The Time Of Jeso Final


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The Time Of Jeso Final

  1. 1. The Time of Jeso By Motiur Muhith The machine creaked. The lab smelled of ancient chemicals. The green vial, half old, half new, was complete. The human workers were leaping with joy. Now a war can be redone, and completed. The back door opened. A scaly, squishy looking creature came out, looking slightly pleased. “We need 2 weeks for the artificial bodies to be created.” he declared. “Is the green vial complete?” “Yes,” replied a worker. “We have completed it. In just two more weeks we can recreate ourselves.” “Continue your work,” the beast said. “The earlier we’re done, the better. We still need to find the remnant of that war. Last I heard, his spirit was located somewhere in Europe, most likely England.” ----------[~_~] A FEW WEEKS LATER [~_~]---------- “Class dismissed!” Mr. Motsor said. Eve ran out the doors of Elizabeth Williams High, sweaty from playing volleyball in PE. It was one of her worst sports. She was never much of a help on the team. As she was going home, she met up with her friends Jessia, and Andy. They were her best friends since her freshman year. “Anyone doing anything special tonight?” Jessia asked. “I think a party is great on a Friday night.” “You know my usual answer,” Andy replied, eating away at a bar of chocolate. He had a few more in his backpack. “Okay, seriously.” Jessia said. “Just WHAT do you do everyday that you can’t tell us? We’re your friends, remember? And why so much chocolate everyday? How are you not getting fat?” “Well… it’s not something you want to get involved with. It’s more of a life and death matter, so I won’t be telling you much about it. And for the chocolate… I just like it. I know how to control my weight.” “Fine.” Jessia said. A somewhat hurtful look appeared on her face. “But you better tell me how you control your weight like that.” “Ahahahaha! Well just don’t eat a lot of fattening foods. There, that’s weight control!”
  2. 2. “Be serious!” Jessia said. “Okay, I’m just different from everyone else. And that is SERIOUS.” “Anyway,” Eve said. “It’s Friday. Let’s do something fun. Andy, you can go off if you want. We’re going to study over at Jessia’s house.” “Well I suppose a study night is okay.” Jessia said. They walked by Andy’s house and he walked in. The girls continued walking to Jessia’s house. A few minutes later, Eve noticed a shadow behind her. When she quickly spun around to see who it was, the shadow was gone. Was someone stalking her or her friends? “What’s wrong?” asked Jessia. “Oh nothing,” Eve replied. It must have been her imagination. When they reached Jessia’s house, they spent the next few hours talking and studying. Eve left a bit early; she was getting bored of work. As she slowly walked to her house, she noticed a shadow behind her. Immediately, she spun around, her sweater opening up like a twisted cape. The shadow disappeared very fast. A split second later, another shadow came very fast, and it seemed to have attacked the first. “AAAAHHHHHHHRRRGG!!” Something screamed from somewhere. Green blood spurted in the air, like a water balloon being squished. Then the shadows quietly disappeared. Eve was scared now. What could have possibly happened? She decided to just get home and get to sleep. That’s would at least stop the non-stop questions from entering her head. The night had become darker, but she finally reached her doorsteps. ----------[~_~] MONDAY [~_~]---------- Eve got ready for school. She put on a blue shirt and pants. A black sweater went on top of that. Pancakes were sitting on the silver breakfast table, ready to enter someone’s craving mouth. Eve relaxed as she ate the pancakes with the delicious maple syrup. But she better not be late for school! School today was normal, except for the fact that Eve walked home with Andy. He didn’t have to go off on his own today, so they were able to spend time like friends do. Then suddenly he asked, “Do you believe in magic?”
  3. 3. “As far as I know, they are mere illusions.” Eve replied. “What if magic was real? What would you think of it then?” He took out a chocolate bar and began eating it slowly. “I’d find a way to actually use it.” Eve noticed a shadow behind her. It seemed to be coming closer, but she couldn’t tell what it was. “What if you couldn’t use it?” Andy said with a sly smile. The shadow seemed to be getting closer. “Then….” Eve tried to think. The shadow seemed really huge now. Andy took another bite of his chocolate bar. The shadow disappeared and leaped forward. A green monster, about 9 feet tall, leaped forward to attack them. It had huge, wide, purple eyes, some bug like wings, and a weird mouth with hundreds of teeth. Overall, it would be in the shape of a human, just slightly modified. Then right before it gets to attack her, Andy disappeared. The creature suddenly yelped in pain. Eve saw Andy pushing against it with a blade in his hand. “What’s going on,” Eve thought. ‘Why is Andy fighting some ugly creature?!!?” Dark green blood spurted out into the air and fell like rain onto the ground. Not only that, but Andy had a different set of clothes. He wore a black cloak, with a very weak looking black shirt and pants. “Eve!” Andy yelled. “Don’t be afraid!” Eve was disgusted by all the blood, but she didn’t feel nauseas like most would. It was all happening too fast. She felt like screaming, but she couldn’t. She was scared. She didn’t know what to do. Andy slashed the blade upwards, and blue crystal ice spurted out of the creature from all directions. The creature fell on the floor, but was still alive. Suddenly, from Andy’s hands came out clear, yellow electricity, like a chain. The creature screamed in pain and supposedly died. A blue crystal was floating in midair, just right above the lump of green flesh. Andy took the crystal, and the creature disappeared. Eve was stunned almost the whole time. She just stared at Andy when he turned to look at her. “H-how did you… do… that…?” Eve asked in shock. “Are you even h-human?” “Is magic an illusion anymore?” Andy replied. “Well, no, of course not. But what just happened?” “Fine, but don’t get scared. It’s a pretty long and evil story.” “A long story is short if it explains something
  4. 4. unbelievable.” “So you’re saying you won’t believe me?” “Well, I’m sure I wasn’t dreaming when I saw that creature and you killing it with some sort of magic. “Well, here goes. A long, long time ago, probably around the time of when the dinosaurs were extinct or something, another planet existed. It still does, but it was never in our solar system.” They continued walking home as Andy explained. He finished his chocolate bar so he took out another bar and began eating it. “This planet was called ‘Jeso.’ It was the only known planet other than Earth that humans and human-like creatures could live on. The species that lived on Jeso were called Demons and Sages. I am a sage. “There is a slight difference between the two. A sage looks like a human all the time. As a matter of fact, we are human, but we are powered up, which changes our humanity. We use the power of the Jesonian crystal to put elemental power into weapons. The ice that you saw coming out of that demon back there was really the ice from my sword. I used an ice element. Although attacking with a weapon is best, we can use elemental magic as well. Sometimes it’s stronger. Something critical about sages is the fact that emotions can change their power. And we don’t die by something like a heart attack. Instead of a brain, every sage has a “core.” The core is the brain, and if it gets hit, we die. But that’s not so easy. The core is protected with inner shields. If a shield gets hit, it releases massive energy. That makes a sage hard to kill. “The demons on the other hand… use the Jesonian crystal to transform from a human to a demon. Demons don’t look human at all, except for the shape. They use elemental magic and their body to attack.” Eve continued listening. She had a million questions waiting. “On Jeso, the sages and demons didn’t like each other. They both wanted the planet for themselves. But the only thing that was different in their desires was that the demons wanted to use the sages. Not as slaves or servants, but as creatures to study. “Not long after, a war started. And it wasn’t like any war that was on Earth. This war was so intense. There was so much bloodshed and so much energy put into it. Soon, there wasn’t any light on the planet. We never had a sun, so our only light source was created from the planet’s inner power.
  5. 5. But that power was soon destroyed because of all the destruction. And that definitely wasn’t any good. Many sages used the power of the planet to increase their inner power. By now, about 30% of the sage population had died out.” They had arrived at Eve’s house. “Come in and continue telling me the story,” Eve said. Eve’s house looked somewhat small. But when Andy went inside, he saw that it was quite different from what it looked. It was well carpeted and painted. They went to Eve’s room. Andy decided to stand while Eve sat on a comfy cushion. Andy continued the story. “The demons had one great power that the sages could never achieve. That would be poisoning. Sages are naturally feeble to it. The demons had poisoned the planet’s inner core. Jeso literally turned green. That was danger. The planet was used as a weapon against the sages. “At the rate it was going, the sages knew that they would lose badly. So they decided to use their last resort solution. That would be a self destruct. Only 40% of the original sage population was left, but it would be enough to wipe out all the demons and their power for good. Self destruct for a sage doesn’t mean that they’re life ends. What happens is that the power of the Jesonian crystals in their body is exploded. The sage is merely left weakened and easily killable. “When the self destruction happened, many of the sages actually died. The destruction of one sage caused the rest of the weakened lives to die out. I happened to be a survivor. There was also a girl that survived, who is currently my assistant, named Sinia. “Sadly for the sages, not all the demons died. One survived. He went to Earth and found some humans to use to make more demons. And I bet he’s working extra hard to make the demons more powerful than what they were before. As a matter of fact, many of the demons are equipped with the sciences on Earth.” “Science and magic can be combined?” Eve inquired. “Yes. But only the demon survivor has figured it out enough so it could be used for massive destruction. Sinia and I haven’t been able to do much research. We were mainly restoring out power and trying to escape the nearly dead planet. “In the years that came after, we found out that the demon survivor was creating bases on Earth. He hid many of them underground and some underwater. We decided to destroy many of the bases. 90% of them are gone. But it’s
  6. 6. getting harder for us now. Their laboratory is still hidden. They’re using it to increase their power. We currently have nothing but ourselves. “But that doesn’t stop us from going on. We did make progress in ourselves. A sage is powered by Jesonian crystals. You only need 1 of them to be a sage, but 10 is the max you can have. The more you have, the more powerful you are. I only have 3 right now. Sinia has 2. Thank goodness the demons were using them. Most of the demons that we killed had destroyed the crystal when they realized that they would die, so we wouldn’t get stronger. But we were able to steal a few. “ “What would happen if I use the power of the Jesonian crystal?” Eve interrupted. “Would I become a sage like you?” “Yes. But it’s not that simple. Your body will have to adjust with the power. That’ll take a few hours, maybe even a full day, and you’ll feel some pain as the power works around inside you. And don’t ask me to turn you into a sage. That has a long way to go.” “Awww, why not?” “I only have 3 crystals. The demons are powering up. I need as many as I can get. “Now back to the timeline. All of this wouldn’t have happened if the war didn’t start. And I have found a way to undo the war. It’s to travel back into time, but that’s near impossible.” “And I thought sages could do any magic.” “No, we have a lot of limitations. The only way of time traveling is through a person’s soul. And it’s a random person on Earth, completely random. The good thing is that I can detect where that person is. But I can’t get a pinpoint location unless I have 10 crystals. I only have 3, so I can pretty much find out what country the person is in. Right now, the person is in England, so that’s why I’m here. I’m trying to find him or her to go back in time and undo the war. I think I can go back far enough to wipe out the first demon that was created. That would stop any more babies.” “Well there are hundred thousands of people in England. How will you find the right person?” “Well that’s the problem right now. But Sinia is working on a device that pinpoints the exact location to the person. And it’s gonna take a while to complete.” “Hold on a sec, lemme get a drink. I’m thirsty.” Eve interrupted. “No. Stay here. I’ll get it.”
  7. 7. Andy ran to the kitchen and grabbed a coke from the fridge. He ran back to Eve and threw the can into her waiting hands. The whole process took a mere 3 seconds. “Wow. That was incredibly fast,” Eve said, very surprised. “Many sages can be fast, but I’m one of the sages with a specialty in speed. So I’m slightly faster than most other sages.” “Well that was interesting. Its kind of hard to believe, but you’re here and you really are real. I don’t even know if I should be getting involved in this.” “Well the demons know that there is a sage survivor somewhere in England, but they don’t know it’s me. As long as I don’t show myself to a demon reporting back to a base, they won’t know who the survivor is. If they find out, then you might be in trouble. They’re probably good at locating people for hostages. So I suggest you don’t spend much time with me.” “What should I do if I see a demon?” Eve shivered in fear. “Well running is almost useless since any of the demons can outrun you in any matter. But the good thing is that I can sense the emotions of the people around me. If someone is in trouble, I can get a glimpse of their mind. If you see a demon, just be scared.” “Well I’m gonna do my homework. You can go home.” “Alright. Bye.” Andy was heading for the door. “Wait! I have 3 more questions!” Andy’s eyebrows went up and a puzzled look appeared on his face. “What now?” “Well, how did your clothes change and aren’t you gonna change them back?” “They change when I transform. It only takes me a few milliseconds, and you can’t see a transition in the change. I can change back when I want, but I don’t feel like it. What’s your last question?” “What’s with the chocolate?” “Chocolate is made from cocoa, which was happened to be common on Jeso. I became addicted to chocolate shortly after I was born.” “Wow. Sages have almost everything. Eating fatty foods without getting fat, something humans have tried and tried for many, many years and failed at.” “Well actually, chocolate from Jeso is quite different. You won’t be getting fat since the growth of the cocoa is by
  8. 8. magic. As a matter of fact, almost all of the food there is made of ingredients that won’t hurt a human body at all.” Eve was savoring the moment: She would be eating all the yummy foods and staying slim forever! Her mouth watered. “PLEASE tell me that there’s Jesonian food left for me! PLEASE!” “Yea, there is. It’s been thousands of years since the war, so I guess a lot of ingredients should have grown back. I could get you something.” “Hmm...” Eve searched for a piece of paper and pen. She wrote down all the food she wanted. She never saw a shopping list bigger than this one. When she was done, she handed it over to Andy, who looked at it for 2 seconds. It suddenly disappeared after that. “It’s quite a lot but I can get it all for you by tomorrow morning. I’m gonna go demon base hunting right now. See ya.” “Yay! Thanks Andy! I owe you one! Bye!” “Hahahahaha!” The door closed gently. Eve started working on her homework. She wasn’t a nerd, but she finished her homework easily. After that, she watch TV. At night Eve couldn’t fall asleep. The demons were on Earth for years. Yet no one found out. They are hiding but it’s been thousands of years. They should have made a lot of progress and found out where Andy or Sinia was. Were they that badly weakened? Or just so dumb that they couldn’t get much done? ----------[~_~] TUESDAY [~_~]---------- “So I heard you were walking home with Andy.”Jessia said. “What you guys do?” Uh oh. Eve hadn’t thought of telling Jessia the story. She didn’t know whether to tell the truth and possibly do something wrong, or lie to her best friend. If she said it was nothing much, Jessia would know something was up. She knew that Eve always did something when it came to hanging out with friends. But suddenly, a kind of silly idea sparked her. “Oh crap!” Eve exclaimed. “I forgot to do my math homework! Arg, I’ll just do it now. Good thing we still have 15 minutes before school starts.” “Wow. Wanna copy off my answers? You know the math already so there’s not much of a point in doing the work
  9. 9. anymore. It’s a simple review.” Eve quickly erased the answers on her math sheet while Jessia was taking out her math sheet. When Jessia handed over her sheet, Eve pretended to copy it. She was really just putting back her answers. She handed Jessia her sheet back when she was done. Still 10 minutes ‘til school starts. “Hey Jessia, lets go on the swings for a while. I haven’t been in for a breeze for so long.” “Hmm… okay.” They walked over to the swings to find Andy swinging on one of them. He had a mischievous grin on his face. And a half eaten chocolate bar in his hand. “Hi Andy,” Jessia said. “What’s up?” Andy replied. “Oh we were planning on swinging here.” Eve said. “As I said, I have it for you.” Andy said. But he didn’t say this. It was Andy talking to Eve in her head. “But I’ll give it to you later. I don’t want Jessia to see it.” Eve smiled at Andy. ----------[~_~] LUNCH TIME [~_~]---------- Eve took out the magic box Andy gave her. From inside it, she took out bowl of chocolate pudding. Jessia came over with the lunch she bought from the school cafeteria. She almost dropped her tray at the sight of Eve eating so much chocolate pudding. “Where did you get all that pudding and why are you eating so much?!!?” “Andy gave it to me.” “Do you have anymore? I want some!” “Sure.” Eve took out another bowl from the magic box. She opened the lid and gave it to Jessia. Jessia ate it like a pig. It tasted better than any other kind of pudding she ever ate. She also ate the lunch she had bought, so not to waste it. “What is Andy? A chocolate addict?” “You can answer that yourself, can’t you?” Andy came over to sit with them. “Yes, you should be able to answer that yourself.” He said. “Where do you get the chocolate?” “Hmmm… ask Eve.” Jessia turned to look at Eve.
  10. 10. “What?” Eve inquired. “You heard him.” “It’s his secret.” “Okay. Look.” Andy said. “It’s a kind of huge secret that I had to tell Eve but I can’t tell anyone else. Not until the time comes. And you rather would not wanna know.” “Awww come on, tell me! I’m your friend, right?” “Not all secrets can be shared. It’s more than a matter of friendship. But look at it this way: I will tell you when the time comes. It’s only a few more days, maybe even tomorrow. You’ll understand it all when I tell you.” “Okay, why did you tell Eve, then?” “You’ll understand that when I tell you. Please, just wait. I know you really wanna know, but just be patient. Look, if you promise to wait ‘til the time comes, I’ll give you a few bowls off chocolate pudding. Deal?” “Deal. I promise.” “Alright. Lunch is almost over. I have math next. See ya.” Andy slowly walked out of the cafeteria. As he walked, he thought to himself. The time traveling soul detector is almost done. Finding the person would be easy… but getting them to let me use their soul… that would be difficult. Hopefully it’s a nice person who would understand the problem. He continued walking off to math. He got in and sat down at his seat in the back of the room. Mr. Matio came in shortly and started his lesson Andy took out his notebook and began writing notes. Andy never needed to copy notes. He memorized most of the lesson very fast. When he was given a question, he would answer it so fast. But he never volunteered much. He could be teaching the whole class if he wanted to, but there would be no point in that. In the middle of the lesson, Andy felt a vibration in his pocket. Sinia had called, and it was kind of urgent. Andy couldn’t let Mr. Matio see the phone, so he maneuvered around to make sure that there was always someone hiding his face from him. “What’s up?” Andy whispered, so low that only Sinia could hear it. “It’s done.” “What is?” “The soul detector. I’ve found out who the person is.” “Probably some 40 year old pedo, I bet.” “Hahahaha, no. It’s actually a teenager.” “Do I know him or her?” “Possibly.”
  11. 11. “What’s his or her name?” “Eve Ellinton” “That’s kind of perfect….” “Perfect? How? You know her?” “Yes, I know her. And I told her about the situation.” “Andy! Why did you tell her? It’s better of as a secret between us! Telling more people only make it easier for the demons to find out! You know that!” “Well it just happened to be that she saw a demon while I was walking with her. She was begging me to explain to her. And she didn’t even tell her best friend the story. I don’t think she’ll tell anyone else.” “Andy, what’s the definition of a Critical Point?” Mr. Matio questioned. Andy hid the phone immediately and answered. “Points on the graph at which the first derivative is either zero or undefined.” Mr. Matio continued on. Andy resumed the call. “I think you understand why I had to pause.” Andy said. “Well, do you think you can tell her that it’s her soul we need?” “Yea, that should be easy. I bet she’s willing to help. Not only that, but it will show her the past, so she’ll be able to see what happened.” “Okay. After school, bring her to our castle. We’ll start about then.” “That works. But one question: How will I undo the war after we get there?” “Oh, no worries. I found 3 crystals hidden in a base, so I have 5 right now. I’ll just give you 4, which would make a total of 7 for you. That should be enough to wipe out the weak demon race in the past.” “Alright, I’m capable of all that. Bye.” Andy put his phone away and decided to fall asleep for the rest of class. ----------[~_~] AFTER SCHOOL [~_~]---------- Jessia had piano lessons after school, so she went straight to her tutor after school. This made it easier for Andy to tell Eve. They were walking home together again. Andy had another chocolate bar. It seemed just like yesterday. “Eve… I have something to tell you. It’s really important.”
  12. 12. “I’m guessing it’s related to the sages?” “Yes… it is. Sinia finished the soul detector. And we found out who the person is.” “And that would be?” “Just one word: You.” Eve was at a slight loss of words and walked in silence for the next minute. “You’re joking, right? It can’t be me. I’m not THAT special.” “Specialty doesn’t matter. It could be any random person, and it was you.” “So how are you going to use my soul to go back in time?” “Well, I have to merge into your body, and control your soul.” “Will I be okay?” “Yea. You’ll be perfectly fine. Your body will be empty, but your soul will be in my body. I’ll be controlling it, and you’ll be seeing and hearing everything I see and hear.” “That’s really interesting.” “And also, Sinia found 3 more crystals, so I can kill the demon race much more easily. Plus she’s gonna give me one of her own, so I’ll have 7. That’s more than enough to finish them off.” “Okay so when do we start this?” “Sinia said ASAP. We’ll have to meet up at my castle in the sky.” “You have a castle up in the sky? COOL!” “It’s only visible to sages, but I can make it visible to you as well. It’s where I live, too. I don’t have parents. They died in the war, but I can live on my own perfectly.” “Wait if you lived from that long, how come you’re still young?” “Sages can control their ages. I like being a teenager.” “Okay let’s get this done. Take me to the castle.” “Climb on my back.” Eve did as she was told. In just a slight second, she was flying in the air, the cool breeze blowing her pitch black hair back like waves. Andy wasn’t even flying. He seemed to be gliding upwards. Eve had a lot to learn about sages. “Are you flying or gliding or what?” “I’m pushing the air with my energy. When I first jumped, that was a regular jump. But now I’m using my energy to propel myself in the air. It’s quite draining on me, but the
  13. 13. chocolate restores my energy quite a bit.” “So how much longer until we get there?” “Well my castle is high above the Atlantic Ocean. It shouldn’t be much longer. I’ll go faster now.” Eve enjoyed the ride. The temperature up here was so cool. Andy started going faster, and Eve had to close her eyes because of the wind. “This is a once in a lifetime experience,” Eve thought. “It’s better than being on an airplane. I get to see a more open view and feel the cool breeze all over. I could also say it’s a piggy back ride with an air conditioner following behind.” Soon, Eve saw the castle. Her face lit up. The castle was so unique. The whole thing was a bunch of colors, almost like paint splattered randomly. It was better than any scary, old mansion. Andy got to the door and put Eve down. The door opened automatically and they entered. Inside, there wasn’t much. It was colorful, but mainly all you saw there were some household items. For a place so huge, it was barely used. Andy went upstairs and Eve followed. He opened one of the many doors, and there, was a teenage girl surrounded by machinery. In the center, was a device with an arrow that pointed at Eve, and showed her picture on a screen. This, as Eve guessed, was the soul detector. “Hi Eve!” the girl said. “Are you Sinia?” “Well I’m sure Andy has told you a lot about me and what’s going on, right?” “He didn’t tell me much about you but I know what’s going on.” “Good. You don’t need to know much about me. Andy’s gonna be the one in your soul.” “You’re making me seem evil, saying it that way.” Andy said. “Well can we just start this already? I wanna see how life was for your guys back then!” Eve exclaimed. “Andy, take these.” Sinia put her hand in front of her chest and 4 Jesonian crystals came out magically. She threw the crystals to Andy, who let them magically enter his chest. For a moment, his body lit up. A few seconds later, it appeared as if nothing happened. “Alright, here we go.” With that, Andy walked toward Eve and appeared to merge with her. Her soul came out of her body. It had merged with Andy’s soul and body. Now Eve’s body was just an empty shell.
  14. 14. Andy thought back to the time of when the war started, back to the time when no one had gotten hurt yet. In just a few seconds, the visioning was a blur, and they were being sent through time. Pictures of old times and history flew by them. They saw history being rewound very fast. It took a while, but soon they got to their destination. “Eve, can you hear me?” Andy asked. “Yea. You’re controlling me, so really my life is in your hands.” There were so many people. Eve recognized the demons and sages. The demons looked angry. The sages looked ready, ready for a fight that they would lose thousands of lives. They were merely talking with each other. Some of them were talking with the demons. Eve overheard their conversations, and it seemed like they were deciding on whether or not they should have a war. There weren’t many buildings or shops. It almost looked like a village. There weren’t roads. Just lots of land. Eve would never want to live in such a place. But she knew that lots more could happen. The sages didn’t really need buildings. They didn’t have much to do. No one seemed surprised at all when they saw Andy. His body in the past wasn’t there, since there couldn’t be two of the same identities at one time. Eve wondered what Andy would do. Suddenly, Andy flew up. “CALLING ALL SAGES OF JESO!” He yelled. The message was so loud that it vibrated the whole planet. Many people where wondering what was happening and looked up at Andy. “ALL SAGES MOVE TO JOLOSIA! I HAVE A MAJOR PLAN!” Not all the sages seemed to trust him. But many did, and they started disappearing. Eve wondered where they could be going. “DON’T COME OUT OF JOLOSIA! I HAVE A MJOR PLAN TO WIN THE WAR THAT WILL START! IF YOU DON’T TRUST ME, THEN YOU’LL DIE ALONG WITH THE DEMONS THAT WANT TO DESTROY OUR RACE! I MEAN IT!” Many more sages disappeared. “Andy, where is Jolosia?” Eve asked. “You’ll see. I don’t want the demons to find out.” Many demons appeared, staring up at Andy with angry faces. “What kind of lousy plan do you have to ever defeat us?!” a demon said.
  15. 15. “Yea, you’re just ONE sage! We’re a whole race of demons!” another said. “Then let the war being.” Andy declared in a cold voice. Andy disappeared. He teleported down. Suddenly, a massive amount of ice rained down on every demon around. Many of them yelled in pain as they got hit by such strong magic. Eve felt the magic inside Andy’s body. It was so cold, but Eve wasn’t harmed by it. Andy took out his spiky blade. There were many holes in it, and from those holes came out lightning chains, hitting many of the demons nearby. Eve felt the power erupting from the blade. So many Jesonian crystals were floating in mid-air. The demons saw their chances. They leaped to take the crystals, but Andy was faster. He used them for himself. Eve felt the remaining crystals enter Andy’s body. But they couldn’t be used since ten was the maximum. Andy continued to move on around the planet. He moved to fast that things seemed to be a blur. He released so much ice that the whole planet froze. There were icicles and ice chunks everywhere. Eve felt so good as the energy came out. Demons were screaming in pain. There was so much green blood. But it disappeared slowly as more ice came over the planet. By now, about half the planet was wiped of demons. Andy sent lightning bolts flying everywhere. All this destruction was more than what would have originally happened, but it was better than having the sages die out. Andy sent more lightning bolts and ice chunks flying everywhere. Then there were ice waves, going all over the planet to freeze any remaining demons. When that was all over, the ice cleared up. Andy took out a small bottle with no label. He opened the lid and let the liquid pour into the ground. “What are your pouring?” Eve asked. “Poison killer.” Andy replied. “The demons are mainly based off of a poison element. I don’t want any of their composition left behind. Who knows if they could regenerate?” “So are we done? Or are we gonna stay for a while longer?” “I’ll broadcast a few more messages.” Andy disappeared. He reappeared in what seemed to be a tunnel. “We’re inside Jeso. Meaning we’re like actually inside the magical rock that Jeso made of. This inside is Jolosia.” Andy explained.
  16. 16. “So when everyone disappeared, they came here?” “Right. The good thing is that the demons can get in here since they don’t know about it.” Andy walked through the tunnel. Soon, they found some sages that had come down. “Everyone. Jeso is saved.” Andy declared. “But first, come out of Jolosia.” All the sages did as instructed. Andy came out as well. He flew high up in the air, ready to yell out messages to everyone. “DOES EVERYONE SEE THE DIFFERENCE IN OUR PLANET NOW?” Andy asked. Many sages looked around and seemed happy. “I’LL HAVE TO TELL YOU THE REAL STORY BEHIND THIS!” The sages looked up at Andy like students would look up at a teacher. “I AM NOT FROM THIS TIME. I AM REALLY FROM THE FUTURE. BUT I LIVED IN THIS TIME. AND I WAS A SURVIVOR OF THE WAR THAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN. EVERYONE WAS GOING TO DIE, EXCEPT FOR A DEMON AND TWO SAGES. THE DEMON HAD DECIDED TO MAKE MORE DEMONS AND TRACK US DOWN. BUT WE LIVED ON. WE WORKED OUR WAY BY DESTROYING THEIR BASES AND GAINING MORE CRYSTALS. “SOON WE FOUND A WAY TO TRAVEL BACK IN TIME. I HAD COME HERE WITH SEVEN CRYSTALS. THAT WAS MORE THAN ENOUGH POWER TO KILL ALL THE DEMONS OF THIS WEAK TIME. “MOST OF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED JUST NOW. WELL, THE DEMONS DIED. I FROSTED THE PLANET AND ELECTRICUTED THE DEMONS. THEY DIED AS THEY DESERVED.” The sages seemed interested. “MOST OF YOU ARE WONDERING IF I WILL STAY HERE. WELL, THE ANSWER IS NO. I HAVE TO GO BACK TO MY TIME, AND CONFIRM THAT THE DEMON RACE HAS DIED.” Andy finished broadcasting his messaged and jumped down. He took out a chocolate bar to restore all the energy he used. The sages wanted to reward Andy. They cheered for him and said farewells. But Andy wasn’t done yet. He jumped into the air again, and from within him flew out thousands of Jesonian crystals. He kept 10 for himself. Then he kept an extra 20 for some other reason. “Alright, Eve, want to go back now?” Andy asked. “It was nice being here, but I think we should head back
  17. 17. now.” Eve replied. “You’ll be happy either way. I’ve decided to make your life easier. You’ll know everything that you can know about a sage.” “How? Is it gonna be a long lecture?” “No, it will be way more fun than that. I’m gonna make you a sage. And since I have 10, I can transform you so that you won’t feel any pain.” “Wait, are you serious?!!?” “Yes. Here’s your chance for immortality. And nothing’s stopping you.” “Well, I guess you’re right.” “Well first let’s head back.” Andy focused on the future, of the time they were originally at. Eve saw the castle, where they were when they left. Everything became a blur, and then the future came into vision. It all went in fast forward. After a few minutes, Eve was back in her own body, in the time they had left. “Yay! You’re back!” Sinia exclaimed. “Yes, and everything was a success!” Andy declared. “Eve, how was it?” Sinia asked. “Would you wanna live in Jeso?” “I wanted to stay longer but not for a permanent living. That place has almost nothing.” “Ahahahahahahaha! Well that’s Jeso for you.” “Andy, when do I become a sage?” “You’re letting her become a sage?!!?” Sinia exclaimed. “It’ll make her life easier. And she wants to experience the life better. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with it.” “Well, I suppose it’s fine.” Sinia said. “You can enjoy immortality.” “Shall we start the process now?” Andy asked. “Yes. I wanna fly back to England on my own.” “Then we shall start now.” Andy said. He raised his hand above his chest and 10 crystals came out magically. He took the crystals and placed them over Eve’s chest. They magically went in. Eve felt the power increasing. As each crystal went in, more power came. She knew that her life would never be the same. When Andy was done, Eve’s body lit up. It stayed like that for a while. Her body was adjusting to the power. Finally, her body dimmed. Her clothes instantly changed and she was wearing a dark cloak with dark a shirt and pants. Eve realized what she could now do. She flew around the room, through doors and windows and back.
  18. 18. “Andy, you’re so awesome. I can’t find any way to repay you for this!” “Hey, what about me?” Sinia asked. “I’m the one who made it all possible.” “Oh yea, that’s right. Thanks to you, too. But I have a question. Can I travel back in time again?” “Well, no.” Andy answered. “A chosen soul only gets two trips: one to the past or future, and then second one back. Since we used your soul already, the power has been transferred to someone else. But it’s very easy to find the person. We both have 10 crystals, so with enough focus; we can easily track down the person. Or we can use the soul detector.” “So now that everything’s over, what’ll you guys do? Stay here or go back to Jeso?” “I’ll stay here.” Andy answered. “No point in going back. Life here is more interesting.” “I’m planning on living in Jeso. I can change it to be more Earth-like.” Sinia said. “Oh, Andy, you didn’t’ forget your deal with Jessia, did you?” Eve asked. “No, I haven’t. I was gonna tell her after we leave. Which we might as well do so now.” “Bye Sinia!” Eve and Andy said. They both teleported out of the castle and floated outside. Then they headed back to England. Eve’s first time propelling in air outside was so fun for her. She started out with 10 crystals, so it was so easy. To make things more fun, she made a long and twisty slide of ice. Andy waited as she played around with it. Playtime was over. They went straight to Jessia’s house and transformed back into their human selves. “Hi Eve, hi Andy!” Jessia said in excitement. “Hey Jess.” Andy said. “I’m sure you can guess why we’re here.” “You’re here to tell me why you’re spending so much time with Eve now, right?” “It has to do with it, but pretty much.” Andy replied. “But first, are you just gonna make us stand in your doorway?” “Oh, sorry!” Andy and Eve walked in and went to the living room. They sat down on the comfortable, leather sofas. “Alright, tell me now. I’m so eager to know!” Jessia said. “Your life will be so different once you know all of this.”
  19. 19. Andy said. “And I have a feeling you’ll be wanting more than what we’ll be telling you!” Eve said. Andy and Eve both took out chocolate bars, ready to indulge in its power as they were about to tell about their incredible story.