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Engaging Kids in Virtual Worlds - Engage! Conference NY 2010


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It's the Activity Stupid: Keeping Kids and Tweens Engaged

To the creators it's an online and offline experience, or a connected experience. To kids it's just a new game. There are no boundaries for this generation. Entertainment spans all platforms and mediums including toys, books, phones, computers, and more. So why do we keep thinking about the separate experience when they don't? In what new ways should we be innovating for a generation that has gone well beyond the digital divide? Come hear the latest insight on kids – acquired from in-person focus groups and observed play sessions with kids. What lesson have we learned about social networking for kids, community, online and offline play, collectibles and top game trends? What game and play mechanics attract today's kid market? What is motivating parents as they steer their kids to suitable online playgrounds, and what do they see as threats? Remember: If you are reading about a trend in a mass market publication, you've already missed the boat.

Michael Pinkerton, COO, Metaverse Mod Squad (moderator)

Jacques Panis, Founder and CEO, Webosaurs

James M. Bower PhD, Chairman and CEO Numedeon Inc., Founders of

Josh Fisher, Executive Producer, Brandissimo

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Engaging Kids in Virtual Worlds - Engage! Conference NY 2010

  1. 1. It’s the Activity, Stupid Keeping Kids Engaged
  2. 2. What Works?
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