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Search And Rescue Tabletop Exercise


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This is a good tabletop created as an exercise for the emergency domain, in particular, as an exercise for Search and Rescue teams.

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Search And Rescue Tabletop Exercise

  1. 1. SAR TABLETOP Skot Covert, Kevin Sbanotto, Aaron Sabatini
  2. 2. OCTOBER 22, 2008 Father and Son depart at 9:00 AM for a day long hike  in the Ozark Mountains. They only have enough supplies (food and water) for 8 hours. The hiking trail is designed for moderate hikers, it is  extremely rocky in some parts. The trail fluctuates between wide and narrow. A 50% chance of light/moderate showers are  forecasted for the day. Forecasters predict a high of 50 degrees, and a low  of 41 degrees that night. The father and son are expected to be back at 5 PM. 
  3. 3. HIKERS ARE NOW OVERDUE. At 7:00 PM the father and son still have not  arrived. At this time the mother becomes very concerned and contacts the rangers station to see if they have checked out.  Forest Ranger says no. The mother contacts the proper authorities,  and the local SAR team is activated.
  4. 4. DISCUSSION At what point should the mother become  concerned?  Is she over reacting? Who should she call?   She called the forest ranger, how would they coordinate efforts with the SAR team?
  5. 5. 9:00 PM SAR leaders interview the mother and find  out the following:  Son suffers from diabetes and only packed enough insulin for one day.  The father and son are inexperienced hikers, and are not familiar with the area.
  6. 6. DISCUSSION With the current weather conditions (rain and  temperature), when would you deploy your search teams?  Must keep in mind the safety of SAR members. Does the health conditions of the son  increase the urgency?
  7. 7. SEARCH BEGINS – 10:00 PM SAR teams deploy dogs, ATV teams, and  walking teams to canvas the area.  At 11:23, heavy rain begins, eliminating the use of search dogs…Also creating slippery rocks, creating a high risk for walking teams.
  8. 8. DISCUSSION With the high danger to the walking teams  due to the slippery rocks:  Do you call in the teams for their safety?  Continue the search?  Call off the ground search and only use mobile searchers (ATV’s etc.)