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Lcb model lw notes


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Lcb model lw notes

  1. 1. • Three core factors apply to every community - they supply measurable outcomes: • Human health • Resource per $ of the local economy (efficiency) • Quality of local resources (water, food, air) • Other factors are variable and dependent on local conditions: • Overall prosperity • Renewable energy and other sources • Sense of belonging • Diversity • Interventions must consider ALL core factors, then the variable ones
  2. 2. Variable Factors ity Re Su ne un wa Text sta m ble ina m en er Co bil gy e ity pla c Core Factors Effi of cie nc nse Health Local resources y Se ity rs ve Di $-Resources Text Text Resilience Prosperity Economy
  3. 3. • Living City Block Community Bill of Rights • Access to Affordable Local Health Care • Access to indoor and outdoor exercise opps • Access to green space and open public spaces • Access to healthy food in stores and restaurants • Local educational opps • Jobs, jobs, jobs • A clean, energy efficient, environmentally sustainable Community • Local banking, business incubation opps • Access to culture, music, theatre, art • Access to affordable transportation