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Modern Vision Media - Media Kit


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Modern Vision Media - Media Kit

  1. 1. | 877.668.7577
  2. 2. Our Vision Modern Vision Media is a performance-based advertising network, delivering branding, leads and customers to advertisers, and a wide variety of revenue-generating offers to publishers. You Only Pay When We Deliver Results! We enable advertisers to increase their reach and target their perfect customer with little or no startup costs through: AD CHANNELS TARGETING • Banners • Search • Demographic • Geographic • Email • Social Media • Income • Interests • Contexual • Text Links Unlike most forms of advertising, with our performance-based model you only pay when you receive a sale or qualified lead. Get Paid for Delivering Results! As an affiliate, we pay you every time you make a sale or deliver a qualified lead. Run a banner on your site and get paid a real payout, not just pennies for showing an ad. Gain credibility by association with name brands. Give your users access to products and services that are truly valuable to them. Sales and Syndication Our sales team is constantly searching for the newest products and latest services to bring our publishers unique moneymaking offers targeted to the needs and wants of today’s consumers. We engage our advertisers and publishers in a strict approval process so that we bring the right consumer together with the right offer under the right circumstances to complete the sale. Operations and Production Service starts with our network. We always have new offers with plenty of creatives. We constantly monitor campaigns to resolve technical issues quickly. We mitigate revenue loss at every turn. Our network is clean, efficient and user friendly. Creative and Compliance Team We employ state of the art graphic principles and combine it with in-house photography and inspired copywriting to ensure success for advertisers and publishers. Our compliance department ensures that your campaigns meet all of today’s legal and creative standards. | 877.668.7577
  3. 3. ADVERTISERS New Affiliate Programs Health & Beauty Modern Vision Media specializes in We offer great-selling beauty helping companies launch Affiliate programs including our proprietary Marketing Programs, whether it’s a and exclusive PÜR Affects line of new or existing product - we make nutraceuticals and beauty products. Affiliate Marketing work! As Seen On TV Products We are a premier source of affiliate programs for the ever-popular As Seen on TV Products. PUBLISHERS CPA AFFILIATE NETWORK Through our network, we bring top marketers and premier products together for success. MAJOR PARTNERS The Modern Vision Media Network reaches 80% of your average daily Internet user through our partnerships with some of the largest online publishers in the industry. NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL Distribution across the planet. Geographic and Demographic targeting. Wherever the customer is—we find them! | 877.668.7577
  4. 4. We create campaigns to meet and exceed your expectations! • Design Consultanting • Product Marketing Research • Copywriting • Latest Technology & Design Theory • In-House Photography Product line & tagline Extra offer Call to action Product Testimonials Product Samples Highly stylized for impact & to maintain quality & images across browsers & platforms. Call to action | 877.668.7577
  5. 5. Advertisers Pay only for performance Marketing Design MVM Brings advertisers, publishers & consumers together Consumers Publishers Get the right Get paid what product & service you are worth at the right moment Service | 877.668.7577
  6. 6. Address 23801 Calabasas Road, Suite 103, Calabasas, CA 91302 General Toll free number: 877-668-7577 Email: Affiliates Affiliate Management Email: Phone: 877-688-7577 ext.131 Advertisers Advertising Sales Email: Phone: 877-688-7577 ext.326