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Jpl Corp

  1. 1. Jagran Prakashan Ltd India
  2. 2. The Jagran Universe of communication services • Dainik Jagran :The largest read daily in India • I Next : India’s first bilingual compact • City Plus : A weekend City Newspaper • Sakhi : A premium Women’s magazine • Jagran Solutionsutions : One of the best Below the Line Solutions company in India • Jagran Engage Engage : One of the Top Outdoor advertising services provider in the country • Radio Mantra : Private FM radio station
  3. 3. The Jagran Universe of communication services • J9 : Mobile Value Added services • : The largest Hindi portal in the world • MMI Online : New Internet Ventures • Jagran Pehel : Services in the Social sector • Jagran International : International Media marketing division • JRC : Inhouse Research facilities • Jagran Foundation : Our foray in thought leadership
  4. 4. Dainik Jagran
  5. 5. Dainik Jagran Dainik Jagran The largest read daily of India
  6. 6. Dainik Jagran No.1 in the World As per WAN, Dainik Jagran is The Largest Read Daily in the World
  7. 7. Dainik Jagran Dainik Jagran is the largest read daily of India with 56.6mn readers 60 56.6 Total Readership (millions) 50 40 31.9 29.6 30 25.2 20.6 20.6 20 17.0 15.6 14.7 13.6 10 0 Jagran Eenadu Bhaskar Lokmat Ananda Dinakaran Hindustan Amar Ujala Thanthi The Times Dainik Patrika Dainik Of India Daily Bazar Source : Indian Readership Survey, 2008 Round 1
  8. 8. Dainik Jagran Dainik Jagran is the only Hindi Dainik Jagran is the most trusted newspaper to have both the Source of news in Press Media in India Consumer Superbrand & the as per BBC—Reuters poll Business Superbrand Status Dainik Jagran’s Readership is higher Dainik Jagran has been the No.1 than All the English Newspapers put Daily in India over the last 10 together. The top 25 English papers consecutive rounds of the Indian have a combined readership of 48.7 Readership Survey. This is a unique mn against 56.6 mn readers for record in the history of Indian Media Dainik Jagran
  9. 9. Dainik Jagran Strategic Partnership with Independent News and Media PLC
  10. 10. Dainik Jagran Jagran Market Spread Dainik Jagran covers 11 states of India : Uttar Pradesh Uttaranchal Delhi Punjab Haryana Bihar Jharkhand Himachal Pradesh Jammu & Kashmir Madhya Pradesh West Bengal
  11. 11. Dainik Jagran Jagran Market Potential These 11 states account for : 47% of India’s population 50% of India’s SEC A population 44% of India’s SEC B population 56% of the Top Income bracket population 48% of Graduates and above in India. In absolute terms this is 21 mn Graduates Source : Indian Readership Survey, 2008 Round 1
  12. 12. Dainik Jagran Key Points • Dainik Jagran has a footprint that runs across 11 states that account for almost 50% of India’s population and potential • Dainik Jagran is the largest read daily in India • Dainik Jagran has been the largest read daily in India over the last consecutive 10 rounds of the Indian Readership Survey (IRS) • Dainik Jagran’s readership is higher than all the English newspapers put together. The combined readership of the 26 English titles reported in IRS is 48.7 mn while Dainik Jagran alone has a readership of 56.6 mn • Reaches out to the highest number of students and Graduates across India Source : Indian Readership Survey, 2008 Round 1
  13. 13. i next
  14. 14. i next I next India’s 1st Bilingual Compact Newspaper
  15. 15. i next • India’s first bilingual daily in compact size • Target Audience: Young at Heart (Demographically speaking 18-35 SEC A/B1) • Editorially differentiated and positioned for the “Young” segment
  16. 16. i next Launched in December 2006 Currently circulated in 9 cities : - Kanpur - Lucknow - Agra - Meerut - Dehradun - Varanasi - Allahabad - Patna - Ranchi
  17. 17. City Plus
  18. 18. City Plus City Plus Weekly Community Newspaper
  19. 19. City Plus • Compact + Free + Weekly paper to meet the local information needs of the people, their neighborhood and community. • Currently circulated in NCR (National Capital Region) and Bangalore with 12 editions . • Reaching out to the households that subscribe to leading English dailies through our circulation network • With Content varying from Community news, Lifestyle, fashion, technology to wellness, beauty, fitness and local flavors.
  20. 20. City Plus • Something to meet the busy lifestyle of metro professionals • Attract and reach urban, affluent, young professionals not being reached by traditional newspapers. • To provide a vehicle/medium to the clients who are either non-advertisers or have low budget to advertise.
  21. 21. Sakhi
  22. 22. Sakhi Sakhi Premium Hindi Women’s
  23. 23. Sakhi • The only premium Hindi women’s magazine in the country. • Catering to elite and upwardly mobile audience in the age group of 22-35 years in the Upper Socio Economic Classes of A1 and A2. • The only Hindi magazine having unique editorial on careers, personality development, international tourism to name a few • Most renowned editorial panel in the country in the Hindi magazine segment.
  24. 24. Jagran Solutions
  25. 25. Jagran Solutions Below the Line Solutions
  26. 26. Jagran Solutions Promote . Engage . Experience . Measure . Optimize “ Welcome to the Experience” Jagran Solutions below Below The Line
  27. 27. Jagran Solutions • One of India’s finest Below the Line Solutions agencies • Has capabilities to handle product launches, roadshows, events, promotions, conferences, etc • Winner of numerous awards at various national and international levels • Microsoft Vista was launched by Jagran Solutions in India • Some of the biggest advertisers in India are working with Jagran Solutions • Can handle any scale of activity across India
  28. 28. Jagran Solutions
  29. 29. Jagran Solutions Key Clients
  30. 30. Jagran Solutions Highlights last 6 Months • Awards & Recognitions – This year in June Jagran Solutions has been nominated for a national award by the government of India for the MP Health project. – A Gold @ the Promotion Marketing Awards of Asia 2008, for Best Small Budget Campaign – 3 additional JS Campaigns receive the Order of Merit at the PMAA 2008, – JS is the only activation agency in the country today to have representation ( Ms Ambika Sharma) on the JURY of the MAA Globes 2008 and PMAA 2008.
  31. 31. Jagran Engage
  32. 32. Jagran Engage Out of Home media solutions
  33. 33. Jagran Engage Industry Overview • OOH industry worth $284 mn in 2007 and growing at CAGR of 37% • Industry gaining pre-eminence status in various forums – media marketing sites have included a separate section, featured for the first time in FICCI frames 2008 • High growth drivers have been infrastructure and airport developments – huge opportunities • Tier 2 and 3 locations warm up to OOH opportunities.
  34. 34. Jagran Engage • Jagran Engage is amongst the Top 10 OOH companies in India in revenue terms • Pan India footprint – With over 1000 properties – Full fledged sales & operations team • User friendly web based pre, during and post campaign tools (differentiators) – Simulator – Client Zone – Analytics • Toll free number – first to offer assistance to clients pre & post campaign
  35. 35. Jagran Engage Our intellectual capital • Simulator : Helps evaluate your outdoor creative from close, mid and long distance and make necessary changes to be effective • Client Zone : A section that captures all details pertaining to a campaign. It also allows you to view archived campaigns • City Showcase : At-a-glance information on our inventory across the country • Jagran Location Optimizer : Leveraging Clients TG information to identify OOH communication apertures, to arrive at an optimized list of locations while planning a campaign
  36. 36. Jagran Engage Our intellectual capital • Outdoor Usage Tracker : Will soon provide reports on city-wise & category-wise OOH spends across the top 9 markets in the country on a monthly basis • Each plan is offered with much sought after and constantly updated data on : • Traffic counts (currently for our sites) • Site effectiveness (basis key parameters
  37. 37. Jagran Engage Pan-India Presence Aligarh • 75 OOH Professionals Allaha bad • 60 Sales & Ops Personnel • 15 Support Personnel
  38. 38. Radio Mantra
  39. 39. Radio Mantra
  40. 40. Radio Mantra Radio Mantra • A Contemporary Hit Radio Station • Target Audience – Young at heart aspirants • Competitive differentiation – Local flavour added to a Metro dish • Promises to deliver competitive content, style & production quality • Cost effective media vehicle with an aspirational value
  41. 41. Radio Mantra Radio Mantra • Currently aired across 8 stations across 4 states of North India • Agra • Bareilly • Gorakhpur • Varanasi • Ranchi • Hissar • Karnal • Jalandhar
  42. 42. Radio Mantra Radio Mantra • One central hub in Delhi for the 8 stations – Better Programming – Cost efficiencies – Quality Control – A better training environment • Content although local, packaged in metro style – Currently playing contemporary Hindi/Regional music – News will be added post government approvals
  43. 43. J9
  44. 44. J9 Digital Consumer Services Enterprise
  45. 45. J9 • Mobile based Value Added Services & solutions to the mobile subscribers & corporate customers – Contesting – Digital Content Selling – Mobile Marketing – Community Services
  46. 46. J9 • Home shopping network across key – Reader offers – Catalogue marketing – On-line shopping – Franchises
  47. 47. J9 Platform-agnostic user-generated-content based Classified-information-exchange-portal WAP SMS Application Reply CONTACT followed by your msg Amazing BMW Three year old WEB car in excellent condition Black colour, single driver available for 75,000 Euro…
  48. 48. J9 Platform-agnostic stakes-based gaming-portal WAP SMS Application Oops..ur BID 2.24 is not lowest & unique, 245 other people have bid the same amount. Try again WEB
  49. 49. J9 • Mobile marketing arm of J9 offering – Sponsorship solutions – Enterprise solutions – Managed mobility solutions – WAP & Text based advertising – Database marketing
  50. 50.
  51. 51. World’s largest Hindi News Portal
  52. 52. • Entered into a strategic alliance with Yahoo India to launch a cobranded site • This exciting and strategic partnership is about re-branding, re-scaling and re- building to reach an unprecedented scale. It is also about redefining the Hindi online portal space • The site has already, in a short period of time crossed the 1 mn+ page views/day milestone
  53. 53. MMI Online
  54. 54. MMI Online • MMI is our newest venture which will focus on developing new internet ventures. • MMI’s focus is to explore a range of new technology, portals and business models frontiers in the internet/web2.0 space. • The structure of MMI allows for the conceptualization and testing of many ideas and turning the best of them into companies. • MMI’s goal is to launch 2 -4 new internet ventures per year. MMI top competitors include Web18, Times Internet, InfoEdge, Consim, NDTV, People Interactive and Reliance.
  55. 55. Jagran Pehel
  56. 56. Jagran Pehel The “Initiative” towards positive social change through social marketing
  57. 57. Jagran Pehel • Jagran Pehel has been conceived with the thought that there are large numbers of governmental, semi-governmental and social organizations working towards various developmental and social causes who have not optimized the benefit of their cause which can be derived from media. • The goal is to improve the quality of human life by designing and implementing strategies that achieve high levels of community education, self-efficiency and beneficial behavioral change.
  58. 58. Jagran Pehel • Health for All • Education for All • Gender Issues Jagran Pehel’s Concerns • Population Issues • Poverty Eradication • Water Conservation and • Environment Protection
  59. 59. Jagran International
  60. 60. Jagran International The international division of JPL responsible for marketing JPL products outside of India
  61. 61. Jagran International Amongst other things, develops country reports for India, and works with our international associates to develop India Reports in markets like Ireland, UK, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.
  62. 62. Jagran International Works closely with the INM Network to co create products across various categories like Education, Tourism, Real Estate, etc Irish Education Special UK Education Special Property Special in (Mag.) In Dainik Jagran Irish Independent
  63. 63. Jagran International • Apart from operations across India, Jagran International has also set up representation agencies in Australia and Singapore • Recently, has opened up an office in Dublin, Ireland to handle the European market
  64. 64. Jagran Research Centre
  65. 65. Jagran Research Centre The inhouse Research cell of JPL
  66. 66. Jagran Research Centre The inhouse Research cell of JPL - JRC is engaged into publishing - Yearbooks - At a Glance Series - Developing CDs -Other books JRC specializes in Market Structure and Segment Analysis, Advertisement and brand effectiveness research, Customer Satisfaction, Retention & Loyalty Studies, Customer Value Measurement, Demand Estimation and Market Share Assessment , Product Related Studies and Readers response tracking
  67. 67. Jagran Foundation
  68. 68. Jagran Foundation It is about care, concern and assistance required to nurture the future of the nation and help the needy in becoming stable enough to handle unexpected problems and situations.
  69. 69. Jagran Foundation • Under the banner of Jagran Foundation there would be a series of initiatives that would help propel the group in the area of nation building • The first in the series of such initiatives is Jagran Forum – our first step towards “Thought Leadership”
  70. 70. Jagran Foundation Sir Anthony & The Prime Minister of India Mr Mahendra Mohan Gupta, CMD JPL Mr Sanjay Gupta, CEO JPL The 1st Jagran Forum was on Mr BS Shekhawat, Vice President of India ‘Democracy, Development and Mr LK Advani, BJP MP, Social Inclusion’. And Leader of the Opposition
  71. 71. Jagran Foundation Images from the 2nd Jagran Forum The 2nd Forum was on “Democracy and Conflict Resolution in Asia”
  72. 72. The Jagran Universe of communication services The largest read daily India’s 1st Bilingual A weekend city of India Compact newspaper Dainik Jagran i next City Plus Premium Women’s Below the line Solutions Out of Home Advertising magazine Jagran Jagran Sakhi Solutions Engage FM Radio Station Radio Mantra
  73. 73. The Jagran Universe of communication services Mobile Value Added World’s largest Hindi New Internet Ventures Services News portal MMI J9 Online Services in Social Sector International Media Inhouse Research Cell Marketing Jagran Jagran Jagran Research Pehel International Centre Foray in Thought Leadership Jagran Foundation
  74. 74. Thank you