An Unfair Game


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  • Catch the Audience with good introduction
  • Discuss Main points of Presentation including: Evolution of balls, clubs, and golf courses
  • Why you picked this topic- Say my experience with the sport
  • Why I picked this topic- Tell why I like it and why it is awesome. State thesis
  • Today’s average Golf Ball, played with by most professionals and myself
  • First version of Golf ball, Describe key differences, Continue description of how it has evolved and lead into next slide
  • Describe bramble pattern and its significance, time periods used, Tell how much worse it is than todays golf balls
  • Rubber ball. Time period used, advantages and disadvantages, compare to Bramble ball.
  • New space age technology in ball. New ball regulations. Describe Why it is superior to any previous ball. Describe it’s design
  • Introduce the Golf Club. How they are used in the sport and how they continually become more advanced.
  • Compare old wood clubs to an average set of clubs today. Detailed description of each ones anatomy.
  • Describe irons of the past. Be sure to include dimple design and lack of concave face.
  • Today’s Irons and how they revolutionize the game.
  • Discuss the Driver and why it is so dominant in the sport today. Include Titanium dynamics, trajectory, and difference in overall performance compared to old drivers used by old players. Transition into next slide by saying why they are allowed to be used against the golf course.
  • The Golf Course and why it is being rendered futile to today’s technology. Be sure to include how players 100s of years ago play on same courses as professionals today.
  • Be specific on how course difficulty has been totally managed by new player capabilities with new technology.
  • Describe briefly my project and how it is proof of technology making the game of golf unfair. Go back to thesis.
  • Play video. Talk during video to describe what is happening and not bore the audience.
  • Things that went right: It was a fair and unbiased demonstration, clear results
  • Things that went wrong, Driving range is a huge place and finding to balls is next to impossible, took multiple tries. Learned
  • What I learned from both good and bad things I did during the project.
  • Reiterate points about golf ball, club, and course and how they are changed by technology. Describe how doing something I enjoyed made the whole project much easier.
  • An Unfair Game

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