Jobs for America's Graduates


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Presentation created for use with High School students to inform them on the exponentially growing field of Information Technology

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Jobs for America's Graduates

  1. 1. Information Technology Field       Lincoln High School  Vincennes Community School Corporation    ‐2010‐ 
  2. 2. Job Outlook Information — Careers for the Future InfoSeries IS-46 An overview of job Job outlook information can be a useful tool for To learn more about careers and related topics, contact outlook information planning your future. However, changes in ICPAC at 1-800-992-2076 Job outlook information forecasts the the economy and technology, social or visit the Web site at growth and decline of jobs in the near trends and other factors can and will Ask affect jobs in unexpected ways. For for free copies of: future — usually for a 10 year period. In order to predict the future of a job, analysts example, 15 years ago careers in • IS-09: Job Search Tips — collect information about the state and computers were practically nonexistent. Résumés, Interviews and national economy, the amount of exports Now, almost every employer wants More and imports, labor force trends (including people with computer skills. • IS-45 Education — IS-45: the age of workers), employment trends What It’s Worth and geographical differences. • IS-50: Discover Careers Fastest-Growing Career Fields in the U.S. Outlook information may also include: that Fit You from 1998 to 2008 • IS-65: Career Areas to • Estimations of how many jobs will Computer and Data Processing Services +117% change Explore and Jobs in Them be available in industries or specific careers in the future. Health Services +67% change • IS-74: Job Shadowing, Internships and More • Expectations of how much growth a Ways to Experience Residential Care +57% change field or occupation will experience. Careers • Projections of how many skilled Management and Public Relations +45% change • IS-82: Skills You Will Need workers will be competing for for the Workplace available jobs. Personnel Supply Services +43% change • IS-83: Indiana’s WorkOne The purpose of outlook information is Centers to identify where future employment opportunities Equipment Rental and Leasing +43% change • Indiana Career may occur. Profiles — information Museums, Botanical and Zoological Gardens +42% change on the work environment, Using job outlook information salary, education and Job outlook information can help define Research and Testing Services +40% change other aspects of a specific job or career within a field. It specific careers. also suggests what careers will be “hot” Transportation Services +40% change or careers that are supposed to grow in the future. Securities and Commodity Brokers +40% change Hotline: 1.800.992.2076 • Web site:
  3. 3. Outlooks for industries, Projected Job Growth in Service and Goods career fields and jobs Industries Industries for the future 2008: 119 million 2008: 25 million 1998: 25 million The greatest amount of growth in the 1998: 99.5 million nation is expected to occur in industries that provide services: business, health care, education and technology services. Business and management services will be needed Service-producing Goods-producing to help people work and live in an jobs jobs ever-changing world. In addition to improvements in medical technology, the U.S. Indiana also ranks among the top health services are in greater demand because five producers of motor vehicle parts, the number of elderly Americans is assembly machines, truck and bus bodies, growing. Also, people who are ill are pharmaceuticals and medical instruments. not staying in hospitals as long as they once did. Education services are growing Jobs for the future because people need training in order Even though the strongest job outlooks to work and succeed in a more technical are in the areas of business, health care, world. Also, as technological advances education and technology, most of the 10 continue more people will need to be fastest-growing jobs are computer or health related trained and hired to repair the equipment. (see the chart on Page 4). In addition, jobs in sales and transportation are also In addition to business, health, education expected to increase in number. and technology services, the career areas expected to account for the greatest number of jobs available in the future include Different ways to measure job outlook information personnel supply services, management, Job growth and replacement needs public relations and social services. Job growth and replacement needs both Although service-producing industries are refer to the demand for occupations — how expected to grow, many industries that many skilled workers will be needed in the produce goods — like manufacturing and future to fill jobs available in a field. mining — are expected to hold steady or Outlook information can also be presented decline across the country because in terms of supply — as in the number of improvements in technology will automate skilled workers that will be competing for procedures and reduce the need for human the jobs available. workers. Indiana seems to be the exception Future employment opportunities become available because it is the leading producer of steel in because of job growth and replacement needs. Job growth means the field is growing and new positions are being created. Replacement needs are created when current workers leave the field. 2
  4. 4. Replacement needs are usually higher may be available in art and communications Additional Resources in jobs with low pay and low training in Indiana because of the great supply of Indiana Department of requirements. People in these jobs often skilled workers expected to enter these Workforce Development try to move into higher paying positions fields. The chart below illustrates the is on the Internet at quickly or find different career paths. difference in percent change vs. numerical or call 1-888-WorkOne or Workers also leave because they have change for job growth for these careers. e-mail a question to been promoted, changed careers, returned to school, retired or left the For a more complete list of the fastest field for personal reasons. growing jobs, the jobs with the most Indiana Department of employment and the highest paying jobs, Labor is on the Internet at or call Percent change and numerical change check out the ICPAC Web site at 317-232-2655 or Job growth can be measured two ways: by 1-800-743-3333. percent change and by the actual increase in the number of new jobs available. The Two Ways to Measure Job Growth fastest growing occupations, those with the Percent Change Numerical Change highest percent change, may not provide the largest number of jobs in the future. You may, therefore, want to consider 556,000 more jobs careers that are growing fast — those with a high percent change in job growth — and 73% with large numerical increases in job 18,000 more jobs opportunities. Some of these include: • lawyers • physicians 17% • mathematicians • management analysts Cashiers Cashiers Desktop Publishing Specialists Desktop Publishing Specialists • speech pathologists and audiologists • engineering managers • radiologic technologists/technicians • hotel and motel managers Geography • adult and vocational education Most job outlook statistics show what is teachers expected for careers across the country • corrections officers as a whole. But the future of careers in For instance, you may be interested in a specific states often differs from national outlook career in art or communications because information. For instance, although the job outlook shows people in desktop manufacturing is expected to decrease publishing are expected to be in high across the country, Indiana expects demand across the country. But outlook to have a lot of job openings in information also suggests there will be a manufacturing and processing in the large supply of Indiana residents trained to future — and not enough skilled work in these fields. This means fewer jobs workers to fill them. 3
  5. 5. Indiana’s Fastest-Growing Jobs • Talk to people working in career fields you are For in-depth outlook information on industries, from 1998-2008 thinking about. They can tell you about career fields and jobs, check changes they are seeing at the job out the Occupational Data Communication Analysts +106% change currently and future trends. Consider Outlook Handbook. Your job shadowing or doing an guidance counselor may have Computer Security Specialists +106% change a copy of this book, or you informational interview with someone can find it at your school or in a career that interests you. local library. You can also Computer Engineers +103% change access the Web site at • Gather information from Indiana Computer Systems Analysts +85% change Workforce Development Centers and local employment agencies. Computer Support Specialists +85% change Organizations like these, which provide job search services, may Page Layout Workers +76% change have information about jobs available in your area. Chiropractors +70% change • Use free job search services, like America’s Job Bank, that give you an idea of Paralegals +68% change current job openings in specific areas of the country. You can link to Medical Assistants +62% change America’s Job Bank and many other Web sites through ICPAC’s Career Speech Pathologists and Audiologists +60% change Resources: Résumé Posting and Job Listings section at Job outlooks also may differ between rural and Don’t base your career choice on job urban areas. For example, welders are availability and outlook information alone. expected to be in greater demand in urban No one knows for sure what the future areas — where there are likely to be more will be like. Think about several factors business and industry — than in rural areas. when planning for the future, including what you enjoy, what you are good at Take advantage of a variety and what will give you the most options. of job outlook information Use different kinds of job outlook information from as many different sources as possible to help you make Sources: the best decisions about your future. America’s Career InfoNet at Here are a few ways to access more and different types of job outlook information: acinet/ (11/01). • Use the ICPAC Web site at Bureau of Labor Statistics The Web site features in-depth at (11/01). profiles of over 480 careers. These profiles include national and state job Occupational Outlook outlook information. Handbook at (11/01). 4 IS-46 • 12/01 • DLW
  6. 6. Job Projections for the Future    JAG at Lincoln High School      Project Lead the    Way @ LHS  ‐Vincennes Community School Corporation‐ 
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  9. 9. WEB MASTER REPORTS TO: Director of Technology DIRECT REPORTS: None POSITION OBJECTIVE: The Web Master is primarily responsible for supporting the Technology Department and the Communications Coordinator by writing, maintaining, and developing the school’s website as a primary means of external/internal communication. The Web Master will assist the school’s effort in web-based project development, application, and provide graphic design support when needed. In addition, this position will provide on going training/education to web managers and provide helpdesk support on matters concerning the XXXXXX website. QUALIFYING CHARACTERISTICS: This employee must show a friendly presence and helpful attitude, good interpersonal skills and ability to work well with others. Good problem solving skills; ability to visualize a problem or situation and think abstractly to solve it. Must also have the ability to handle constantly changing flow of traffic, remain productive during slow times, be able to multitask effectively during busy times, and exercise patience and professionalism during stressful situations. The ability to work responsibly with or without direct supervision and the ability to maintain a working environment of open communication and accountability are imperative. EDUCATIONAL AND EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS: A bachelor’s degree and five (5) years experience in web design and development, including development of complex HTML documents with embedded graphics, forms, audio, video and script objects, or a high school diploma (or equivalent) with seven (7) years of related experience, are required. Extensive knowledge of the Internet, JavaScript, HTML, XML, ASP, and other web programming languages are essential. Proven website management experience, a flexible attitude with demonstrated experience working in team environments, excellent communication skills and attention to detail are also vital. In addition, the following experience is desired: • Strong web design skills which will include the ability to edit HTML and JavaScript skills. • Proven experience in a dynamic server side language such as PHP, ASP, or .Net • A thorough knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. • Experience running and evaluating online fundraising and marketing campaigns • Experience integrating social networking technology with existing web solutions ESSENTIAL JOB DUTIES: • Ensures cross-platform functionality, navigability, usability, and accessibility of HCS websites • Design potential graphics and designs as needed by Advancement department • Develops cross-departmental presentation standards for HCS websites • Develops procedures for web Managers and general production procedures • Stays current with developments and changes in web publishing techniques, and with emerging technologies in web-based applications and file standards • Reviews and tests new software applications for potential use in web design • Troubleshoots technical problems with the HCS website • Upload/publish completed web pages to the HCS web server • Monitors web pages of other municipalities and governmental bodies in order to stay attuned with development standards, and create links when necessary
  10. 10. • Creates departmental forms in multiple formats for customer web download and department intranet use • Handles Web Related Projects such as Jog-a-thon, Wish list, etc. • Responds to external emails and phone calls concerning the HCS website • Maintains and reports web usage • Teaches technology courses as needed • Principle Accountabilities: o Promote a teamwork atmosphere within the Technology and Advancement departments, working cooperatively with all staff to help them, and the department, attain their overall web-based goals. o Creates, gains approval for, and maintains guidelines for the look and feel of the Internet and Intranet o Personally manages the updating and patching of web server operating system, hardware, and extranet portal applications o Chairs web managers o Works closely with other IT & Advancement staff to assure that interactive web applications work correctly o Works with HCS Leadership Team and their departments to translate content to HCS web & intranet standards o Renews content of the web as needed, ensuring accuracy and timeliness of information presented o Creates new pages as required to promote HCS events and school community information o Guides web representatives and assigned staff in development of departmental intranets and in HCS web standards and use of web development applications o Assists other IT staff with internet/intranet server management and administration joint development. The above description covers the most significant duties performed, but does not exclude assignments not mentioned. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Must be able to meet physical requirements of the position. EXEMPT STATUS: Exempt, salary WORK SCHEDULE: 12 month, full time position
  11. 11. Computer Technician Description:       Technician will be responsible for maintaining xxxxx computer   technology.    Work Schedule:   Full‐Time Non‐Certified                                                                                   Job Description:    • Diagnose and repair instructional technology equipment  • Install computer systems and software  • Maintain inventory records and repair histories  • Troubleshoot, install, and/or repair technology wiring  • Demonstrate a willingness to accept responsibility and cooperate with all levels of  school employees  • Ability to lift 50 lbs, physical activity is required  • Perform other duties as assigned by the IS Director    Job Qualifications:  Certifications‐  • A+, Net +, or MCP preferred  • Experience will also be considered     
  12. 12. DIRECTOR, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY: Directs, plans and manages internal operations of the Regional Technology Center (RTC); directs and coordinates information systems and telecommunications services to schools, districts, county offices and other public sector agencies; plans, coordinates, and participates in the applications support activities systems and development activities network and technical services activities; provides highly technical and responsible staff assistance; promotes and organizes marketing plans; manages special projects; serves as department head in the absence of the Chief Information Officer; and performs all other related duties. ACTIVITIES: 40% PROGRAM COORDINATION Assists with the development and implementation of goals, objectives, policies, and priorities; conducts research, analyzes data, and makes recommendation regarding administrative, organizational, and operational problems; assists with the preparation and administration of the budget; maintains and monitors appropriate budgetary controls; develops and implements a business marketing plan; assists with the development of information system standards; and designs and implements new and revised systems to ensure effective and efficient services. 25% SUPERVISION Plans for, selects, coordinates, monitors, and evaluates support staff. Serves as department head and is responsible for supervision of RTC staff in the absence of the Chief Information Officer. 15% APPLICATIONS SUPPORT Develops, organizes, supervises and assesses training programs on new and revised systems, procedures, and applications; and responds to user needs. 15% SPECIAL PROJECTS Analyzes, researches, organizes and supervises technology related projects as assigned by the Director. 5% RELATED ACTIVITIES Performs all other related duties. DECISION-MAKING AND PROBLEM-SOLVING: Researches and recommends system development priorities, charges for user services; resolves procedural problems; assists with formulating departmental policy and procedures; recommends new or revised standards, procedures, and policies; and uses specialized techniques in the analysis of collected data. Participates in forecasting trends and long-term planning for the department; implements long-term plans; uses non- traditional/creative approaches to problem-solving; recommends new or revised
  13. 13. standards, policies, etc.; uses specialized techniques in analysis of data; situations are varied and frequently highly complex; and participates in decisions that have major impact on the entire office. REQUIRED MINIMUM SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Interprets and applies complex technical information; knowledge of systems design and implementation in a database environment; knowledge of teleprocessing security and communications networks; and knowledge of technical and user-related aspects of a personal computer environment. Advanced skill in communicating in critical situations, orally and in writing with business, education, and community leaders; advanced skill in financial and other statistical analysis; mastery skill in creative and adaptive program planning design, implementation, maintenance, and evaluation; advanced skill in managing personnel through subordinate professional, management, or supervisory staff; and basis mastery skill in working with others in both authority and non-authority relationships on a routine basis. REQUIRED MINIMUM TRAINING, EDUCATION, AND LICENSING: Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in computer science, business administration, or a related field; and a valid driver's license. A Masters degree in computer science or information systems management is desirable. REQUIRED MINIMUM PRIOR WORK EXPERIENCE: Five years of job-related experience with demonstrated competence. REQUIRED INTERACTION (NON-AUTHORITY): Contacts have little or no predetermined structure, and are primarily with high-level individuals inside and outside the Office, such as administrators from schools, districts, county offices, and other public sector agencies; and contacts require, decision-making and problem-solving where Office-wide cross-branch concerns are at stake. SUPERVISION: Directly supervises management personnel and other support staff.
  14. 14. What do I do know?  • Contact your Job/Guidance Counselor for more information • Contact your local Higher Education and Technical Educational Institutions • Set your goals and your educational path of study • Reach out to persons you know are in the field • Find out about the various occupations in the field o Research the tasks you would be performing in each occupation o Investigate the salary ranges that would make you feel comfortable to live on and what you need to study to obtain your goals. • Ask questions! Ask questions! Ask questions! • Executive your plan and stay on your path