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Dolostone Final Presentation


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Dolostone Final Presentation

  1. 1. By: Dakota, Corey, Isaac Dolostone
  2. 2. Observation Smooth, Gray, sharp edges, brownish, Kind of bumpy, White lines
  3. 3. Igneous This rock is formed by volcanoes erupting causing the magma to rise above earths surfes the magma cool’s and becomes igneous rock’s. Scoria is a type of igneous rock Igneous rock can harden under the ground or when it’s shooting out. The fire formed rock’s formed from magma or lava. by Isaac Genies is a type of igneous
  4. 4. Metamorphic How this rock is formed They were formed into metamorphic rocks will change tons of pressure & fosters build up and change. What are some of the characteristics of this rock type? Regularly, angled crystals, shiny & hard. Common rocks of this type: gypsum, obsidian, limestone, pumice& granite sandstone. Gneiss rock From: Rock hounds. Obsidian rock from: Rock hound.
  5. 5. sedimentary How this rock is formed These little bits of our earth are washed downstream where they settle at the bottom of the rivers, lakes, & oceans. Layer after layer of eroded earth is deposited on top of these layers are pressed down more & more through untill the bottom layer turns into rock. Characteristics of the rock Light colored & light weight, & the presence of fossils . Common rocks of this type Conglomerate, Gneiss, Granite, Gypsum, Limestone, Obsidian, Pumice, Sandstone, Schist, Scoria, Shale Pumice from Rock Hounds Sandstone from Rock Hounds Schist from Rock Hounds Shale from Rock Hounds Obsidian from rock Hounds Dakota
  6. 6. Conclusion Our conclusion is that it is a Sedimentary rock because it is light colored & light weight.