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House style


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House style

  1. 2. Pulse: The word relates the rhythm and beats and other musical terms however it also has health connotations such as heartbeats which aren’t related to the music theme we are aiming for. Strike: This word defines a sound produced by a force. It is also an onomatopoeic word which creates a sense of speed and action. This creates a positive representation for our magazine. On the other hand, it has a perceived meaning of violence and aggression which we don’t want to incorporate with our final magazine. Impulse: We found this word to be very striking and has the connotations of force, instinct, drive and a sudden action. This displayed many of the key meanings we wished for with our magazine; however we also found it too lengthy for a title and not catchy enough for it to be remembered easily. Unison: As a group, this is one of our favourite words as it has all the right perceived meanings and we found it isn’t to long either. It has many musical connotations such as synchronous parallel action, harmony, and unity. Pitch: We really liked this word as it was a great representative of music, however we found the meaning of it to be too broad to be a title. We didn’t find it original or catchy either for our audience. We had a production meeting to discuss possible names for our final magazine; with the help of an online thesaurus.
  2. 3. To help us decide a magazine title which was appealing to our audience ( B, C1, C2 14-28 males and females ), we did a questionnaire of the 4 possible names and asked to choose which they liked the most. Unison came as the preferred title by a majority of the participants therefore this also gave us another reason to why we liked this name the most out of our options.
  3. 4. Later on, we had another production meeting and choose the name we wished to use for our final product; Unison . We then discussed which fonts we would use with the aid of a font generating website. We liked the style of this font as it looked rough and edgy which is a theme we would like to maintain throughout the magazine. However we found it unclear to read and too busy for a title style. This was one of our favourite font styles as it is clear and bold however still incorporates the themes we want the magazine to represent. With this font style we found it is easy to colour and overlap images over it, making it versatile for the cover. We found that this font was too neat and soft to represent our magazine as we wish to create a rough and edgy look. However we did like how all the text is joint together which contrasts well with the connotations of the text. When we first saw this font, we loved the pattern and detail in each of the letters. However we found it too decorative for the title and we don’t want the focus of the main image to be taken away by the title font.
  4. 5. The black shading in the text allows us to add colour to the text in order to match it to the main image if necessary. The eroded style of the font links well with the edgy theme we wish the magazine to portray. The way that all the text is in capitals makes it look bold and eye catching as a title. We found that this form of font would be very easy to manipulate in order for it to fit for our magazine layout and style.
  5. 7. We liked this layout, as we want our magazines to be unique and we thought it was, but we felt the title in the middle would be lost on the page where as it should be a main focus of the page.
  6. 8. This layout is very similar to other magazine styles as It is conventional and basic yet still sophisticated and timeless. It is effective as the title is at the top left hand corner which is the direction in which we read in.
  7. 9. This is our favourite, and final layout. It has all the information we want on our magazine: promotions, story lines etc and is also unique with the title on the right hand side. We also felt a main image as a background is effective as it catches the audiences eye.
  8. 11. This was our first idea of doing a double side spread, we thought of having an advert on the other page which would link to a page within the magazine. However we have not chosen this as our final idea of an layout for our magazine because it feels like it is to dominating towards the advert.
  9. 12. As we researched other magazines most of them had the simple layout of one page and had one main image so we decided to work around this idea and have many little contents pages around the sides. We didn’t use this contents page idea layout as it is very plain and wouldn’t be a very interesting page to start the magazine off.
  10. 13. This was our last idea, we came to a decision to choose this layout as it is a double page spread which isn't common in many magazines; also as we have included many different images which will be mini snapshots of story’s at artists that will be inside of the magazine. Again we have kept the idea of having many different boxes for the content pages; each box will be a different subject within the magazine.
  11. 14. <ul><li>For our house style we have agreed on the following ideas for our final magazine: </li></ul><ul><li>For font , we have chosen a font of a font generating website called . The font, Hotel CORAL Essex , works well with the themes we wish to incorporate and associate with our magazine. It is bold and clear to see which makes it a great title and we found that it will be easy to manipulate if we ever needed to. </li></ul><ul><li>For the front cover layout plan , we chose to go against the conventional rules of having the title on the left hand side and placed it on the right side. We liked this idea as it gives the perceived meaning that our magazine is controversial and different to most music magazines. The rest of the layout is generally similar to other magazines, for example we have chose to have the main image as the entire background of the cover page. We will also have 4 story lines and the obvious data such as the bar code, price, date etc. </li></ul><ul><li>And finally for the contents page , we have decided on having it as a double page. Although this isn’t rare in magazines, it isn’t rare and therefore it makes our magazine noticeable and unique. We liked the idea of having the images and information scattered over the pages without a specific order. It makes the pages look edgy and rough which is theme we want to carry throughout the magazine. </li></ul>