Ethics Jeopardy V2


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  • Removing or re-assigning pseudonyms Removing IP addresses from survey respondents Obtaining a certificate of confidentiality
  • Providing 24-hour access for participants to a counseling hotline at the university.
  • Ethics Jeopardy V2

    1. 1. This is ... "Ethical" Jeopardy! Scroll to next slide to modify the game board This is a template for you to use in your classroom. These notes will not appear on the actual slide show.
    2. 2. 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 Risk/Benefit Challenges Informed Consent? Trouble- shooting Choose a Daily Double answer: Right click on a button, go to action settings, choose hyperlink to Slide…, select Slide 3, OK. Scroll to the next slide to link to the appropriate category slide Change category names by double clicking on them and typing in new category This button goes to Final Jeopardy answer
    3. 3. Debate Daily Double! Create a hyperlink to the appropriate category slide
    4. 4. Risk/Benefit 100 Debriefing can be made available online without face-to-face investigator-participant interaction. Click on What is to enter questions Right click each black box, action settings, choose play sound, and select sound for either right or wrong answers Click on column heading to enter category name Click on Place answer here to enter answer Selecting sounds : right click on box, check box for play sound, click on Other sound… Navigate to sound folder in Jeopardy folder, click on sound to be used.
    5. 5. Risk/Benefit 200 Most online experiments and surveys are automated with a low marginal cost: a human experimenter does not need to give instructions.
    6. 6. Risk/Benefit 300 Researchers can be less obtrusive when conducting observations online.
    7. 7. Risk/Benefit 400 The Internet has democratized data collection and human subjects research.
    8. 8. Challenges 100 This aspect of Internet research poses the possibility of Sample Biases
    9. 9. Challenges 200 This aspect of Internet research poses a threat to Confidentiality
    10. 10. Challenges 300 Blurred definitions of what constitutes public and private on the internet pose this ethical challenge to researchers.
    11. 11. Challenges 400 Identify the Ethical Challenge in this Video Clue
    12. 12. Informed Consent? 100 These are issues involving the obtaining of informed consent that are particular to Internet-based research.
    13. 13. Informed Consent? 200 Yes or no?
    14. 14. Informed Consent? 300 Yes or no?
    15. 15. Informed Consent? 400 Yes or no?
    16. 16. Trouble-shooting 100 These are ways of protecting the confidentiality of research participants in Internet research contexts.
    17. 17. Trouble-shooting 200 These are ways to improve the quality of data collected within studies employing Internet research methodologies.
    18. 18. Trouble-shooting 300 These are ways that researchers can improve and ensure the occurrence of a debriefing process.
    19. 19. Trouble-shooting 400 These are ways of providing assistance to participants who experience adverse advents during the study (e.g., anxiety or distress as a result of subject matter).
    20. 20. Final Jeopardy Final Jeopardy!
    21. 21. Risks and Benefits You’re a researcher interested in investigating psychological experiences of rape and identity among women nationwide. You’ve determined an Internet survey to be the best way to approach getting the most diverse sample. Create a scenario that minimizes the potential risk to participants on the internet and maximizes possible benefits.
    22. 22. Video Daily Double! Create a hyperlink to the appropriate category slide