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Ma'ayan: Zalman's Suite, oil paintings


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Ma'ayan: Zalman's Suite, oil paintings

  1. 1. ma’ayan zalman’s suite
  2. 2. ma’ayan zalman’s suite Ma’ayan An award winning oil painter, Ma’ayan has exhibited nationally for the past 14 years and recently was invited to participate in the Florence Biennale. Along with being awarded fellowships by the Ragdale Foundation and the Vermont Studio Center, she has been a recipient of the Steven Sprouse Scholarship, the Marchutz Study Grant and the McDowell Travel Grant — the last two awards had her traveling and painting extensively throughout Europe. Moving towards an abstract expressionist style, Ma’ayan has pushed the bold, vibrant brushstrokes and varied opacity of paint that is intrinsic to her work to exciting new depths and dimensionality. With impulsive applications of color and varied opacity, she begins to layer her imagery moving throughout the painting like a dance. Shapes appear then disappear; images from earlier strokes remain, underscoring a newer gesture, another focus, creating a visual transparency with movement and depth. This process of working through the material to find the taproot—the true source of the subject – is what she enjoys most. “In searching for a truth, I do not try to depict the real, for details are not so important to me. Instead I seek to find [expose] the light source from within; in doing so I create an intimate, sensory experience, one that captures the spirit of the subject. I invent a place where the eye and the imagination can wander, finding truth in the balance between what is necessary and what is left to the imagination.”
  3. 3. ma’ayan zalman’s suite Zalman’s Suite Zalman’s Suite is a convergence of the beauty and depth of Ma’ayan’s 12-year spiritual journey and a celebration of her father Zalman’s passion for life. Seeking to fuse her abstract expressionist style with Jewish mysticism, she has turned to various ancient holy sources to inform the visual message with a deeper meaning. Zalman’s Suite is distinguished by the dimensionality of the inner light it reveals, resulting in a unique, emotional experience for the viewer — one that is universal to all.
  4. 4. ma’ayan zalman’s suite “in the beginning” 48” x 46”
  5. 5. ma’ayan zalman’s suite ‘you callled me to life” 56” x 66”
  6. 6. ma’ayan zalman’s suite “and here I am” 66” x 58
  7. 7. ma’ayan zalman’s suite “and in turn they flow” 48” x 46”
  8. 8. ma’ayan zalman’s suite “lava of the heart” 52” x 66”
  9. 9. ma’ayan zalman’s suite “the calling of the moon” 66” x 38”
  10. 10. ma’ayan zalman’s suite “at the end of his days” 60” x 54”
  11. 11. ma’ayan zalman’s suite “i listen for your word” 56” x 48”
  12. 12. ma’ayan zalman’s suite “night, teacher of faith” 48” x 46”
  13. 13. ma’ayan zalman’s suite “on the surface of the deep” 58” x 52”
  14. 14. Exhibitions Awards 2010 *JKlaynberg Gallery, New York, NY 2007 Fellowship, Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT 2009 Lore Degenstein Gallery, Susquehanna, PA 2007 Artist Grant, Stephen Sprouse Foundation, NY 2009 Pen & Brush, Fall Brush Exhibition 2006 Fellowship, Ragdale Foundation, Lake Forest, IL 2008 Selected to participate in the Florence Biennale 2006 First Place Award, Lorraine Grace Prize, National Academy of Design 2007 Maryland Federation of Art, 30th Annual Art on Paper Exhibiton 2004 Juror’s Award, Reva Paul Prize, National Academy of Design 2007 Allen Sheppard Gallery, NY 2002 Artist Grant, Edward G. MacDowell Travel Grant 2006 National Academy of Design, Juried Show, NY 2002 Artist Grant, Marchutz School Study Grant, France 2004 Art Student’s League, NY, 2 person show 2001 Fellowship, Santarella Museum and Gardens, MA 2003 - 04 Baisden Gallery, Tampa, FL 2000 Fellowship, Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT 2003 Cima Gallery, West Palm Beach, FL 2000 Juror’s Award, The Artist Magazine’s Annual National 2002 Richard James Gallery, Charleston, SC Art Competition, Portrait Category 2002 Stellers Gallery, Jacksonville, FL 2002 Cork Gallery, New York, NY 2001 National Academy Of Design, Juried Show, NY Professional Experience 2001, 2002 Garden Gallery, Londonderry, VT 1999- 2001 Santarella Museum and Gardens, Tyringham, MA Instructor, Montclair Museum of Art, Yard School of Art, Montclair, NJ 2001 Gallery 21, Boca Raton, FL Intensive Expressionism Workshops 2007 - 2009 2001 Signature Gallery, Tallahassee, FL Expressionism, 2006 - 2008 2001 Jules Place, Boston, MA Move Brush Move! workshop 2007 1998, 2000 Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton, NY Expressionism and the Painterly Approach, 2005 1998 * Santarella Museum and Gardens, MA Beginner Oil Painting, teens 13-17, 2005 1997 Middletown Art Center Gallery, Middletown, NY Teaching Artist, Community Word Project, NY, NY, 2003-2004 murals 1997 Sundance Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY (* Solo Show)
  15. 15. For questions or to set up a studio visit, please contact ma’ayan at: • 646.320.4414.