Euro IA In The Kitchen


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Presentation of Ruud Ruissaard ( at the EuroIA 2008 in Amsterdam concerning the role and value of information architects in the area of content management.

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Euro IA In The Kitchen

  1. 1. Why IAs are needed in the kitchen Better content management through information architecture Ruud Ruissaard Sept 2008
  2. 2. What’s happening? Content management in the IA community Presentations: Int’l IA Summit < 7% EuroIA < 2% Mailing lists: SIGIA-L < 5% IxDA < 2% Information architecture in the CM community Presentations: CM forum < 8% Mailing list: CMS list < 11%
  3. 3. MIND THE GAP
  5. 5. Front stage Available information Features and functions +/- User experience Structured content Search & find Navigation
  6. 6. Back stage Content management Systems Content management Organization Content management Processes
  7. 7. Statement No front stage without a back stage No front stage UX without a backstage UX
  8. 8. An example
  9. 9. Tuschinski Abraham Icek Tuschinski (1886-1942)
  10. 10. Front stage UX
  11. 11. Below the surface
  12. 12. Below the surface
  13. 13. Above the surface
  14. 14. Back stage (past)
  15. 15. Back stage (present)
  16. 16. Back stage (neglected)
  17. 17. An example
  18. 18. Elements of restaurant UX * Amount of choice on the menu Quality & price of food Quality and timing of service Hospitality and atmosphere Coordination between ‘black’ & ‘white’ Efficiency Profitability Quality of products * Courtesy of Ruth Ellison
  19. 19. Gordon Ramsay
  20. 20. Statement No front stage without a back stage No front stage UX without a back stage UX
  21. 21. Current state of ‘our kitchen’
  22. 22. Current CM practice Systems CM Processes Organization
  23. 23. Limited focus on systems Experience (UX) & Expectations System Technology Features
  24. 24. Corporate satisfaction with CMS implementations 37% Source: Sixapart
  25. 25. CM and IT IT CMS
  26. 26. Some relevant statistics On budget 51% Meet expected ROI 59% On time delivery 38% Source: CIO
  27. 27. On time delivery: Europe Sweden 44% Israel 8% Switzerland 24% France 6% Czech Republic 20% Belgium 4% Germany 19% Italy 4% Denmark 16% Netherlands 4% UK 11% Russia 4% Finland 8% Spain 4% Source:
  28. 28. Why most IT projects go wrong? Requirements: ambiguous, incomplete and contradictory Budgets: insufficient, inflexible and poorly managed Stakeholders: too many, hidden agendas and changing
  29. 29. Why most CM projects go wrong? Often overlooked as an imperative Complexity is underestimated CM crew is neglected Lack of experience and expertise Out-of-the-box deployment of CMS
  30. 30. Are the organizations to blame?
  31. 31. Everybody can be a web designer!
  32. 32. CM systems of the Dutch government Net Toolbox e-Grip Mercury Snelsite .Net CMS Sitecore e-Synergy MMBase Add-it Easy Site / Communit-E (ECMS) MyAdmin Stellent Content Management Suite Ans Ebiss Itemware Nedloket Sydox Communicty Content Engine anyMeta ECMsuite Nucontroller CMS T-site Ariadne Ektron Octopussy Transiciel CMS Basisschoolweb emagiC CMS OMA21 Tridion Boardwalk CMS Eskion One-to-One Content triptic CMS Brein WebGen Exedo CMS OpenIMS - Content Troyce® Software Suite C-Space Exolog Total Website Management Mangement Server (CMS) TYPO3 C2K-WCM GridBuilder ORCA CMS VIP Content Manager GX WebManager Ovalon CMS WAXTRAPP Carerix Hippo CMS PageProcessor CMS WeB CMS CastManage I-Park Platform PASTRYcms Web-tools CMS cBase IBAS CMS pH8.CMS Web3 PSHE Changer iBOLT Portal Phoundry Web4all R2 Cimple Ibuildings E-business Platform PostNuke WebGUI CMS iCMS Prosite WebHare Application Portal CMS WebWork Aspacts BV PSHE Webworxx CMS Enterprise platform iFocus Content Manager PublishHQ WIS CMS CMS Yentel Imbrium (Open Source) RASter Xsites CMS cmsNet Infodome Roxen CMS Xtive CMS Coherence Intraxxion CMS Scrivo ZappEngine Conclusion CMS IPROX SIMsite ®WebDirector Container ItemPublisher SiteDirector Content Management Server 2002 IWES content management systeem SiteFeeling Datavos La Maquina Sitemanager DigiLinks Content Engine Livelink Smartsite Content Management Server Digitaal Loket Lynkx Discovery Server Mambo dotGEM Gemeente-Portaal Mediasurface DPS Dutchbrite Web-OS Source: Dutch government
  33. 33. Desired CM practice Systems Processes Organization
  34. 34. Information architect in the kitchen Knowledge Skills Methods Mindset Attitude Motivation
  35. 35. To do list 1. Apply IA expertise to content management 2. Adopt a holistic approach 3. Advise the organization dealing with change (‘delta’)
  36. 36. Holistic approach Back stage mindset Front stage mindset Abstract actors Human Efficiency Creative Reuse Emotional Standardization Enjoyable Productivity Usability
  37. 37. Bridging the gap
  38. 38. Advise the organization dealing with change
  39. 39. Rule #1: Know your clientele
  40. 40. Rule #2: Identify the actors
  41. 41. Rule #3: Keep it F… simple
  42. 42. Rule #3: Keep it F… simple
  43. 43. Rule #4: Know your USP
  44. 44. Important approaches
  45. 45. APPROACH 1: Know the business Content Context Crew
  46. 46. APPROACH 2: Design the makeable Desired practice Current practice
  47. 47. APPROACH 3: Orchestrate the change Desired practice Current practice (‘delta’)
  48. 48. APPROACH 4: Communicate & cooperate
  49. 49. And now…
  50. 50. And now…
  51. 51. Thanks!