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Website Information(2)


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Website Information(2)

  1. 1. Gluttonous Online Buyer & Seller Lead Generation
  2. 2. The reason your website doesn’t generate many leads is pretty simple. Your website doesn’t ask for many leads.
  3. 3. And the reason it fails to ask for leads is even more simple.
  4. 4. It was designed by a guy like this. And he doesn’t know diddly-squat about real estate or how to get a lead.
  5. 5. Well, we do know diddly squat. And then some. We know exactly what it takes to get people to give you their contact information while they’re on your website. Exactly.
  6. 6. We offer your online visitors some all new, high-value offers to check out. Then we ask them to contact you. Hence, a lead . Pretty complicated, huh?
  7. 7. New things. Things they want. Things they are willing to contact you to get.
  8. 8. High Value Offers. Not free CMA’s. Not slick pictures of yourself. (Or your dog.) Not bogus “free reports”. Not meaningless marketing propaganda. Not self-proclaimed ethics dissertations. Not wordy tales about what a great company you have. Nobody cares about that except you. Marketing isn’t about YOU . (Which doesn’t mean you aren’t “special”) Look, here’s an example website. See how its different from yours (and everybody else’s).
  9. 10. 7 High-Value Offers. (And that’s just on the home page.) And people can still “look at houses”.
  10. 26. Did you notice? This website asks the visitor 74 times to give their contact information. 74 times! . That’s a lot of asking.
  11. 27. And did you notice there is an agent recruiting testimonial on almost each page?
  12. 28. And that’s why our websites get so many leads. Ta Da.
  13. 29. And your agents can use our companion websites to generate even more leads. These are real agents. Not models.
  14. 43. Wow, huh? When you think about it, online leads are the ultimate recruiting device.
  15. 44. But wait. There’s more. (We’ve always wanted to say that.)
  16. 45. We get your agents successfully into 21 st century online marketing. (Even if they can’t send an email.)
  17. 46. Outbound email marketing.
  18. 47. Today, agents can e mail everything. Fast. Free. Fun. Reach people where they’re at… online.
  19. 56. Outbound email recruiting. The end of clandestine lunches, begging and being rejected.
  20. 57. We email “click cards”, like this example, to every agent in your market .
  21. 58. They “click” and it takes them to your recruiting presentation. And many also click, “send to a friend.”
  22. 59. Nothing seems to match the impact one agent talking to another agent happens to have. So that’s how we do it.
  23. 60. They call or email. You set appointments, present the program and ask them to join your company. (If they are a fit.)
  24. 61. Thank you to our fine clients from Winstar Realty in Idaho Falls, ID for being our models. You looked fabulous.
  25. 62. The Internet, used right, is more than a game changer. It’s truly revolutionary. (We mean it, this is huge.)
  26. 63. We provide each of the high-value propositions in custom packages. Each is different, many cost nothing. Some cost a little money. We teach your agents about each program, how it works, the tools that they need to use and how to convert inquiries into business. We design your website, their websites and the outbound email marketing templates they’ll use. We can put the MARKETING in your Internet marketing.
  27. 64. Questions? Charlie Nicks, Creative Director [email_address] Case sensitive See an actual website in the design process online here
  28. 65. Northwest Partners Marketing Group, LLC 10400 Overland Road Boise, ID 83709 800.307.3459 Toll Free 208.286.1725 Office 208.286.1726 Facsimile [email_address] Call or email, we’ll email you a Question & Answer PDF