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Nazh cv rev.2


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Nazh cv rev.2

  1. 1. Nasser Zhebawi YEAR OF BIRTH : 1960 NATIONALITY : Danish JOB TITLE : Lead Electrical Engineer E.MAIL : MOBILE NO. : 00974 3190852 QUALIFICATION : • M.Sc. degree in Oil & gas technology / Process Automatic, Aalborg University, Denmark. 2003. • B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering, Basra University, Iraq, 1984. KEY SKILLS : • Electrical Power requirement calculations, HV and LV SWBD design, Specifications, Data sheet, Key / Detailed Single Line Diagram (SLD), Earthing System calculation, offshore & onshore engineering design. • Power system study and network analysis, short circuit current calculation, load flow analysis, motor starting analysis and relay coordination by using CYME, EDSA & DOCwin software. • Detail design, FEED package, Feasibility study, Design basis, conceptual & preliminary design as per the International standards, codes, practices and local statutory rules and regulations. • Load shedding and sharing system. • SCADA system and control panels design, schematic control wiring diagrams, loop diagrams, hazardous area classification, instrument specification and datasheet. • Technical bid evaluation/ review of the Vendor’s document. • Vendor finalization. • Cost Estimation / Evaluation • Project management / supervision. EMPLOYMENT SUMMARY 2009 – Till Date : RAMBOLL OIL & GAS QATAR Lead Electrical Engineer 2007 -2009 : COWI A/S CONSULTING ENGINEERS, QATAR Lead Electrical Engineer 2006 - 2007 : COWI A/S CONSULTING ENGINEERS, DENMARK Senior Electrical Engineer 2003-2006 : ABB A/S CONSULTING ENGINEERS, DENMARK Senior Electrical Engineer Page 1 of 7
  2. 2. Nasser Zhebawi 1996-1998 : ANSALDO-SIEMENS, LEBANON Electrical Quality Control (QC) engineer 1992-1995 : SOUTH OIL COMPANY Electrical Department Manager at TUBA Site 1987-1992 : BASRA REFINERY Electrical Engineer 1985-1987 : PEPSI COLA COMPANY Electrical Maintenance Manager DETAILED WORK : HISTORY RAMBOLL OIL & GAS QATAR Lead Electrical Engineer • Field Development Project 2005, Maersk Oil, Qatar A/S Oil & gas platforms located in Al-Shaheen field Preparation of Engineering documents and drawings for the Oil & gas offshore platforms. Major projects involving installation of temporary water injection facilities ,Gas compressor Skid & its accessories, Diesel Engine generator skid & accessories, HV/LV switchgear modifications. Review of the documents / drawings including equipment layout, cable tray layout, earthing layout and Hazardous area classification drawings. Standardization procedure & check list preparation of all Electrical Deliverables. Client: Maersk Oil, Qatar • Engineering consultancy services for detail design / EPIC for crude oil import/export facilities upgrade and beach landing valves at Halul Qatar offshore crude oil is exported at Halul Island via SBMs into crude tankers using crude oil loading pumps. Halul Terminal operations is facing difficulties in loading crude oil using the turbine driven oil export pumps due to persistent problems on the gas turbines. Hence, Qatar Petroleum (QP) has decided to replace the existing three unreliable crude oil loading pump sets driven by gas turbine with four new pumps driven by Electric Variable Speed Drives (EVSD). My work is to carry out a detailed adequacy check report and electrical system studies for the existing and future normal and worst electrical power system configuration, Load flow, short circuit calculation, motor starting analysis and relay protection coordination study by using CYME program. Specification and Data Sheets for HV & LV switchboards, Power and Distribution Transformers, earthing and lightning protection system design. My work also included preparing evaluation of the Vendor’s bids (Technical Bid Evaluation) for the HV/LV switchboards, EVSD, transformers, and the motors. Client: DOPET/ QP, Qatar COWI A/S CONSULTING ENGINEERS, QATAR Lead Electrical Engineer Lead Electrical Engineer, Oil and Gas Department. During my existing, I was working on the following project; Page 2 of 7
  3. 3. Nasser Zhebawi • Feasibility & Concept Optimisation Study to Install Vapour Recovery Unit at NGL and MPB plants, MESAIEED, QATAR At the existing NGL and new Multi Products Berth (MPB), there is at present no vapour recovery systems installed when loading Condensate. This may result in hydrocarbon emissions to the atmosphere during loading operations. For this project, I have prepared the utility supply study report for both, NGL and MPB after adding the new Vapour Recovery units (VRU). This study included the following; HV & LV SWBD modification, load assessment reports, load schedule calculations, cable sizing calculation, single line diagrams, cable routings, equipment layout drawings, verify and update the existing CYME models to calculate the short circuit calculation, load flow study and motor starting analysis for the new HV & LV electrical motors. This study is based on two CYME models; each model investigates the network for two scenarios circuit configuration (normal case and worst case circuit configuration). • Engineering consultancy services for feasibility & concept optimization study for light slop handling at QP refinery, Mesaieed, Qatar The existing slop facilities are not built for handling slops with high vapour Pressures, from a safety and environmental point of view. Therefore, a Feasibly Study has been done for evaluation of handling of the Light Slop Generated at the Refinery. My work was to evaluate / study the existing and the future power supply system, load flow, short circuit calculation and motor starting analysis by using CYME software • FEED for Provision for produced water injection at PWI stations from nearby degassing stations and water from new source wells at Dukhan, Qatar Front End Engineering Design and modification of HV (33kV & 3.3kV)and LV power distribution network for seven degassing stations and nine PWI (produced water injection), install HV transfer pumps and down hole pump motors, HV & LV SWBD specification, load assessment reports, load schedule calculations, cable sizing calculation, verify and update existing CYME models and calculation to carry out electrical power supply study for this project, short circuit calculation, load flow study and motor starting analysis for new electrical motors by using CYME program. Power study report for future expansion by year 2014. Client: QP, Qatar COWI A/S CONSULTING ENGINEERS, DENMARK Senior Electrical Engineer • Engineering Consultancy Services for Design to install new Gas Compressor on Stenlille Gas Storage, DONG Energy, and Stenlille, Denmark. The injection facilities at stenlille gas storage are designed for a capacity of Approximately 2.6 mills. Nm3 /day. Gas injection is done by three existing gas compressors. Due to the expansion on stenlille gas storage, DONG A/S needs to install new gas compressor. Have prepared an electrical and instrumentation Page 3 of 7
  4. 4. Nasser Zhebawi detail design for this purpose. To run the new gas compressor, MV motor (10kV, 4.2 MW, 370 rpm), medium voltage switchgear, Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), MCC panel and Local control panel besides the instruments, have been installed in a new substation and the compressor skids. Client: DONG, Denmark. COWI A/S CONSULTING ENGINEERS, QATAR Senior Electrical Engineer • Conceptual and Preliminary Design of HV & LV system on Gabbro Berth, Mesaieed, Qatar. Due to the expansion of the Gabbro Berth and storage area, modifications on the existing power distribution have been done for distribution of additional 15 MW of electricity. The modifications cover power supply for installation of 4 Gantry Cranes on Berth 2 & 3, 3 km distribution system for conveying of the Gabbro to the storage area, installation of 3 new stackers lines, at the storage area storage, 2 new building complexes at the back-up and storage area and lighting for berth 3 as well as roads, car park and storage area. Client: QP, Qatar • Engineering Consultancy Services for Detail Design of the Stripping unit to maximize the utilization of offshore RAG at NGL-2, Mesaieed, Qatar. According to rising demand of power stations in Qatar and the predictable Gas shortage in the near future, we have modified the Stripping Unit in NGL-2 to increase gas supply reliability and minimize flaring of gas at offshore. The modifications activities included the piping system and the instrumentation system. Client: QP, Qatar • Engineering Consultancy Services for Expansion of Ras Laffan Avenue at Ras Laffan Industrial City. The objectives of this project are: • To provide additional traffic lanes, security check point facilities, and parking facility, bus and car parking areas on Ras Laffan Avenue between Police Station Bridge and RLC main gate to alleviate the prevailing peak hour traffic congestion. • To enhance the security systems at the main gate and port gate inline with the current risk of vehicle carrying explosives into RLC area. The Security Check Points have been provided with security systems such as CUVSS & ANPR Camera, X-ray backscatter system, CCTV, traffic lights, boom barriers, Package unit substation with DG, high mast flood lighting for RLC Avenue and truck parking facility, electronic display sign board, Lighting and Air conditioning for Guard cubicles, Lighting for Service yard and Search zone and Security office building and area lighting. Client: GALFAR, Qatar. ABB A/S CONSULTING ENGINEERS, DENMARK Senior Electrical Engineer / Project Engineer Process Automation Technology Department. Different projects for oil and gas Page 4 of 7
  5. 5. Nasser Zhebawi offshore platforms (Maersk Oil and Gas, Denmark); most of these projects were related to the following areas; • TE- Load Shedding & Sharing System. Upgrade / Software Description. To improve the function of the load shedding / sharing system, the actual condition of the turbines has been used as a basis to calculate the available power instead of the turbine nominal values. The actual condition value is affected by four parameters; ambient temperature, the differential pressure, maintenance time, and the mechanical degree. Client: Maersk Oil & Gas, Denmark. • DAN F- LV switchboard design. In this project, I have specified and described the required LV switchboard including all its contents. Voltage drop and short circuit calculation. Client: Maersk Oil & Gas, Denmark. • TW- Load Shedding & Sharing System / Software & Installation Description. I have updated the system by considering the actual condition of the turbines as in Tyra East. I have made new function block diagrams to show the events sequence. Client: Maersk Oil & Gas, Denmark. • GORM C- Pre alarm earth Fault GC-SWBD-3KV. I have made a pre warning earth fault system and test procedure for three cooling water pumps to avoid the trip of both side of 3KV SWBD. This task has been done by installing current transformer, current monitor and ammeter on each pump feeder. To warn the operators in the CCR earlier about an earth fault situation, digital alarm signals will be shown on the display VDU. Client: Maersk Oil & Gas, Denmark. • GORM C- Interlocks between upstream & downstream breakers. There are six downstream breakers, which can be switched ON when the upstream breakers are on the earth position, therefore it causes shutdown status. This problem has been solved by installing new relays in the upstream breakers in order to transfer a service signal and inhibit close signal to the downstream breaker, so it will not be possible to switch the downstream breaker ON, unless the upstream breaker is closed and its isolator is in service status. Client: Maersk Oil & Gas, Denmark. • TW- Distribution Boards Trace Heating. I have specified and described two new identified distribution boards trace heating that should be replaced the old trace heating boards, besides updating the MEL and the related drawings. Client: Maersk Oil & Gas, Denmark. • T W- DOCwin Max. / Min. short circuit calculation. This project was a pure short circuit calculation studying for whole platform (3KV switchboards and LV distribution boards) by DOCwin program. The studying included the maximum, minimum mode at normal and emergency operation configuration. Client: Maersk Oil & Gas, Denmark. • Harald- DOCwin Max. / Min. short circuit calculation. This project was pure short-circuit calculation studying for whole platform (3KVandLVswitchboard) by DOCwin program. The studying included the maximum and minimum mode at normal operation configuration. • Harald- Power distribution to level gauge illumination. In this project, I have specified and supplied nine level glasses that should be installed on Page 5 of 7
  6. 6. Nasser Zhebawi five different vessels. This project included a Max. & Min. short circuit current calculation by DOCwin program. Client: Maersk Oil & Gas, Denmark. • SIRI- Load shedding and start up interlock system. I have done in this project two packages (software & installation). The first package has been done in coordination with Odense. I have determined the functional block diagram (flow chart) and specified the priority table, which used by the load shedding program to select the loads to be load. Load shedding program reacts with three parameters; Power overload of generator, generator winding temperature, and turbine operating temperature. We have used the available power on the bus bars is the reference for program operation to detect the necessity to shed the loads according to the priority table. In the installation package, I have described an interface design for all signals that required achieving the program properly. For this task, we needed the current measurement (AI) and the open breaker signal (DO) for each load, besides six (AI) signals from the generator control panel; Active Power (KW), Reactive Power (Kvar), Total Current Value (Amp), Turbine Operating Temperature (T54), Generator Winding Temperature (TWIN), and the Ambient Inlet Temperature (TAMB). Client: DONG, Denmark. ANSALDO-SIEMENS, LEBANON Electrical / Instrumentation Quality Control (QC) engineer Daily close observation for installation of HV & MV switchgears, LV switchboards, Transformers, control panels, instruments, HVAC equipments, outdoor & indoor lighting, and cable trays, included testing all the power and control cables in the power plant. Client: Beddawi Combined Cycle Power Plant (450 MW). SOUTH OIL COMPANY Electrical Department Manager on TUBA Site Tuba field in Basra. MCC. Panels, Control panels,380V, 6KV & 11 KV switchgears, transfer pumps, Control of HVAC systems, Electrical and instrument hazardous area installations, transformers, Pumps, Motors. BASRA REFINERY Electrical Engineer Electrical engineer on the maintenance department. HV and LV switchgears, MCC, Control panels, Transformers, HV and LV motors, compressors, lighting System, Electrical and instrument hazardous area installations. PEPSI COLA COMPANY Electrical Department Manager MCC. panels, Control panels, CO2 generation System, Pumps, Central Refrigerators, HVAC system, lighting, and Diesel generators. ADDITIONAL : Specialisation INFORMATION • HV & LV Switchboard Design. • Power System Study and Network Analysis. • Short Circuit Calculation, Load flow and motor starting analysis by using CYME, EDSA & DOCwin software. • Earthing System Calculation. LANGUAGES : English , Danish and Arabic KNOWN Page 6 of 7
  7. 7. Nasser Zhebawi PUBLICATIONS : MSc. thesis (PID / PLC Control for Subsea Inspection Equipments in Offshore). September 2003, Denmark. PROFESSIONAL Member of the Danish Society of Engineers (IDA) SOCIETIES : Member of the Iraqi Society of Engineers Member of I.E.E.E (Institution of Electrical and Electrical Engineers) Page 7 of 7