Japanese immigrant's journey to America, Marianne emphasized that “language builds community”
and is “the maker of miracle...
Rethinking Mission and Integrity in Tough Times
                               On day two of the conference, Dr. Carol Tay...
From the Vocation Promotion Team…

                                          Come and See
             “Who do you say I a...
 Michelle and Paola enjoyed the
 opportunities for reflection and story at
 the Come and See.                           ...
Mother Cabrini High School, New York City
Pizza and Prayer
                 On April 10th, 2010, the Columbus Community ...
Cabrini College, Radnor, PA
15 Students Lobby Congress for Comprehensive Immigration

Fifteen Cabrini College st...
Prayer Requests
Janet Boehm
       Please pray for Janet Boehm who has just entered hospice care in Mountain View Hospital...
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  1. 1.                     www.mothercabrini.org                                                       www.cabrinifoundation.org     MSC Leadership Conference New Faces – New Spaces – Time Tested Ethics The Provincial Council and the organizational leadership of the MSC sponsored ministries met on April 26th and 27th in Malvern, Pennsylvania at the Desmond Hotel and Conference Center for their annual Leadership Conference. The conference opened with prayer, and remarks from Stella Maris Provincial Sr. Pietrina Raccuglia, MSC. The traditional introduction of new members of the Cabrinian community followed. New leaders in attendance shared a bit about themselves and were warmly welcomed. Ministry Presentations Ministry presentations highlighting the organizational responses to the New Missionary Vision were the focus of the first day of the conference. Sr. Pietrina Raccuglia, MSC On behalf of Dr. Michael Walsh, Cabrini Health CEO, Cath Garner, Executive Director of Mission Integration, presented the topic Responding to the Call which explored the cultural alignment of the Cabrini Health organization’s mission with behavioral practices; the role modeling of senior leadership and the definition of mission as purpose. A staff charter outlining the expectations for those working at Cabrini Health has been developed as a part of Cabrini Health’s three year strategic plan. Cath Garner The presentation by the Cabrini Eldercare Consortium, Building Community Brick by Brick and Word by Word was a two-part endeavor. In Brick by Brick, Philip Deans, Manager of the Cabrini Apartments, provided an overview of the individuals of diverse cultures and backgrounds who reside at the Cabrini Apartments, and the joys and inherent challenges that accompany such a living community. Philip Deans Continuing with the Word by Word portion of the Eldercare presentation, Marianne McGowan, Education Coordinator of Cabrini Immigrant Services, made the point that the immigrant struggles of Mother Cabrini’s time remain ever new. She shared the inspiring stories of today’s immigrants who are clients of Cabrini Immigrant Services where they receive instruction in English as a second language (ESL). Citing the book Grandfather’s Journey by Alan Say, the story of a 1   
  2. 2. Japanese immigrant's journey to America, Marianne emphasized that “language builds community” and is “the maker of miracles.” New Spaces in Higher Education Cabrini College offered its perspective on new spaces with a presentation by Dr. Jeffrey Gingerich, Interim Dean of Academic Affairs and Dr. Mary Laver, Director of International Partnerships. In Shared Mission, Solidarity and Partnership: Carrying the Cabrinian Charism into New Spaces in Higher Education, they examined two mission-driven questions: How does Catholic higher education foster both a deep moral Marianne McGowan foundation and strong critical thinking skills? AND, In a quest to be in solidarity with poor and oppressed communities, what are the possibilities of power sharing with community partners? Through a review of the core curriculum Justice Matters, Dr. Gingerich described the themes of the Engagements with the Common Good courses which are designed to move social justice to the center of undergraduate education. In animating such courses, Dr. Laver explained that emanating from a rootedness in Catholic Social Teaching, Cabrini College partners with the Missionary Sisters, Catholic Relief Services and the nearby city of Norristown, PA to illuminate for our students the congruence of the Cabrini College education with the witness and work of the MSCs worldwide, solidarity as a basis for respectful relationships between poor and non-poor, and advocacy as a component of faith-based citizen empowerment. Dr. Jeff Gingerich and Dr. Mary Laver Tweeting the Mission Rounding out the sessions for day one was a look at new spaces from a technology standpoint. eMission: What would Mother Cabrini tweet? was the focus of Cabrini Mission Corps Director Gina Scarpello’s presentation. Gina demonstrated how Cabrini Mission Corps has “utilized technology to move into new spaces of missionary activity with the goals of: building a brand, building stronger connections with ‘right fit’ potential missioners, other Cabrinian institutions, and others in the [volunteer] ‘business.’” Technology tools such as YouTube, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and website construction aids such as WordPress have enabled Gina to better promote Cabrini Mission Corps, enhance recruitment and strengthen relationships. Gina encouraged the Cabrinian leaders to listen and connect; Gina Scarpello to better appreciate that technology can be a powerful relationship and community builder – especially around mission. On Monday evening, the Sisters and Cabrinian leaders were the guests of Cabrini College for campus tours, liturgy and a festive dinner in the College’s historic Mansion. During liturgy, Cabrini College chaplain Fr. Michael Bielecki, OSA was thanked for his dedicated service to the Cabrini College community and his many kindnesses to the Missionary Sisters. At the close of the academic year, Fr. Michael will be leaving the College to assume a mission with the Augustinians. 2   
  3. 3. Rethinking Mission and Integrity in Tough Times On day two of the conference, Dr. Carol Taylor, the Director of the Center for Clinical Bioethics at Georgetown University, presented Rethinking Mission and Integrity in Tough Times – Need We “Sell our Souls” to Succeed? In this session, Carol Taylor, PhD, RN, explored the overlapping responsibilities of individuals, organizations and society to meet the everyday integrity challenges in Catholic ministries. In an interactive presentation, Dr. Taylor led the participants in an exploration of how everyday decision making honors or compromises moral integrity, ethical leadership and trustworthiness. The starting assumption for her presentation was that “we are all members of a moral community engaged in moral Dr. Carol Taylor work.” And, that in the accomplishment of this moral work, we need ethically competent professionals. She defined ethics, integrity, and ethical leadership. She outlined structures, processes and outcomes that equate with integrity in Catholic ministries and challenged the leaders to rethink the adequacy of one’s personal and corporate ethical competence and leadership. The meeting drew to a close with remarks by Sr. Pietrina. Leaders United in Mission Dr. Ilze Earner, consultant, Dick O’Shea, Board Chair and Tony Cortese, Executive Director of St. Cabrini Leaders of Cabrini Spiritual Ministries discussed points Home, Inc., West Park, deliberate an ethical case study. made by Dr. Taylor. From left are Nancy Golen, Administrator of Cabrini Retreat Center, Jeff Lewis, Administrator of Mother Cabrini Shrine and JoAnn Seaman, Shrine Director of Development. From left: Sr. Antonina Avitabile, MSC, CCNR Board Member, makes a point with David Arditti, Cabrini Eldercare CFO, Mary Devlin, CCNR Administrator, and Philip Deans, Cabrini Apartments Manager. 3   
  4. 4. From the Vocation Promotion Team… Come and See “Who do you say I am? Exploring a Relationship with Jesus” On April 16-17th Sacred Heart Community was host to a Come and See for the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Seven women: Miguelina, Paola, Amparo, Carmen, Crystal, Michelle and Mary came together with members of the Vocation Promotion Team to pray, reflect and discuss God’s call in their lives. Friday evening was led by Sr. Antonia Plata, MSC, who invited the participants to journey with the disciples and Jesus on the Road to Emmaus. Each one was asked to reflect on her personal faith journey and then to share with one other person. Saturday included a reflection on Jesus’ call, sisters sharing their vocation story, quiet time, Eucharist with the local community, and information presented on Mother Cabrini as well as the charism and spirituality of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. During meal times the participants were encouraged to sit at different tables so the community of sisters living in Sacred Heart Convent could share their stories with them. ~ Sr. Diane Olmstead, MSC Some of those who attended share these thoughts: It was a big help for me to share this  experience and understand that  God works for the good of each  person.  It helped me to listen to  I would like to thank the the other women speak of their  Missionaries of the Sacred Heart growth in discovering Jesus in their  for their time and hospitality in lives and how one connects,  this time of discernment. I can discovers and knows who Jesus  say that I am more self-aware of truly is.  God’s voice and presence in my life. It is in these small steps that we can firmly walk forward. The MSCs are such a nurturing & caring community. Their commitment to mission & serving as the “bearers of the love of Christ” was truly This was such an open, informative and prayerful reflected in their hospitality & experience with the MSCs and the other women who are openness. Thank you for a beautiful & blessed time doing their best to discover their true selves and God’s together. dream for them. The reflection and sharing was so grace- filled… I could feel Mother Cabrini’s presence with us! The Come and See was truly a gift of time to reflect, pray, and to be open to my own vocation/call. It managed in a short time to give me more motivation and energy around delving into my relationship with Jesus and to uncover and develop a better understanding of my desire to serve and be with Him. 4   
  5. 5.    Michelle and Paola enjoyed the  opportunities for reflection and story at the Come and See. The practice of journaling allows one   to capture thoughts that perhaps may   otherwise go unexpressed. Crystal   Come and See takes time to reflect and write.                           Sacred Heart Convent in New York City served as the center of hospitality for   the Come and See. Participating in the day were seated from left: Paola, Sr. Barbara Leonardo, MSC, Amparo, and Sr. Philippa Provenzano, MSC.   Standing from left: Sr. Diane Olmstead, MSC, Miguelina, Mary, Carmen,   Crystal, Michelle and Sr. Antonia Plata, MSC. The Sisters served as facilitators for the Come and See.     Pray for More Missionaries    We as Church are called to pray for vocations.  God invites each one of us to love      generously and to live justly.  Please pray with us for the grace of more individuals      to join the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart in responding to God's love and the     needs of all God’s People.  The prayer theme for the month of MAY is MARY.     To access all Prayers for More Missionaries please visit:  http://www.mothercabrini.org/sisters/vocations/monthly_prayers.asp   5   
  6. 6. Mother Cabrini High School, New York City Pizza and Prayer   On April 10th, 2010, the Columbus Community of MSCs and Cabrini Mission Corps missioners in New York City hosted a “Pizza and Prayer” event for Mother Cabrini High School students. The Saturday afternoon opened with introductions and conversations including what the MSCs do for fun, life before the convent, and various mission experiences. Pizza came next, and advice from both sisters and students followed with ice cream. Delicious! The students were surprised to find out that sisters even ate pizza! The time with the students ended with prayer and a blessing for the students, administrators and faculty, and their peers at the high school. A wonderful time was had by all and the day ended with one of the students performing a “free-style” rap as an impromptu gift for the sisters! Check out the YouTube clip here for an overview of the fun: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYI56x1Ao50 - Crystal Catalan & Michelle Sherman (CMC missioners at Mother Cabrini High School) Enjoying pizza and prayer at Columbus Community! Above: Top Row: MSCs: Sr. Antonina Avitabile, Sr. Antonia Plata, Sr. Angelina Randazzo, Sr. Archangel Turco, and Sr. James Skane Bottom Row: MCHS juniors: India Epps, Milan Chaney, and Jiselle Corley   Left: Top row: Missioners Mary Meleski, Michelle Sherman, and Crystal Catalan pose with MCHS juniors India Epps, Milan Chaney, and Jiselle Corley 6   
  7. 7. Cabrini College, Radnor, PA 15 Students Lobby Congress for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Fifteen Cabrini College students culminated a semester-long study of immigration with a trip to the nation's capital Friday, April 23, to meet with senate aides to discuss the need for comprehensive immigration reform. The students met with staff at the offices of Senators Arlen Specter and Robert Casey of Pennsylvania, and Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey. To prepare for their Senate visit, the students carefully studied a variety of viewpoints in order to develop their own points of view. The students focused their discussions on several key aspects of the issue: a "path to earned citizenship" for undocumented persons currently in the United States, reform of the employment-based and family-based immigration systems, and the need to address the root causes of migration. The class worked closely with staff at Catholic Relief Services and the Justice for Immigrants Campaign of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. The class is part of Cabrini College's new core curriculum, Justice Matters, which prepares students to be engaged in important societal issues. Over the course of their four years, students develop life- long skills for civic engagement in the pursuit of social justice. In addition to lobbying, students participated in the March 21 rally in Washington. Some of the students also met with Senator Specter's local office and delivered messages from students at Cabrini College and St. Joseph's University. Cabrini College has an official partnership with CRS. In addition to the college core curriculum on social justice, students have developed a co-curricular ambassador program consisting of student groups focused on issues like migration, human trafficking, HIV/AIDS, food and water security, and Fair Trade and microfinance. ~ submitted by Dr. Jerry Zurek 7   
  8. 8. Prayer Requests Janet Boehm Please pray for Janet Boehm who has just entered hospice care in Mountain View Hospital, Mountain View, California. Jan is a former Missionary Sister who is suffering from central nervous system lymphoma. Jan is thankfully surrounded by very close friends who have been family to her for years. In Thanksgiving Baby Jack Baxter   On Monday, the Province Communications Office sent out an urgent prayer request for Jack Baxter, the six month-old son of Christy Baxter, the former Alumni Director at Cabrini College, who on Tuesday morning was about to undergo extensive and lengthy surgery on his arm. On Tuesday afternoon, we received the following email message from Christy:   This morning, an amazing thing happened...an hour before  Jack was to go under for surgery, he bent his elbow and  began showing us ‐ and all hospital personnel! ‐ his bicep  strength.  All of the work of the last months paid off just in  the nick of time...apparently our youngest has a flair for the  dramatic!    We have more work to do...Jack's shoulder still needs to  strengthen, as he is still weak in the external rotation of his  right arm.    Please, please do share with the sisters...we know that Jack's  improvement is thanks to the power of prayer, and Matt and  I want to thank the Cabrini and MSC communities for being  such a key part of that effort.  We are speechless, in awe,  and full of wonder and love for all of those around the world                                                                who prayed for our dear boy.    Paul Bethany Paul, the son of Dr. Adeline Bethany of Cabrini College, has been moved to Bryn Mawr Rehab and is progressing nicely. Paul is in good spirits despite the long recovery he has ahead of him and Adeline is beginning to relax a little! Paul and Adeline both really appreciate all the prayers and good wishes. Please keep the prayers coming.   Tom McGowan Tom and I wish to thank the global Cabrini community for your prayers and for your words of strength and encouragement during this difficult time. Tom is home from the hospital and recovering. Please continue to keep us in your prayers during this recovery process ~ Marianne McGowan 8