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Jamine's Slideshow of Casting the Gods Adrift~!


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Jamine's Slideshow of Casting the Gods Adrift~!

  1. 1. Vocabulary 6B-Jamine-Vocabulary
  2. 2. Sandbar Definition: a long, narrow sandbank. Sentence: the sandbar had clear white sand.
  3. 3. Cacophonous Definition: a harsh mixture of sounds. Sentence: a cacophonous sound at feeding time at the zoo.
  4. 4. Pilgrimage Definition: a pilgrim’s journey. Sentence: a pilgrimage to the West.
  5. 5. Prow Definition:the place of a ship’s bow above water. Sentence: the prow had a parrot sitting on it.
  6. 6. Symmetry Definition: the quality of being made up of exact parts facing each other Sentence: there is a symmetry in Japan’s flag.
  7. 7. Moored Definition: make a boat to the shore Sentence: there were many fishing boats moored to the shore.
  8. 8. Court Definition: a sovereign and his or her councilors, constituting a ruling power. Sentence: the pharaoh’s court is Giza.
  9. 9. Awash Definition: covered with water. Sentence: the city being awashed because of the flood.
  10. 10. Sublime Definition: a type of excellence to inspire great awe. Sentence: Paganini’s sublime violin concerto.
  11. 11. Contemplating Definition: to look at for a long time. Sentence: I was contemplating at the project I had made.
  12. 12. Temerity Definition: excessive or boldness; audacity Sentence: she had the temerity to bungee jump.
  13. 13. Panoply Definition: a complete collection of things. Sentence: I had a panoply of stamps.
  14. 14. Contradict Definition: deny the truth Sentence: I was contradicting about when I lied to my parents.
  15. 15. Commune Definition: a group of people living together Sentence: the communists had different chores to do each day.