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Photos for unison


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Photos for unison

  1. 1. Photo-shoot for my final product UNISON Natalie Bwete
  2. 2. Front Cover For my front cover, I wanted a striking image with a plain background so that the focus would be entirely on the artists. I aimed for a shot whereby they were both looking at the camera as I wanted to highlight their facial expressions. I wanted to get the models to represent the magazine as powerful, quirky, edgy yet still fun and exciting. These are the photos I took...
  3. 3. I liked this photograph a lot when I first took however I found it hard to contrast and manipulate it. I found that the model on the right (Laura) was very overpowering in this image whereas the other model (Rachael) wasn’t part of the main focus. I wanted the focus to be evenly spread between the 2 therefore I didn’t use this image for my front cover. There was also a lot of shadow around Rachael’s face whereas Laura’s face and body was highly lit. I made note of this and tried to improve my lighting in the next photograph.
  4. 4. I found that the facial expressions in this image were very strong and mesmerizing however there were multiple issues with this photo. Firstly, the image cuts of their feet which I initially wanted in the final photo. Secondly, Laura was looking away from the camera whereas I wanted both models to be facing and looking directly at the camera. Lastly, Rachael’s body language doesn’t connote power and confidence which is a factor I wanted the main image to represent. This wasn’t an image I wanted to use as there were too many flaws.
  5. 5. Chosen Image Overall, this had to be the best of all the photos I took for many reasons. Their facial expressions are so powerful and eye catching. This isn’t a mainstream image often used for front covers which I believe is what makes it even more striking to the audience as it is different. The body language is also quirky yet still dominant and has the preferred meaning of fearless, confident and outgoing artists. The image was easy to cut from the background meaning I had endless choices for what to do with the background making it a versatile image to work with. Although I haven’t captured all their feet in the image, the detail on the rest of their clothing makes up for it making it look appealing as their style reflects that of the genre of music the magazine represents. I really like this image and have chosen this to be on the front cover.
  6. 6. Contents Page For the contents page I aimed to get 2 photos of different artists to put on the page and relate to the inside stories. I casted for different styles of people and found the 2 I wished to use; a male solo artist and a band of 3 members. I focused mainly on body language as they were only small images therefore their facial expressions weren’t as relevant. These are the images I took...
  7. 7. I didn’t like this image for many reasons however I felt the main ones where firstly the body language. It was too relaxed and didn’t represent power in any way. It was also very plain and not eye-catching at all. This image is very strong and the different levels makes it look very dynamic however the background made it very hard for me to cut out their images . This image was too hard to edit as well in terms of contrasting hence making it harder for me to manipulate. This was my favourite image as it was simple yet still striking. Both the facial expressions and body language are powerful and signify dominance and togetherness. It was easy for me to cut them out and play around with backgrounds. This was one of my chosen images for the contents page.
  8. 8. I really like this image as it had a lot of positive connotations such as unity however the model on the far left wasn’t looking at the camera and his face was out of focus therefore I couldn’t use this image. This image had a lot of potential as it looked very mainstream, however the models were playing around and one of the models got cut out. This obviously couldn’t have been used on my contents page however it would have been great on a double page spread as a snapshot. This was my chosen image as it represented the artists as very relaxed yet they are still stylish and fashionable. Although they aren’t looking at the camera, this image is still eye-catching as the body language is very strong. I played around with the background and have chosen to cut them out as a whole for then I can overlap them with text or borders.
  9. 9. I really liked this image and found it really professional. His squat is very strong yet subtle, however I didn’t like the high angle and wished I had shot it from a lower angle which would of co notated power and dominance. I also found it hard to make it blend in well with the rest of the page so I chose not to use this image on the contents page. The model’s face is out of focus and his eyes are slightly closed making the image unusable. I experimented with the shots and did a long shot with this image but found that it looked to far. I was unable to use this photo on my contents page. This was my favourite image of the bunch as his whole body was in focus. I used a long-mid shot which I found isn’t too far or near. His stance is fashionable yet relaxed and quite mainstream. The image worked very well on the page and flowed well with the rest of the content.
  10. 10. Double-page Spread For the double page spread, I wanted a landscape image which took up about ⅔ of the double page. I experimented a lot with this photo shoot as I wanted it to be very different to the images I had used on the cover and contents pages. Here are the photos I took...
  11. 11. The facial expressions on the models faces were eye-catching and the composition would have been great on my double page spread. However Rachael’s head was cut off making it impossible to use on the page. The background also made it hard for me to edit and manipulate therefore I couldn’t use it for my product.
  12. 12. I experimented with different angle shots and made the models lay on the floor. By putting them in opposite directions I found that the idea worked very well. However with this image, Laura wasn’t looking at the camera. The image also very bright so I had to experiment with different types of lighting to get the clearest image possible.
  13. 13. Chosen Image I chose this photo as I found that it encapsulated all the factors I wished for. Both models were looking directly at the cameras meaning they will be able to connect with the audience. Both models have very striking facial expressions. Even though they’re lying down, there body language is still edgy and stylish. This was my chosen image for the double page spread