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Speed Leads Intro

  1. 1. Suddenly, the biggest names in real estate, aren’t in real estate. It’s probably a good thing high school kids can’t get a real estate license. They’re entirely capable of taking 85% of the buyer and seller leads in your city armed with nothing more than a laptop. During lunch. While “tweeting” their girlfriend .
  2. 2. It’s how people communicate today. All day. Every day. Everywhere. Social Media Real Estate Marketing
  3. 3. It’s not a fad. It’s not a trend. It’s not even a shift. It’s a full blown marketing revolution . And it demands to know… “you in, or you out?” It doesn’t throw scraps to the bystanders, like most other marketing strategies do. The options are…. do it right, or don’t do it at all.
  4. 4. How big is Social Media Networking? By 2010 Generation Y will outnumber the Baby Boomers . 96% have already joined a Social Network. 1 in 8 people who got married in 2008 met on the Internet. It took the Internet 4 years to get 100 million users. Facebook signed 100 million users in 9 months. If Facebook were a country, based on population, it would be the fourth largest country in the World. Ellen DeGeneres has a larger Twitter following than the populations of Ireland, Norway and Panama. 42% of Americans watched a short marketing video last month. On their phone. 35% of Amazon sales are Kindle books (non-paper books read on a screen). We are no longer interrupted by advertising. Today, advertising follow us.
  5. 5. Social Media Marketing raised 89% of the 467 million dollars used to help elect President Barak Obama. The President, it is rumored, once sent an email to 23 million people. From his Blackberry.
  6. 6. By shear size alone, anyone trying to market a product or a service would have to be loony to ignore the Social Media Network market. Foolish actually. But there’s an even bigger reason to pay attention: 74% of American’s trust what a peer recommends to them. “ Peers” in the world of Social Media Networks are called, “ friends .” A really good word. Sounds suspiciously like a digital sphere-of-influence. Social Media Marketing is about developing “Social Skills.” 14% of American’s believe an advertisement. Advertising, as we know it, is dying. Like newspapers and magazines. .
  7. 7. Enough tech talk. First, let’s talk about how to generate leads.
  8. 8. Click Cards for outbound emailing. A great website that has lots of High Value Propositions. There are only 3 things any agent needs to create a prominent Social Media Marketing program. Simple enough. Email addresses.
  9. 9. Once upon a time, people looked for homes by going to newspaper classified ads. Some still do. About three a month. And they are all in their 90’s. Bad for newspapers (another suicidal industry bent on resisting change). Good for the little guy. Now, it’s pretty much a level playing field. But you have to play by a few rules. And that’s where a lot of real estate folks fall down when it comes to the Internet . It’s also why most real estate websites don’t produce leads.
  10. 10. They’re boring. And boring websites always get boring results. Too much information eliminates the need to talk to you. Forget the “tips.” If you don’t ask for a name and an email address, you won’t get one. National Association of REALTORS® studies say- For every person who walks through your door, 211 visit you online. There’s nothing wrong with the Internet. But there may be some things wrong with your website. Why typical real estate websites don’t get leads.
  11. 11. (Do the words “mind-numbing” come to mind?) Blah, blah, blah. When somebody created that very first real estate website…. APPARENTLY, the idea was, every real estate website would be like every other real estate website. Because that’s what happened . House pictures, bad photos of agents and sleepy copy.
  12. 12. Before A typical real estate website About US Featured Listings Property Search Contact Us More blah, blah, blah. And the consumer says… “ If you want my business, you’re going to have to do better than this!”
  13. 13. After
  14. 14. High Value Propositions get names & email addresses Name and email address. First and foremost.
  15. 15. Leading agents began putting up their own websites around 1998. Lesser agents followed. We designed these sites and hundreds more – for top agents and companies all over the world. We toned down the narcissism (somewhat) and actually OFFERED PEOPLE SOMETHING! Irrefutably improved marketing appeal.
  16. 16. Ever wonder what might happen if you gave people some high-value reasons to do business with you?
  17. 17. Today, our marketing websites are designed to harmonically interface with the Social Media Marketing medias. Remember, our websites have one essential purpose for being on the Internet at all and that is to generate new leads.
  18. 18. Corporate websites have several jobs: Lead Generation . Digital organization. Public relations. Distribution of information. A company website should reflect the heart of its agent’s online continuity. Your team should have continuity. Synergism is a real thing. It’s tribal, like social networking. Custom Designed Corporate Marketing Website
  19. 19. Generating Leads Begins with High-Value Propositions . “ You give me your name and contact information, I’ll give you ____________.” Professional design, layout and syntax. Required. Navigate by image or navigation bar. Required. Offer something big. Ask for their email address. Offer something big. Ask for their email address. ( HOME SEARCH is about the only feature we kept from our generation two designs.) Continuity and message management.
  20. 20. All your agents should have their own website. Those websites should be custom, but they also need to reflect some serious continuity .
  21. 21. Wor l d of Mouth Advertising. Outbound email powerful click cards + provide a place to click + don’t be a narcissistic sales jerk + ask them to click = LEAD! If Einstein were in real estate today, he would use this lead generation formula. Admittedly, not exactly Rocket Surgery. Today, it’s about sending messages “out” Not waiting for prospects to come “in”
  22. 22. For example, an agent might email a click card to his email list. When they “click” on the offer they land on the corresponding page on your website. People will click to your site if you give them a reason to. Click to website Click to YouTube Click to blog
  23. 23. Professionally written copy commentary explains the features and benefits of your high-value offer. Then, they are asked for their contact information. When they click submit, the agent gets an email in their email box, and a new lead. And maybe a paycheck! Seem like a lot to go through to get a lead? Think about how much you go through when you don’t have a lead. They click on the click-card and are automatically taken to a page on the agents website that makes the offer and asks for contact information.
  24. 24. Holy Cow! That is cool . What is it? It’s called a “Click Card”. It’s what appears in an email inbox. (You see them all the time in your email.) Click Option Click Option
  25. 25. FIRST – NOTHING BAD! We take the “high road” when we market a client. Between 7 -13 will click the button to look at the home. About 23 will forward the message to a friend. Send this click card to 300 people and see what happens .
  26. 26. Our experience is the best data bases start with a single entry. Start today. “ But I don’t have 300 email addresses.”
  27. 27. Listing agents impress new seller prospects see these! Before long you will learn to design fairly complex outbound email campaigns.
  28. 28. You can communicate any message ! E-Z to write and read reports. Not gimmicky “FREE REPORTS FOR IDIOTS” offers. Birthday click cards. Holiday click cards. Announcement click cards Service click cards.
  29. 29. People love quick-hit reports, not long winded articles? Successful Social Media Real Estate Marketers are generally… Humorous – often in a satirical kind of way. Nice people – Non-sales types sell on the Internet! Less advertising, more advocate – “friends”.
  30. 30. You can outbound email just to be friendly! And remember, it takes less than 2 seconds and costs nothing.
  31. 31. If you can think of it, we have it or will design it. Professional. Flexible. State of the art. Stunning colors, arresting photography and images. Incidentally, these are real agents you are looking at.
  32. 32. “ What kind of high-value proposition should I offer?” We have many incentive programs to choose from, each packaged separately ready to go. Some cost a little money, some don’t cost a dime. You pick. Outbound email marketing is a phenomena.
  33. 33. This is a great lead generator that costs you nothing. Many of our clients also use our online recruiting strategies to punctuate their recruiting
  34. 34. Another high-value proposition that costs nothing. Fresh. Friendly. Right.
  35. 35. A healthy low-cost, low-labor “buyer getter”. Things agents recognize as truly new.
  36. 36. Touch base with common struggles.
  37. 37. Spoken by agents, to agents.
  38. 38. Authenticity and honesty is powerful.
  39. 39. “ I should have thought of that!” Impact.
  40. 40. Real agents, looking their best.
  41. 41. We show them great marketing.
  42. 42. And finish with a knock-out punch.
  43. 43. Neat, huh?
  44. 44. “ I love it. I want to do it. I am afraid I won’t be able to do my part – I’m not that good with computers.” Everything you just looked at on this Powerpoint was created, on a lap top computer, by a 56 year old man who has never taken a single computer class . Our Creative Director, Charlie Nicks. THIS IS NOT ABOUT COMPUTER YOUR KNOWLEDGE . There are a few things you have to organize : 1.) A copy of Microsoft Publisher 2007 (or greater.) Microsoft.com download. 2.) A data base to store email addresses, names, addresses and phone. 3.) An account with constantcontact.com or some delivery service. 4.) An account with Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist and EBAY. Free . You can learn all the tech stuff you need to know in quick and simple lessons watching our GEEK 101 video gallery. Geek 101
  45. 45. Fun, quick Speed Leads online classes on dozens of positive topics posted on YouTube. 3-5 minute videos are easy to watch and when you were a kid, you learned a little bit each day – well, look at you now! And that is our teaching model. A little bit at a time, in the order you need it. Don’t worry about your competition watching our training videos. They are not going to go through the creative steps, invest the money and the time to “steal” it from you. We’re not people with secrets to hide – that’s how the Internet works best. Making a serious commitment to online marketing Setting and Reaching Online Goals Developing your Online Marketing Game Plan Designing or buying a professional marketing website Understanding High Proposition Lead Generation Services to offer How to build an email list of 10,000 names How to Forward to a Friend can make all the difference Climbing the Google Ladder Qualifying incoming leads online Emailing Expired Listings Emailing FSBO’s Getting Business Email Addresses Video Galleries available for viewing January 2010
  46. 46. What you get. Speed Leads. How to get it. Get serious about online marketing. Charlie Nicks, Creative Director [email_address] Thanks. Custom 10 Page Websites 25 Click Card Templates Online training galleries Complete Marketing Exclusivity. Prices vary depending on company size and market population. Service packages included. Have your owner contact Charlie Nicks, Creative Director.
  47. 47. Questions? Charlie Nicks, Creative Director > charlie.nicks@northwest-partners.com www.Northwest-Partners.com/WinStar Case sensitive See an actual website being designed online here
  48. 48. Thanks. Northwest Partners Marketing Group, LLC 10400 Overland Road Boise, ID 83709 800.307.3459 Toll Free 208.286.1725 Office 208.286.1726 Facsimile Northwest-Partners.com [email_address] Call or email, we’ll email you a Question & Answer PDF