called MILKY WAY. Hydrogen ion Disc - Constant. [Static] Stars, Planets, Black Holes, etc… - Rotation [Dynamic] WHY LIGHT CANNOT ESCAPE THROUGH BLACK HOLE ? BLACK HOLE - Only pass nuclei hydrogen ion, no entry for hydrogen atom [i.e, IT SHOULD NOT ALLOW MAGNETIC FIELD INSIDE.]
  20. 20. Neglecting of Proton and Electron from hydrogen atom it pass through ` Black Hole. [i.e, it should not allow Energy.] But power pass through black hole to reach hydrogen ion Disc. FATHER IS HYDROGEN ION DISC. MOTHER IS EARTH HAVING MAGNETIC FIELD. All the stars, Planets, have red gas of hydrogen gas ion as mid Point to transfer energy to Proton and Electron. Nuclei hydrogen ion disc controls all the four Arms. Every action has induced by hydrogen ion disc and controlled by hydrogen ion disc to SETTLE HYDROGEN IONS. BEGINNING OF OUR GALAXY : Ball with hydrogen are decided to create milky way Galaxy. Cosmic ball decide and imagine the milky way Galaxy. Shell open at a point and squeeze hydrogen gas ion to form a disc.
  21. 21. Before it is in hydrogen liquid ion state. [i.e] MILKY WHITE FLUID. After the conversion of fluid into gas. It expelled out four arms, having Stars, Planets, Black Holes etc… INDIVIDUALITY of hydrogen disc to split into several elements, [i.e] Stars, Planets and other elements. [By Nuclear fusion.] Designed by the combination of hydrogen ion and other elements with hydrogen to form a galaxy. Revolving of Stars, Planets etc… are controlled by “SUPER NATURAL POWER.” Super natural power landed HYDROGEN CORE ON EARTH TO CREATE LIFE. Origin of species starts from single cell to Multicellular organisms. A group of organisms are formed by nuclear fusion. From Mono to hybrid varieties are formed and activate life on earth.
  22. 22. Battle, Race, for survival of species on earth. Earth formed by Nuclear fusion of hydrogen core and form chemical elements. Hydrogen ion in Stars, Planets etc… are having different properties, Elements having different properties and Soul having different properties. From mono to multiple of cells Form the species. Species activation on earth done by his power. Transfer of power from one host of species to other species. START AND END OF MILKY WAY [i.e] Beginning and end inside a ball of light. After all Hydrogen ion reaches Hydrogen ion Disc, Convert into Hydrogen Milky white fluid to fill the ball, and close the ball or shell. Again attain the state and finally light inside the ball [i.e, INFINITY STATE]
  23. 23. Finally ends in Ball [i.e, END OF MILKY WAY GALAXY.] [i.e., Milky way Galaxy Starts and Ends in a ball] and darkness always present in the universe. HOW HYDROGEN ION REACH “HYDROGEN ION DISC” ? By pressure difference in the Black Hole tube and hydrogen ion Disc. Low pressure in the hydrogen ion disc. High pressure at here the entrance of Black Hole. When hydrogen ion in gaseous state reach Black Hole, it absorbs by nuclei hydrogen ion disc to reach the DISTANCE QUICKLY. Gaseous state of ion is like feather it absorbs by a huge mass of gaseous hydrogen ion [i.e, HYDROGEN ION DISC.] Enhancement state of life inside the hydrogen ion disc [i.e, NUCLEI BULGE] Because of no Proton and no Electron, no chance for disturb, so it attain a ENHANCEMENT STATE OF LIFE.
  24. 24. Finally hydrogen ion only pass through Black Hole. HOW HYDROGEN ION PASS THROUGH BLACK HOLE AND WHAT ABOUT OTHER IONS ? Except hydrogen ion, all other ions have charge given by hydrogen ion. Only Hydrogen ions have OWN LIGHT, so it has no charge, it passes through Black Hole. Power transfer energy to all other ions, elements [i.e, it gives charge to ions and Elements.] No other elements should not have the ability to enter black hole. So one and only hydrogen ion pass through black hole. WHAT ABOUT HYDROGEN ION IN OTHER ELEMENTS ? Eg :- CH4, C2H4, C2H6 etc.. have hydrogen molecule but it will neglect other molecules when life in earth come to an end. Until it cycles for need of life [i.e] it act as surrounding for living creatures. Lots of matter collected from Tamizh Literature, named “THIRUVASAGAM”.
  25. 25. Literature shows the truth present behind the universe. Comparing of hydrogen ion disc with matters of Thiruvasagam it coincide. From scientific point of view I see through the encyclopedia “WORLD OF SCIENCE” Chapter “THE UNIVERSE.” How light present in “ENHANCEMENT STATE” in the universe can traced out from Thiruvasagam. “THIRUVENBA” – Literature from which “MILKY STATE OF FLUID HYDROGEN ION” had observed. Hydrogen ion state, before it began can be observed from “THIRUVENBA.” I had not elobrately explain about chemical reaction and orgin of species. [i.e, only I state the “PHYSICS” principle involved in the galaxy Milky Way.]
  26. 26. PHYSICS - PRINCIPLE OF HYDROGEN STATE ION IN CONTROLLED STATE. PRINCIPLE OF HYDROGEN ION DISC :- “POWER CAN NEITHER BE CREATED AND NOR BE DESTROYED, BUT IT CAN TRANSFER FROM ONE FORM TO OTHER FORM.” “EVERY ACTION HAS EQUALLY OPPOSITE ACTION.” THIS PHYSICS IS ALSO CALLED AS “QUANTUM PHYSICS.” Nuclear fusion is to create particle and nuclei fission is to destroy the elements. Heat, Velocity, Pressure, Elasticity, Equilibrium, Cold etc.. are physics parameters. Only hydrogen ion has the property to create elements. [i.e, by Nuclei Fusion.] On physics point of view, I analyse the Milky Way Galaxy. This theory presented to “Super Natural Power” Analysers.