Humanitarian Philosophy Of Creation


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Humanitarian Philosophy Of Creation

  1. 1. Dear had already started to book some of the pictures function on low reality and Fairyland well as an introduction to the bitter and cynical than the reality we live in and explained that globalization was one of the most important features of this book in 1987, and they made Vhrvoha at whim Volpsoha mud as usual, although it is an objective Sami for all human beings, and was a great introduction, however, I arranged for and I felt that the best brevity makes sense. Yes,,, so you'll excuse me if I felt I shortened it. Dear you book illuminates many of the corners of your life and show you the whole truth of human existence on earth .... take it that the belief that humanity, or take it Philosophy of human existence on earth or the universe ...? You my greetings and sincere love and thank you ,,,,,, Authors Note / my brother rights everywhere I wish to publish this book to all your loved ones and friends and acquaintances I do not have a way For publication other than those ....? If you're someone who can translate into other languages, I translated it and published and you also sincere greetings Please translate this book (orginal Arabic copy)
  2. 2. The philosophy of human existence The beginning of creation Message and the cycle of light and fire Essences of creation and functions journey of salvation The journey of salvation Politics and policy function, the light for us t Practical applications of the philosophy of human existence / (globalization) Reflections
  3. 3. The beginning of creation Dear reader , If we look carefully made in a campaign to all faiths and reminded him of the beginning of creation and a creator n start creating the first human male or female (they told Adam and Eve) in the heavens, and was Ella McCann of the devil, and them, and which has Bhbothma from the heavens to the earth-Ela and the beginning of humanitarian track on the ground .....? Review the matter without smear campaign for one of the beliefs ... The fact is that the Creator put limits on the sea light and fire any of them that does not exceed n and the other for the qualities and characteristics of ... This has the qualities and characteristics are also quite different qualities and characteristics are quite different .. I am not saying this tortured Firat and salt brine that does not ...... But the biggest difference between the two sites include much .... singular light material which does not at all ... while the Sea Elna t filled the entire treasure .. ßÐÇáß desire physical eating and drinking and sexual intercourse, for example place Sea of Fire Sea is light and not be confused with the order and because it is a kind of ignorance and nothing else ... it is not permissible to put something in a sea of light material that Malk contrary to the philosophy of creation in any way .. yes .. just as restricted for a drop of water to live embers of the fire will inevitably evaporate all ... philosophy of creating a creature ... to Aitaadaha not deviate from .. ßÐÇáß Valtjans and reproduction is just the applications of the philosophy of the Sea of the fire is not Sea light reflection, not us .. not ..? The following to say .. ßÐÇáß Mmalashk that are smearing a topic more than it does the same subject ... in the sense that man was created in itself a major topic deserves to stand by the great interest and awe ... not to be Adam eat from the tree and fall to the earth theme more .. Add to that we made it clear that the event was in the wrong place and such .. and if so, homogeneity and reproduction is Dhamam sea of fire, how the sons of Adam and all of these to be in the light ... Dhamam Sea as well as the foundation of the novel was the subject of Satan and Satan we are dealing with this yet ...? As well as how to Adam or Eve that, for example Traodahma desire to eat and they are in the Sea of Dhamam light ...? This should not exist Any body in the sea Dhamam Nur ... If you were two Brouhehma only .. If we assume that the novel is a sort of health ... as well as the devil incarnate and has no evil ... order something worth persistence also .. how is in the Sea Dhamam fire ..? In general, what Souknah say does not come from being .. doubt it ..? Is not ..? And the beginning say that the operative philosophy of existence for the beginning of the humanitarian track says / That the Creator wanted to create a creature to be his leadership and command of the Sea of fire provided that the Sea Dhamam light .. Here Creator Spirit instructed to do this task and here and stood wondering soul I am having this ..? And also object to the Sea of fire? Here Oankma both marine was the will of the Creator, the Creator to be the creature from Dziitin first to light a soul ... and the second fire, a body ... and here called the Spirit and the means balance and reduce the human mind was .. .. on top of the body Embodiment of the fire ... .. and arrange molecules and the way his work and his philosophy of light .. and be the means of the Spirit in the leadership of the body and thus the leadership of the Sea of fire .. first and foremost a means purely political ...?... and that the mind is also the condition that To be between him and the end of the body .. .. Thus, this limit is the tongue .. sweet statement and Wlwith of light and reason ... and Rdath and Mrjaneth of fire .. and different upper and lower lips in the human content on this indication .. And sovereignty and immortality of the soul ... And step down and the yard of the fire .. and they are also inherent attributes each ... there is nothing new And the philosophy of pre-created creature ..? He must complete that circle .. and act automatically .. reward and punishment ..., functions, salvation (resurrection) .. A journey of salvation (and that's it .. why? ... Salvation of the soul that ached to take her out of the function of the fire (and we will be launching .. operative firearm ... .. meaning to the content of the fiery human content
  4. 4. Firewall and content that is meant is the body and attachments of meanings firearms Ktma self .. and .. and .. selfishness and greed and desires together .. and might and strength, weakness, poverty and love of money and power .. .. and wealth and arrogance and vanity ... and many many .. .... and you know the meaning fiery self-human) And of course that it did not stop at that but even a balance and weights before the creation of the first man ... and the balance weights Functions concerned with the meaning in a fiery journey of salvation and these functions were what you know you birds, animals, insects and plants, as well as ... (low actually) Sea World, etc. of the objects (Fairyland) ... and was created according to him include the meaning or include the weight of the balance and spontaneity ... Then came the creation of man ... Everybody knows man ...? To come after that and he dies and his or her journey within the circle of salvation one .. and re-spirit purity and serenity, and abandon the all-fire .. what intervened to drop out just as the sea ... Came from Almlanhip and after the intervention to salvage Almlanhip again And the Spirit does not have an entity that is if I had a drop of water from the cup .. Full of water and returned to her glass again, you're able to come by, of course not .. Thus the soul .. Creator and the creation of the first human male or female on the surface of the ground and after it has been the process of creation .. ... They slept, they were awakened by someone who was unconscious memory and nothing else ...? And the philosophy of the content of each of them that they were insufficient to explore ways of life and the desire for sexual intercourse ... The start of human life ...? If It's simple ... that the Creator, the creation of man, women, and after one else Fastiqza broadcast in which the spirit of the stability of long .. unconscious memory from the past ... and income to the Chamber and the automatic start of life as we .... There are seven heavens .. nor is it the devil or Satan .. not all of this ...? In general, I am healed from any polemics which created the effect of the first ... male or female ...? .. Or where ethics ... Or were small or large ... well, I recovered from that philosophy to this campaign as a campaign beliefs .. .. Chaa believe that the only people in the book and not only ... No more what have responded in this category and to all faiths ...? Vallowahmun proverb as well as boom and that the Creator Vlmthel not exist we say that even in the operative part of the theory of evolution comes incumbent on the balance weights to get rid of some of them stepped Caldenassourat or similar stepped down as a result of firearm the same meaning in human behavior as well as the evolution of some of the weight of the meaning or salvation comes from the evolution of behavior Alinsanyalmkavi not not .. And science as well as the index weights for Albelojy meaning to the minimum of salvation ... Or the equivalent, as incarnations will come to talk about the future significance of the quality of human behavior associated with the scope of what ... Yes, they are deluding themselves and deluding themselves .. In general, the Creator will remain a metaphor on top of humanistic vision was thus created innate and there is no connection between the creature and his creator-Khater, the capacity of non-meaning is not not ..? The end of man as well as the operative part of life is very simple .. is very simply (as was the philosophy of creation of the spirit from dealing with the Sea Pyrotechnics or direct control by the philosophy of creation of man is to deal with the effect Pyrotechnics Sea and direct control by the implementation of the will and spirit in the sea without the slightest Pyrotechnics irregularities or recklessness of the Sea of Pyrotechnics in the direction of the sea of light (and we all know it is a soul ... .. and attributes it conform to the characteristics of fresh pure water Alsail Almtlolo ... and generally will come later mentioned that the water's ambassador to the Sea Sea Alnoraniat Pyrotechnics .. . and also the embodiment of Narriet .. and attributes of Noraniat) If man is the King Ambassador ... and we mean when we say human rights as a whole ... all from one ... And all for one .. It is not as everyone thinks and to tell everyone ...? And keep revisiting to say that what it now does not get out of calibration experience creature of innate character required of him .. and that is on all the facts and the nature of cosmic objects with the client and the nature of solutions to problems related .... More importantly, the salvation of pyrotechnics ... and belonging to the absolute sea Alnoraniat .. without hue or irregularities or recklessness ...? The closest to that is that .. that is the demarcation line between the Bahrain ... Bhralnarriet ...And the Sea Alnoraniat a straight line ... (... and calls you ... the human conscience) ... Still, it must be clarified how to ... all for one ... and say that when the parallel action and
  5. 5. behavior of a certain number Contents of humanity, especially if the two profiles and photos ... All to say that one .. just like the meanings Acquired (which in the journey of salvation) ... .. for example, ie, from chicken, each representing thousands of chickens and often parallels their behavior with the behavior of thousands of chickens and type of Veseltha .... or in other words, such as atoms, chemical elements found Aliktron In it revolves around the nucleus in a fixed frame does not deviate from it and if Matard a reaction to be fully representative of the gross output of the atom Otardt Ansrlmat again for the same reaction (I think, brought the image) The number is defined by the requirements of the end of the human experience ...? It should be noted that the theme of salvation comes Pyrotechnics (and will Nscherhaa later ..) through the journey of salvation to fade or Resurrection .. In short, when they go out the soul of the human body as it entered and does not have defects of a fire or a function of the ionization functions of the soul ... or rather just clean water Kqtrp net Almtlolo fresh Alsail And generally will not come easily ... no ... when assessing the wishes and codified in terms of quantity and type and timing ... As well as behavior of frequenting these desires and to comply with the humanitarian values of urbanization ... yes .... It is certainly desires that the whole will fall ... no refueling function (what you know you are currently eating ..?) With the address output function has ...? It is also true that the natural sciences will come out While there is a very simple, as we have outlined does not need to clarify the priests in Christianity or Islam or the Senate of the rabbis in Judaism or their ilk in every faith or religion ... as well as those entered in the excesses did not recognize the Creator (metaphorically) .. and entered Dhamam boom ...? In general, the belief in the Creator (metaphorically) .. .. relatively Vary the content of a human ... To another .. there is no problem ... because like those who entered the excesses do not have any problem with the Creator (metaphorically) Vickalithm The problem lies in their content .. In the humanitarian community associated to them ... and issues of reward and punishment and redemption ...?... well as the trip can not be half as some might disbelief ... I do not .. As we pointed that it is relatively ... And also should not interfere in the freedom of human content not including single-line track and serve the overall humanitarian ... Must also be innocent of the issues of the body and attachments and desires (meaning fiery) and digest his command as a means to track And nothing else .. Yes, we are of the spirit or the light .. and we are not the meaning of the firearm or the body and attachments ... The issue is completely different ... In general, those who searched for meaning in firewall (the body and attachments) and quick to Dhamam wishes and desires ... and the Flagrabp Mrdoh them and automatically once the thing to do .. Because the journey of salvation begins to do thing ... Be it reward or punishment .. and because most of them come after the death of the body ... we have launched on the track after the death of the body of human single-journey of salvation ... ..? And frankly I live life now .. As they see all around me ... but I am confident about my situation ... it is mixed with a command or something of this ... and I suddenly found that the content of the various Voilandz the peace (I mean peace between the soul and the meaning associated firearm) .. Which made me revert the ball after the other ... and gave me the power that being able to be frank with all human beings ... and the truth of the matter, even though I know I am one of the party and standing human .. As a whole on the other side ... but nothing ...? Although I know the campaign nonsense beliefs and I know fiercer confrontation .. and there is no words said ..Enough of them have responded to ...? And everyone must know that the Creator (metaphorically) comes back and you are in deep chasm in the universe to receive the salute and without mediation from one or without sending a messenger to you, for example ... hope you create may be able to recognize that even as you need on your Creator Enough of this ignorant perspective towards the Creator ... Fajalqk on top you see .. You
  6. 6. know the meaning of a metaphor on top of that, you see ...? We can say that all perceptions of the Creator within each of those outdated ideologies is just the perception of a baby playing in the dirt was still ..?. . Some of them said that the Creator, arrogant, and the great and mighty and so of human qualities, if I knew what it means creator .. and some of them take it that the spirit of the All- rights are the Creator and thus is not recognized his father was the son of God and them ... and them? And we can not say nothing but ignorance does more than this Spirit of His creation in general quite Kalmadiat but this sea of light and that of the Sea of fire .. yes campaign, and general beliefs will not say them a lot .. It is enough that they were always a burden on their communities, either directly or indirectly .. and I am not saying anything ..? What we are seeing enough of the scourge of wars between the peoples of the earth ... in the past and present and future .. if it went on much from this misconception faiths together to the fire of war-time ... If we look to all or most of the wars ... we find that most of these wars have been a cause worse doctrine directly or indirectly .. yes ... if Fshakltna in these within each faith and belief ...? Unfortunately, in many Odilona ...? The costs of some beliefs much more than unbearable ... Oamona about life and features .... for that you have little meaning in life and entered their mosques or churches or monasteries ... we will find it very similar to the entry ... Insect vulnerable to a spider's web ... Yes, they are all, without Ostssona ... all of the spider ..?... Not deviate from them? It was up to him as a (to be seen enjoying as they say) ...? It is similar .. They did the same in the total humanitarian one is still in its infancy.? .. Came close .. And invented .. They set up schools and institutes to the effect ... .. and all contain the general public around them, those who ... And makes it more worse ..? Started racing in the campaigns to call for their faith .. or preach to them ...? At a time like this could cost it millions of dollars ... find great tragedy ... a lot of people die, but from starvation, disease and poverty .. (as they say, they laugh and they cry ...?) The matter that such beliefs were the cause in many of the customs and habits and traditions and misconceptions They also include it formed the essential perspective of most writers and thinkers within the total human ... and conclude to say that all of them formed from a wider section of the spider's web ... all this human ... To become a thought to them or anti spider web .. as the enemy of the first degree ... Itkalp campaign by faith and then of intellectuals, writers and politicians have come after them or the authorities it .. and after them come the judges And after them come a variety of people .. and so on ... In general, we do not blame anyone ... but he Aaadaop between us and one was ... and we wanted to make clear it is not Bmnzawarham not ..? .. And because we believe that every single human content of a social perspective may differ to some extent or thing a lot from each other ... It depends, as Snodha later on (meaning firearm and has a function of ionization of the Spirit) .. Therefore, it is not surprising that we disagree ... somewhat ... but I ask the reader to be quite moderate When dealing with the paragraphs of this book .. and moderation of the sweetness of water ...? Yes .. When you enter with me dear reader to a world you'll find something very different from the world you live in. .. World first premise to be aware of the operative part of (the theory of the meaning) ... and the theory of the meaning of this philosophy is determined by which any creature .. and the philosophy of the creature sets standards and arrange molecules as well as the method of work. Overall, these contain the theory of the universe as a whole ... the sea, whether or PyrotechnicsSea Alnoraniat ... and find that the meaning of any creature comes I. .. Out of a broader action and behavior comes from the Department of meaning .. as well as Valtoin of the spirit is also a function of the meaning .. ... In the world find all the things clear .. evil ... evil ... .. good ... good way to both clear ... even the evil is not required to fit ... and not because of good teaching that evil was negligent of it. ..
  7. 7. It is my duty to him .. In the global social justice and Fungal .. in the most humane global crowned as leaders, for example BFH of the humanitarian community, which contain them ...? ... In the world ... no one is looking for treasure, and despite its availability and because much has been cleared of them. There is the humanitarian track features have become clear .. all for a humanitarian Researchers in science .. representing (the reconnaissance team) ... and then of those who read and translating the results .. Maver good of man ... and another team is a leadership and coordination between the groups in the world of rights ... and a team-based services, including entertainment, including ... and a team based on the combined production of material goods in order to facilitate the tasks of ordinary people ... We have in the global symbolic elements of the security forces to contain the evil in the spot ....?... Is not in the world there are no armed forces at all ... but does not have a campaign to beliefs ...? In the world there is no Christian or Muslim or Jewish or any religion in the world ... one home and the land which .. In the world there are no nationalities or partisanship ... in the world and one country, one man .... In the world does not exist for money ... and researcher accused him ...? In the eyes of the total and worthy of study and research ... In a world dominated by the legislation of the spirit .. Atharia body ... and not the spirit of this legislation as it sees these groups misguided beliefs of the campaign ... .. and not a thousand times no ...? In the world is no difference between men and women at all ... In a world also not the heritage of the man or woman ... In the world, there is no strong and the weak ... in the world every person has a function of the meaning of pure .. Commended to all ... Function, meaning bad or evil .. Surrounded by - a few product of the neglect of society .... ... In the world based on specialized groups of children ... and intimacy couples pool ... What was striking to him by another .. In a world order based on the science of meaning in a specialized calibration of the total humanitarian and division and arrange classes .. To live each group is similar in a particular place ... In the global human reproduction will not the will of the individual total .... The first word in the world and the last of the mind ... to Allatefp or the meaning of the saying of firearm ...? What did these to you and for a long time ... I do not know ...? .. Is it ignorance of the path ..? .. Is it because you Oslemtem Nasitkm no mercy for a people who in their hearts or in Amaanehm Rahmokm What ..? .. And generally sum up the matter is that was what was ... and you .. You have to come back ...? No wonder, dear reader, if Colt you that as you see the nature of man and the first difference to you now ... I see the world in which they live and the difference between him and the world in which Ohdzq him ...? The fact that the world we live in come a long way in the world of materialism or Pyrotechnics has lost much time And considerable effort in not pointless ... And because the road is the road and the path is the path it was .... That must have happened ... On the contrary, if he intended to track from the beginning of things are different ... first ... To cut a long A significant role in preparing Dhamam human content, or what you know you Pthoudr the human self or what I know I am Upgrading within the firearm and the salvation of Pyrotechnics ... which was with him find the minimum rights in the bliss of a resident ... Yes, and you can not find so-called wars and conflicts and poverty, hunger and disease and the farce of the individual moral Or for the community ... Must be aware of the entire world and especially their leaders and rulers ordered him to what they did with the total humanitarian something significant ...
  8. 8. Add to that the majority of people may utilize the first issue, and therefore we made ... in Any of something ...? As well as ... Many things will be discussed during the chapters of this book to identify the gravity of what they did to human beings ... Well we'll try to explain the application of the philosophy of creation in the door (of globalization) ... and not out of globalization as Some of the out of his mouth without being aware of its dimensions or requirements ... and Awa of which fill their pockets and nothing else ... they took only From the economic side only, and although we we noted that such may allow to get rid of corrupt regimes and non-... That those who made it to the case and they do not have owed them this ... they be given respite and putting pressure on this .. And show off this .. And the interests of getting it ... but not in the humanitarian thing ... which made me stop in the past Follow-up to explain the application (globalization) .. and the worst they twist Kalim ... including the romantic desires ...? In summary initially say that globalization is not only in the economy ..? .. Is not in all areas and fields ... .. Life is full of man ... The strangest thing is that the first foundations of globalization that are thrown Baqidtk whatever and graduated to humanity .. Will they have renounced their faith And embraced the humanity ... In general, we believe that the time has come to explain the application in detail at the end of our book this ...? And also generally to be to recognize and point out that globalization has a broader social perspective as well as her customs and traditions Differ from the customs and tradition of the partisanship or nationalities or similar ...? .. It is important that we begin to write the next section ...
  9. 9. Whirlpool light and fire In this section we discuss something you might find hardship in its acceptance or chew ... is not really done one before ... and may find that this is worrying many people around you .. But no one would wish to discuss it .. In this drawn by you is to fear the consequence ... ?... Everybody knows what the consequence :And the consequence of one of the three ?.. The first possibility to become insane - 1 ?... The second possibility to become a prophet or a messenger - 2 ?... A third possibility to become a dictator - 3 Often likely to be the first by a large majority of attendees ... to ... and this cycle is generally due to the absence The readiness of the majority of them or the powerful motivations to do so ... which makes it easy to shatter the will to have .. When the first test with the forces of attraction of a cycle of strong winds and entry comes from the operative slip and which makes it difficult to remedy ?... the situation ?... And also comes explanation for the unwillingness of some to discuss the matter .... We are here with you to discuss the matter and clarify it for you ... Let's start with it Dear reader .. harmony with the community to the human content important to the majority of single people .... But you find a class Low in the social fabric feel concern internal (within their content) and may increase the pace of this procedure is concerned Then comes the behavior and actions reflect this concern internal and unacceptable or non- homogeneous with the general behavior of society And usually surround the content of the individual through a group of parents or friends .... And sometimes as a result of poor Who pass through as a result of this anxiety or tension receiving them poisonous spiders nets ?.... and extreme As the progress of the community of evolution and the circulation of daily life in the closest resemblance to the riverbed in the watercourse Vicu ?.... It easy for the community uprooted blocking their way ... and have these Omrien Sun The fact that Ttaiwihm the movement of society in the form of compelling and confidential ?Vitapon communicating with the community, but for non-satisfaction As to suffer from a function of the conflict with society and become like one who swims ... ?.... against the tide. ... The usually prevail community And that all these are not the door ... and Mangsdh bottom line in all of them, quite a few of them obvious concern and anxiety From the public around them, especially if it was heterogeneous with the community as a result of unavoidable circumstances such as loss of a parent Or both, or an unknown source to a parent ... or a birth defect, or the like .... As a result of the neglect of Community comes to them ... the opportunity enabling them in isolation from society and a .... case similar to the occasional blues Including the opportunity to find out and try to discuss the matter ... and that it's going slowly ... start trying to Search for the cause of depression ... then in a self-identified ... and then ... in a bid to prove themselves within the community And then in the search for the means ... and then to identify the weaknesses in the ... community ... and then in trying to reform Then in the search for a solution ... It is called ... in the search within the content has ... .. ... sometimes the spirit of the times Sometimes the body of the Creator .... Sometimes what life .... Sometimes what death .... ... Sometimes what evil Sometimes what good times ... what punishment ... sometimes ... what the reward is also in ... inherited Homemakers had prior ... Kgan or demons or angels ... ... or the devil ... or the heavens .... Or Paradise .... Or fire and Kdoual for reward or punishment ....? ... Times for objects that share
  10. 10. .... life Sometimes the target of life, including the end ... or is going to where people .... What better way to .... The way for what evil or eating forbidden and permitted to eat or drink ... .. or men and women and the nature of their relationship .... All these questions ... and also the most important how to contain the general community within the optimal model ... .. as well as many .. ... Accompanying questions that may be self-motivated and vary from content to content Important to start simple questions first of all in the door ... and be with her another question in another section ... and the answer is Compatible with one and different with the other .... It may be compatible with both different with another question for another door And then comes the necessity to be approved so that the solutions do not conflict .... And ... then begin the questions in one Alteward ... ... After the other .... For this and that .... And that and this .. here and there ... ... Vortex begins Be the first symptoms and the desire of this content in isolation from society and away from the other Yin and seclusion in particular, are almost the cravings sharply ... and also the need to conceal his command of everyone around him .. and feel the exhilaration filled the same aspects as income to the isolation of those ?...... We say that we're here early attractions of the cycle of If you remote viewer .... Find some sort of sparkle, even a little bit, as well as some sort of change in the shape and behavior ?.. ... Began accompanies this content With increasing periods of isolation from society ... increase linearly with the length of time that ... to monopolize this particular to the content And therefore increase the forces of attraction of the cycle and also increase accordingly, all questions be answered and almost take All these questions and despite the plentiful .... The nature of the firm desire and urgency to answer .... Here begins the realization of the loads and Mind and these loads are in direct proportion with the questions .... The more Madt questions .... The more Madt loads In the early loading of the mind and a firm desire to get answers .... With the increase in .. ... these questions Little by little .... You may find an escape to this content, which happened to him and away from isolation and Onevkake to the community does not wish ?.. ... Bzath time to stand out and consider it in this case, the run of the same ?And that this may be repeated once or twice .... Something like that ----:.. ... ... We consider this a turning point here first If I feel scared about the content or the inside Vanma insist on escape and reclusion in the - 1 community As a result of the above reason and thought, is almost proportional to the content and the .... latest (and depending on the ability of each phase to escape) ... but it was a quantum leap of .... thought among the members of normal society ... which makes it He attended if any of the areas of life science or intellectual or social .... A genius (and it is natural to be genius Advantage as well .... It remains a fugitive until death. ... The distance between him and enter into a second vortex And that some of those aware of how to enter the vortex, and how to withdraw from it ...., For some writers and thinkers ... so they start Ertaduha whenever they want to broadcast a new concept or thought they envisioned an event or behavior, should be translated A new or falls, new thinking should be supported or fight ...? Each of these is aware of the timing of the cycle as the first experience has created what looks like them (alarm) ?.... procedure second path / to be the self of the meaning of the content firearm strong .... In the sense - 2 that the meaning fiery Content strong in the face of challenges .... In other words, despite the presence of extreme fear not that the motives and love of the standby Adventure on the contrary be strong in the face of this fear .... Vtjd that this content ball and re-enters the Swirl again to take its own merits ... and in general the more it is motivated primarily a
  11. 11. humanitarian one ... the more the vortex transparent and clear-cut ... Yes, the motives of the ?.... cycle usually have impact on the consequences As well as having considerable impact of permeability within the vortex in the degree of ?... resistance also within It is important to point out that quickly completed Khater and speed of the content once again enter the cycle and in particular unilateral Humanity (meaning fiery) after a little time and not as it was in the past ... and Khater and ?speed advantage here Is directly proportional, as previously explained with the extent of the depth within the ... sightseer vicious circle from one person to another and from motive to motive The important thing is to be received soon thoughts and reproduce the questions from .... every direction and all that, perhaps one in the timing of Is part of the second one ... It may be in astronomy then find the medicine after you find human behavior after you find the soul finds the body and death and heaven and hell and possibly find their distance from the Creator and on women and men and then later Many, many ...? ... Yes, take questions in the form of Al-Khater Tewardha one after the other and quickly take Increasing slowly ... and these questions are intertwined together for the sake of embodying the form of cone-based revolving rapidly Big head cone to the bottom of this is the center of the circle and gather the forces of attraction are all in this vortex Onjah Center And where the vortex speed increases dramatically for the content ... need to increase as .... the use of the content in the whole Possible senses of the content, including the Sixth Sense also .... In response, resistant to the forces of attraction within the vortex These senses are subject to stress, including hard work and she can bear .... Consequently, ... the changing physical features of the content Vtlhz luster in sight and Jehoza slightly in the eye ... as well as increase the sense of hearing and sense of taste and the statement And the sense of smell and the sense of touch and what is a boom in the society around them ... as well as what seemed like a sixth sense to predict the incident before it happens ... help ?... them in later issues of containment cycle In addition, and most importantly ... the meaning firewall-hwan of the content ... to be as ... ?... content firearm for a newborn baby As the vortex is capable of self-destruction of the content of human ... it will be easy for Huan ?.... children In general, all of this is given to the guarantor that the content of this humanitarian kind of ... sparkle and permeability to many people around The important thing is what we want to follow the same cycle .... Although the continuity of human content under the influence of the circle and follow-up Increase speed and capacity so as not to leave the vortex are small and large not been struck by the ... ... and be received and answered questions In hypersonic In the armies of a bus ... Yet Hwan human content, especially the content of ... the mind becomes Of these thoughts in reexamination operative stream that falls from the top of the thin sheets are thin and light is growing Khater, to become of this mighty Khater and the ability to acquire the entire human content to be up Reduction because it consists of subjective and Sultan in the human content ... and become in the process of command and the prompt for the content of humanitarian And comes to find that if a case of schizophrenic personality that you know ... but the ... situation is somewhat different Vasyl Khater, which we have mentioned here is much greater than the carrying capacity of ... human content processions which Makes the human content in complete obedience and acquiescence to the tyranny and the growing flood Khater ... which is much more deference and obedience Abdul .. The king ... Here, prepares for the content of humanitarian and if the creature had another heavenly Attah ... perhaps ... or seems to him to say that in his condition that could become a fantasy .. Vitejel is a certainty that this heavenly creature is the creator of a metaphor ... or someone by him .. and keep pace with human content Even if it Alosttqal state of the situation and feel as
  12. 12. ?... (if nothing will fall from (slot anus Stress and improve the mind much more than what is before him by. Which makes it quick to sleep in as soon as possible And here we would like to point out that many have fallen at this stage under the influence .. of madness as a result of the inability to endurance In general madness (spiral does not stop ...?) ... Human content, it may work to get the rest of the brain and thus may be able to cross the mouth of madness ... and then follow the cycle again .... And some may could not rest or be one of the Evljh around or they say insanity in such moments, for example .... Here Dhamam unravel the mind and enter into the madness and where it is lost and the reasons for the introduction of the coordinates of vortex velocities varied between perception and the cycle of mind or say the mind ... and because the mind ... has occurred under the influence of the circle and where to stop And that those who succeed in crossing this point, this stage may actually succeed in overcoming the forces of attraction Of the cycle ... and become Bmekdrathm discharge orders Khater sale ... which might be considered, especially in the early stages it An ethereal creature or something by its creator metaphor .. something of this nature is not ?... not With the case of unloading the beginning stages (Brake Light spiral) .... This has been the case of discharge of these orders is not consistent And sometimes comes necessary to enter the cycle again, but at lower speeds and is ... consistency of this ... and then after that consistency is not Haddathiat other, and so little by little to take a light-speed vortex ... and not as fast when compared to the reality experienced by the society around them, and so on ... and as a result of a natural experiment Whirlpool is the human content of this extraordinary surge in the total human around him and as a result of this speed comes Sixth Sense, very clear and comes with unpredictable, sometimes prescient, or to identify the corresponding content thoughts and forecasting, including the :inside .... and so on .... This is certainly the content in this case is one of two options The Prophet or Messenger ... and push the situation that befell him to believe that the sale - 1 Khater in tyranny and domination of schizophrenia and content as explained earlier and as if ?.. ... the heavenly creature came to the dictates of his a dictator. ... The pay situation that has befallen him to the hidden powers that enable a - 2 ?.... pro with his wishes to do In both cases, driven by motives and one which is trying to contain the others around them ... and that the way to the various The former is trying to contain the other containment system magical experience .... Any ?... of the images during metaphysics possible that the Commission ?The reward ... or pictures metaphysics of fire ... for impunity .... Or similar And the second is trying to contain the other tools from the world of reality to stimulate or punishment, oppression and so on .... In general, both of Reservoir is gravity on the total humanitarian around, and because both a rule of thumb very smart in how to contain Others which makes each of them in light of the significant impact that inclusion on the march, humanitarian one way or another But whether the impact was good or evil, it is calculated on the humanitarian and marches. ... The course is the ability as we have indicated And that this content is a boom in his time, his family and very smart, which makes it the one ?who can contain many around him ... Yes Through these many and prevails on them come to him as some sort of balance with the community in which they live and this is a necessary requirement in order to exist a kind of peace within .. and that both seeks to reform, but may differ in the way of that Still, it must be understood that Whirlpool has close association and the spirit world, .... .. ... natural phenomena And this? This link comes from the cycle of transparency of the operative ... During the ... cycle take the soul of the content of the human kind of high transparency which gives the soul the ability of high permeability .... Such permeability is to be able to contain the others as well as Vsap meaning to that content being able to link different universe Bdoual Kazawahr natural earthquakes and wind and rain, etc. as well as the Accession For different things or read Maikhvih others from around the intentions or Tsoullac and because the thing for almost Ayalmh Sun
  13. 13. That the universe as a whole subject (of the theory of meaning) and "inappropriate, comes the link between the meanings of various firearms, including the creation and Light Both ... .., then the movements of stars and some natural phenomena, which are tied to trip for this theory to be virtually a translation of some of the emotional function To the theory of interaction within the meaning of this .... And it is necessary to point out that the basics of the theory of meaning ... the meaning of creation before .... This means that the meaning of the creature is placed first, and then creation has come ...? Well, then you can learn That there is a fixed effect corresponding to the fungal creatures and this constant exists by virtue of human existence on Earth Which is responsible for maintaining order and stability of the planet and prevent them from harm ... is the rest of the remainder rights Even if the content in a single or a human, even if for one unit of the minimum rights ... Yes, as well as Vtvaalat General conduct of the minimum rights and the amount determining the size of stings and the nature of natural phenomena, which may be exposed to humans In the whole year .... In addition, some natural phenomena that keep pace with the demands of some product of the cycle of light and fire came The operative capacity of the meaning of these is not .... Vsap the meaning of these may be so great that it has nine Capacities of the meanings of the millions of people in normal situations and such capacities to enable them to influence the balance of the meaning Year, which may see that some of the natural phenomena may occur as a result their anger or sadness or any function Emotion of the meaning of their deaths as well as when .... Perhaps they may not know about it only after they have repeated .... And probably marks the The matter is that some of the public from the world of rights and without access to the cycle of light and fire have the capacities to accommodate a greater degree of meaning And without the feel and Tsahbhm some natural phenomena, and without them being aware of this and the overall sense of Points and Of the meaning of the singular or general points come from the stress of emotion or meaning ... ... and is long, while the talk Yes, and inappropriate, it is necessary to show that the case is entirely different ... .. we are only to the soul .... This changed after at Of the body and treasure them and their terms of death and the nature of the body after death and in so ... ..? We are all of this ?.. ... Bara ....? Knocked and that we only to the soul That is an oddity of things to be desired direction is the Middle Vtjd that all human beings have left the east and west Daloa What seemed like a conspiracy .... But whether at the level of the rulers, or beliefs or intellectuals, writers, etc. from the rest If you find it inconceivable that we, instead of in the world of meanings and live up to .... ?.... Advanced and proficient in the world of materialism in recipes Sometimes in purely materialistic selfishness and sometimes in greed and intolerance, sometimes in self-love, sex, and sometimes in the nationalities and faiths ....? While we All of the spirit only Qomyatna and our faith is not man is not ....? Why do I see ... I do not know the wars and ethnic groups and as is raised by the materialism And characteristics .... Let's hear it for all in all parts of the earth, saying roads pw road and - non-objective and goal is to Maybe because I Aokdr on non ?This
  14. 14. Essences of creation and functions journey of salvation Must at the outset to say that the Creator, a metaphor on top of the perception and even and you have reached the summit of the perception that at the end of Human experience and compliance with the fungal creatures distance will almost Kmahy can not be aware of the Creator or near ?.... It .... Yes multitude fungal creatures prevent you from this This has created the Creator of the universe we live in marine .... Sea and Sea of Fire light, both Thtwem theory of meaning This theory is very similar to programs in the overlay accuracy and its exact sciences and that Anhaz just like the natural sciences and the keys of sense ... .. and more accurate in the sense that it can be said or a sense that the star moves from place to place In other words, possible that the storm is blowing from place to place ... and so on .... ?.... Something like that And the Sea of light qualities of modesty and obscurity, a Hin-hwan of the newborn, or Huan water ... In general, the water was Ambassador of the Sea to Sea Pyrotechnics light and push the human existence ... of materialism and the qualities and functions of the Sea of Light is a transparent sign of modesty and obscurity, a tortured and Adhupth freshness of the sea-Nur, a Hen and indignity of Huan Sea of light as well as to Wlwith and purity of the pearly light if there were anything in it ... Yes ... water is Ambassador Overall Vmaheat Sea Light Kalrouh carrying essences scientific extremely complicated and the precision and a sensitivity that enables us to From the introduction of the natural sciences now and draw them all science all of which may have known or you may know the future .... Yes All of us of the spirit so to speak, is en route to Itbu rights status and compliance with the .... innate creation ... .. Yes Essences are extraordinary scientific and intelligence of the limits of our perception at the moment and have a strange way of total domination over the Behavior of human content to serve the desired track, and despite Ncoz meaning of Fire- General and the accompanying experience ?.... Humanity not domination, is back again .... Yes, it is also Despite this it does not give us knowledge except as much as we need or we are looking .. for .... This may be of supplies of human experience When we come to talk about materialism or Pyrotechnics It comes Kalmsmyat Human beings in the world of natural science ...? However, it should be noted that may not be of material goods or Pyrotechnics and not characteristics It is always hiding to exceed its borders, although the most important qualities Alnhaz but the borders are well ... have an innate Fmcolp that there is a creature alive ... a creature of fire ... can not see it ... is one that we ?.. ... stop with him First of life of the attributes of the soul or the light ... second, that the Spirit Atjtma and fire ... at all .. We have explained that in the equation was the creation of human mind as a dividing (?... line between light and fire and in the image (Canar is not the meaning of As well as the qualities of fire, said it is scandalous. ... The Maily qualities, which all lead to .. physical appearance and ?.... How can there be a creature of fire tablets at the same time ... We conclude to say that the saying jinn and demons and the Devil, and so on flimsy argument .... And all these To Atakrj from being a group of human illusions, which began in the imagination of the day reported by the first time and grew up Many thanks to gossip in the world of humans and formed myths and stories and beliefs ...
  15. 15. ?... ... and do not exist at all ?.... But how ....? Satan does not exist how Yes ... As we pointed out that the philosophy of creation of man Bmahtoyen first came to light, a spirit of fire, a second The body and attachments of the meaning of the fiery .... These extensions Ktma and narcissism and stubbornness, fear, oppression And arrogance, and arrogance, ignorance and determination and might and glory and cling ?.. ... and nervous, and so on We say that when these tools interact with the meaning above the fire inside the fiery human content to pay to do ?... Fire (someone you know you're evil) .... In this case the devil As well as when calm these tools for interaction and dominates the soul, mind, human content and pay to do the coordinates of ?.... To the light and you know you are well .... It is in this case .... Angel ?... ... We stress that the Nothingness of the devil at all ?.... We also emphasize that the Nothingness of the angels as well ... ..? .... And how Yes ... Fmcolthm that the angels of light ....? Say deserves to stand in front of him something ?.. ... of an exclamation point If the light is not strong enough to do anything or even to talk ... ... Valenor Huan Hin hardly ?.... be less than the newly-hwan newborn If we talked about the natural sciences, we realized that science is pointed out that the clouds and the clouds and rain are the coordinates of a purely scientific .... Michael came out of the ?.... command college .... One of the angels in charge of Balimtreetly claim It comes after death, if that is not to prejudice a purely chemical equation ... if true spirit and exist on equal footing with the Spirit and went the process of death that you know ...? Here, ?.... the subject came out of the hand of Yisrael Yes, and alleged the existence of angels if the soul with the same traits and qualities and ... .... more Inappropriate, and stress that the presence of the angels and the subject does not legally ?... exist once As well as Fmcolp worship, whether of angels or human beings and especially to all recognized faiths .... anything worth Stand it ....? .... Real actions of all these people and within all faiths does not come from being a spiritual retreat .... He's trying Which each one of them that the rules the content of the light has the content of the fire ... ?.... and nothing else In general, try to know your content humanitarian and know the way and then you will know that the Creator (metaphorically) does not require you Any act of worship only that especially if you are in the (calibration experience creature of (?.... innate creation ?... Paradise, as well as forms and fire as Tejeloha .... To Atakrj no illusions about being not We are of the spirit first and required an innate character to us that the meaning of .... .... (Issahabna bullet (the body firearms and accessories But whether the act was to light or fire (and you know you are good and evil) does not come from being a function of the meaning .... As well as Valithabp or punishment not come from being a function of meaning as well .... Such an act would have time .... Valithabp and punishment as well as his time as well .... It is not for ,eternity as imagined by some people .... The first shipment or ionization ... .. Second ?.... Or alternatively come to this unloading of lading or ionization. ... The time is of the two But what happened .... It raised on the beliefs meanings firearms Voodt them to the greed .... for reward was paradise And claimed them to revenge for those who did not walk on the greed was trained to take .... ?.. ... revenge was also the fire ?.. ... Both are The case is very simple .... But they are Kanakp threads Tzaahmana exception here and there and it differs greatly from the falls of the falls. ... The Gossip many Atzmn not sing about ?.... hunger ... In fact, in Ckheothm usually weak If you think about the total human Contemporary find that fact in their nets does not represent one-tenth of the total human But still have hope to contain the other two ....? ... A wonderful thing they Ikdwa of people ....
  16. 16. and communities living on various humanitarian and shame them Ihshm to search for the right .... way Was supposed to be aware that all that separated humans from a doctrine or ideology is unacceptable ... It was supposed to be aware of That any call for revenge killing or rejected ... It was supposed to be aware that any call for a war between human beings is unacceptable Quite important reasons ... sometimes require the wars in support of the Cross ... and .. ... sometimes the victory of Islam and support Jewish .. and tip of the iceberg ... and we affirm that we are innocent of all this .... Jahlipoasbip purely in paper Silvan ...? Have not changed much from Cain and ?.... Abel ....? Despite the passage of thousands of years Even if they had created ... in support of good over evil ... .. unacceptable in form and .... ?.. ... substance The war and all forms or types of unacceptable in principle or substance, form and .... ?.... subject As well as Fmcolp certificate .... Or martyrdom .... Is rejected and all human beings ... .. When .... we began the journey of salvation But whether the process of death, as you know ... normal ... .. or kill for any reason ... .. be the outcome of the degree of ionization for this moment is your gateway to the journey of ... salvation .... In spite of all what they have said in this and all Alakatd is false Yes ... as well as what I call the argument of the believer and the infidel ... assure that no believer nor an unbeliever all human and all-in advantage of unlimited ....? And all for each ... ?Mrduha reward and punishment to the whole due to all as well ... how As we have stated that the case very simple ... even if many of you gave up work and money and boys more time to think In the case of creation, life, and after throwing away and hold beliefs of humanity ....? To know the difference between what was and live it ?.... .Supposed to live it ... Yes We can simply say that if we take a drop of water from a cup and passed the drop on the tube by the color red Vthelont Red Balloon, even after they have passed on the filter to the color red Fajlsa of color again and returned to the serenity and transparency of the first and put it in the cup again .... You're ?.... able to come in the same drop again ....? ... .. Of course not The same applies to the session of the spirit ....? Our market has the previous example of simplicity and understanding .... When you find the chemical formula Spirit in the womb is like a drop of water in and out of this nascent life Vicu tube and then after that you have someone you know begins to die filter (journey of salvation) .... And then again to enter the soul and self .... Almha the And color that is not mentioned as the degree of ionization of the Spirit during the journey of life and this ionization comes through the emotion and stress Of the meaning of the accompanying firearm and there is emotion and stress Balmujb ... there is negative emotion and stress, both with varying degrees of maximum to minimum corresponds to each degree of ionization of these heavier weights the balance in the journey of salvation Or say a trip to the resurrection in the sense you have ...? And that such bodies of equal weight was philosophical salvation Filter Of ionization .... This means that the degree of ionization is governed by the nature of the ,associated embodiment of a journey to find salvation and "inappropriate The multiplicity of types and forms of embodiment and in addition to the existence of chains of one type often ....? Balance and weights that did not need the To another world ... As we are the Department of Automatic and simple and did not need to .... complicate .... And you and you not only The world of birds and animals and reptiles and trees, whether on land or sea is the weight of ... the balance and simply Yes .. and the process is done automatically (you know you are in a treasure Ootomatki) .... You do not need angels of fire Or angels of the Commission or to the angels of the account or to eternal life in heaven or hell ?... .... Yes, this is only the excessive greed and imagination and, as usual, nothing new Yet the odd thing is that some beliefs stated that Paradise underneath which rivers flow, and the fruit-fold
  17. 17. Size that we know ...? Openly and as discussed in the door journey of salvation .... As recognized in the relative Find that the meaning and weight of the balance that bears the embodiment example, the bird comes in a similar manner to those under the Rivers If the nest Manzer to fruit and found it even more depending on the size and relatively small because the body ....? Our comment here as vortex ?.... There is no doubt We conclude in this section that does not exist to the angels ... there are no committees or the devil .... Nothingness of the Commission or the alleged fire Within the beliefs ... does not exist for the divine messages of ....? As well as to the presence ?.... of the Resurrection on this And it may be there are certainly other creatures in other worlds, but inevitably it has to reflect and perhaps In an experiment to calibrate the creature created, such as innate rights, but they certainly emphasize the less the meaning of the meaning of human In the theory of meaning and philosophy of creation ....? Perhaps we find at the end of the human experience that we are part of a series of Metrakbpmany include the universe as a whole and the human being the highest theory of meaning and as we control the universe as .. ... a whole. ... The Tavalha As we have also come a philosophy of creation In general, we would like to emphasize that the natural tendency of human nature created by the trend to light ... Vaklh above ...? Add it instinctively heading for birds standing on two legs ... ....? As for what is happening in the world of human beings ... in their own vessels and the governors of the leaders of ?.... And doctrines of the imams, writers, intellectuals and so on As well as rights to Fmntoq BFH arranged in the theory of the meaning of any creature found in the other worlds come from Coordinates of the theory of meaning in terms of parallels in the philosophy of creation .... Light and fire. Which makes it a creature than a genius  ES ?... Creativity and eternity ... Yes ... and eternity here, it's not as it is for the soul Yes, a wonderful creature to the Creator (metaphorically) However Valkhalq (metaphorically) on the top of the perception of this creature and although the fuel The actual function of the movement of this creature is a perception ... Add to the perception that the end of this creature came in the end, along with Mullah realize that may not be talking about the Creator does not describe it ... may be only open channel Al-Khater Between you and your Creator and not waiver ....? And not waive this clarify it ... .. that does not try to know Being Or attributes of the Creator (metaphorically) it is not permissible to ask him or invite him to victory or revenge or injustice or rich or reward or ... Punishment or any of materialism and its characteristics at all ... but it is a kind of ignorance ?.. If they stood Canal Khater these were in the happiness and satisfaction and peace in the meaning and be innocent of the entire treasure Ncwana spirit .... And then risked High sense of civilized luxury. ... The meaning of such a transparent and whenever Mnsma euphoria light quiet You will find comfort and a barrage of Khater aspects of your content fills the happiness ... and satisfaction and comfort that will not be notified, even if ?... With the alleged Jnatk ...? Yes And when I say I am the Creator (metaphorically), I blush to be rude uttering a word (the .... (creator Yes, what does not come the perception does not come the statement ... ..? .... But Khater is allowed above the summit of human perception Yes. ...? Although we saw and we saw Optma for people to talk about the Creator ... (metaphorically) and all faiths, speeches, and also to talk about the qualities of the Creator (metaphorically) .... We consider this kind of thing kind of ignorance is not If people do not know how the issue of creation mainly Aejehlon them to their Creator ... ?.... also .... Fjhl ignorance No comment on this matter a lot, but I say I know your content first human to know the .... ?(Creator (metaphorically As well as look at all faiths to find the one thing which all of the search for a black cat in a dark room and not
  18. 18. Have any presence ....? Tell you about peace and do not know him the way you have cut all the roads completely Kmshehadp Spider ... but do not have one clear-cut way ...? ... And all without exception and called for the noble Morals and suddenly, and without introductions out of them shot him ....? .... We affirm that all Kankpot and dreaming, all ?.... Not quite sure what to call, but not the legacy Toarzh not More importantly, they all did not look to the imagination as one of the main topics that may affect the ionization of the Spirit just like the fact Yes. Amoa him ... .. and claimed that social justice heavenly absent or non-existent .... This ... is their opinion and almost all of us ... and if you look to the mainland and overburdened with meaning and mean minimum Resurrection, in fact, bird or animal Or insects or trees, and so on .... If you have found an analogy in the world of the sea ... even if you look you will find that Bird similarities tilapia and different types of birds equivalent different tilapia species. ... The snake, for example, to the mainland Equivalent sea serpent. ... The trees in the grass land equivalent of coral in the sea ... .. and .... so on And widespread for both birds and tilapia in particular in the sea almost as much .... Vtair can goes up and down In the space around it ... as well as tilapia can mount to the surface and fall to the bottom of .... the sea The difference is that the bird of reality ... and tilapia to Fairyland .... Yes, social justice exist .... by virtue of innate character .. Not to pretend that it does not exist or that Nsthdtha In general, we will review these matters in the next door and were going to get it also for peace and the operative concept and meaning of Yes ... and knowing that I knock on doors not only has left you dear reader to examine the .... details for yourself
  19. 19. The journey of salvation Beginning in the past have made it clear that the journey of salvation and that may be defined by you (journey Resurrection) ... What is not a filter to remove Ionization of the Spirit, which was the result of the meaning associated with firearm and also made it clear that the degree of ionization of such filters have Different depending on the degree of ionization that ... and the difference comes in different embodiment of the filter in the accompanying flight of the Spirit in salvation ... and the colorful weights the balance of the bird and animal or insect, plant, or the weight of the balance of imagination in the world of the sea .... Yes, as well as chains and reflect the behavior in one .... and its complications .. And so on But it should be noted that the nature of salvation come by something as simple or complex ... .... overlay But let us take for example the beginning of a small Enkerb distance to understand ... .. Yes, when you are dreaming to see as he sees sleeping The snake Ilahakk for example ...? The startled from sleep ....? Or on the contrary, that the dream of a white dove .. ... Vtkon fluttering around you with joy and the joy of your sleep happy and optimistic It is quite similar in the journey of salvation is that there is a slight difference .... Is that you are accompanying a continuous basis Therefore, the snake and say, for example .... Or a companion to this pigeon have also consistently and not always is .... Just To conclude that the soul of the ionization function .... And get rid of serenity and purity, and began its journey as human content within the first time ... it goes back to the Almha and ?.... where's it Still, it is worth noting also that the spirit in which this is the journey of salvation, which supplies embodiment of life associated ?.... Just as give you life and you sleep in your bed and dreaming And the Spirit in that session into the session, such as session silkworm known about or similar ....? Yet a fundamental difference .... Between the two And that it requires us to clarify the basic functions that affect the ionization of the Spirit and have a direct impact -- :Degrees of ionization that .... And clarify as follows .. ... emotion in all its forms - 1 (Ubiquity (the domain of the function - 2 the impact on the size of the content of human - 3 vector of the content and the degree of human vulnerability - 4 College of Conduct - 5 liquidity mind - 6 the environment or the reality that contains - 7 the physical components of the content - 8 Sort mind, and spirit - 9 Peace of content - 10 And so influences ... ..? We will stand with each of them to explain how the impact of what seemed like a no operative not ?.... And we can not afford the time or the book to explain the full .. ... And the beginning of every emotion you calculated the joy or sorrow and joy lead to the light, sorrow and distress lead to fire If we consider that the positive and negative to the light of the ionization of fire .... And .... emotional degrees in both cases As for the widespread flu comes the function where the Great ... Vmahby travel and travel accounted for their proliferation capacity As a function of a large .... On the contrary, Vmahbi homelands and where they come Terhal function of trees and the widespread function with the lower ... as well as the more the more the widespread positive value to the light. ... The decline
  20. 20. .... Comes negative and the fire As for the impact on the size of the accompanying ... and not feel for him not to suffer from it ... he felt that a short or improve He feels that he is long or high or feels that he is huge .... This is achieved through this type of .procedure and the pent-up emotion As for the content of the vector fields covered by the humanitarian ... to say ... The trend of ... the nerve, either being the homelands or ethnicities or of the doctrine of the ... and the degree of Totherk this direction you'll also calculated. ... The direction is always to any four Vectors for animal .... Valorba in animals, those with four concerned to insist on the direction and meaning to a function have In human life ... and whenever the presence of trend and insist upon the degree of ionization declined to come to the fire As for the conduct of conduct, there Nuarany and you know you well and there are bullet behavior and you know you're evil This is calculated for you and that provided a calculated emotion when you do both ... and of course that this positive and negative As for the liquidity of the mind. ... The means that no intolerance and rigidity ... and cruise to temperate climates intellectually and logically ?.... And where no restrictions just like the water ... and minds, a lot of liquid, a light to light The more liquidity the more reason for the spirit of transparency and the highest ionization function name, and function in the world of super-light As the frozen brains increased cruelty and the majority of the function of ionization of the ?... Spirit of a fire As for the environment and the reality ... RFID data environment and the reality of living human content is effective and influential And varying degrees of these data between the content and another ... and here comes the imagination to solve .... In order to have the coordinates Social justice .... And that many frequented the imagination of revenge and bloodshed, and perhaps also preventing them from many crimes in the world of reality ... and Ortadh many of those afflicted with romances .... And one can close your imagination Therefore find that the species of fish was blind .... Because many of those who have been deprived eyes were prisoners of grace Imagination against their will ...? ... As well as Fmrtady masturbation or sexual young girls, especially if McCann has Function of ionization are also included in Fairyland ... you during this usually imagine a young and not what you have, in fact, and concludes Your content from the desire that has befallen you ... as well as female .... "Inappropriate and came Nalkhial also a consensus that it also For example, female tilapia fish lay eggs alone and as indeed the first ... and then comes to the male I_khasbh of the situation and I also like his In general environment of the imagination comes the night and with similar deep-sea and ... Fmvdily usually work at night are closest to enter In the world of fiction, especially if they encountered ionization inside them for this ... and the majority of entrants to the imagination of artists and dancers And girls or boys in the scope of the romantic ... Most of the dancers, who also prefer dressing or women Especially if she felt a kind of ionization inside and ionization appears to have a preference in .... the sub ...? Also entering the imagination Inappropriate, and find that most of the fish comes almost naked there is no need for you in the clothing if they entered Fairyland .... As well as Vdjulk the imagination comes by stealth, as well as air space, which you choose .... As well as every action by stealth around you who In the world of reality .... Calculated to the imagination ...? .... In general Vojoa fiction Kojoa fact there are 00 of his income for a romantic There is of his income to retaliation and revenge ... there is Qsrallowaqa of the givens of ... the high hopes Vstaadha of imagination ?.. ... There are ... .. and there .... Yes, a fantasy that can compensate for anything lacking in the world of reality and the difference is very slight between you and living this reality you wish for, but must take the ?.... reasons for the rest of the functions of the ionization of spirit
  21. 21. Fully permitted by the dove in worldly terms. ... The Tilapia fish in the sea .... He tried to stand on the difference between them ...? To find that the difference is as simple as was previously ? .... stated ? .... Because the facts of the wings of a dove was given As you close the door to the realm of fiction, it is liable to push you to the functions of hatred and hatred and the cycle of fire And that by their nature may make a function of ionization of the Spirit you have a function of ?.... the fire .... It's generally depends on you I know that the Creator (a metaphor) did not distinguish between the content and another .... So the argument is empty and the apostles exist and, as we explained Previously ... Yes, if I learned the philosophy of creation of the universe .... To learn that the Creator (metaphorically) if he wants .... Ikhalqk in the deep abyss and comes back to him (metaphorically) and without the mediation of and without the message or the messengers ... .. leave it open to all human beings and draws All content is intended to be of meaning and this would be, in terms of absolute justice .... Even if the reality in modern times .... You have imagination gives him .... ... .. Yes ... you ?have imagination It is natural that the momentum of the imagination will take you as a sea water fish .... It has cruise and high-motivated movement Where is the euphoria that Tsahbk during Artiedk of imagination and reach a peak orgasm to ?.... light may make you shudder for a few seconds .. and with it the movement is high As for the physical components of the content .... During infancy and the beginning .... Start ?.... ionization function But whether treatment center or the ocean or manner of behavior, and so on .... They are all factors that help in the process of ionization Of the spirit. ... The physical components come as a factor, especially with the friction between the children, which may lead content of the Child To rely on the body in the Nile from others ... .. and be one of the axes of the trend in a .... function in the meaning Because the direction of the function of the meaning and function of the fiery spirit of the ionization starting from the beginning of the perception of the child or less human content of ?.... the child ... .. and also vice versa We emphasize that nothing in the environment of any human content from the cradle to the grave as they say has not impact A function of ionization of the Spirit especially if it is operative from stress or emotion of the meaning of firearm ... .. We would like to make clear Second, we mean in the sense firewall (what you know you are self-human) .... But we would always put all in place Exactly and precisely ... We do not wish to see in the dark or fog, or through Agsh of the .... spider ?.... It is the meaning in a fiery .... ?.... If you think about what Colnah previously that man saying all or all-in-one .... Why Because of the operative part of the absolute justice to the community about the content of any human is responsible first and foremost function of direction This content is true that this content can be dealt with in a lot of the trend function of the meaning of his firearm, but can not address the whole thing ... Yes As well as collective salvation and that salvation circle contains a function of friction between expressions of the equivalent 00, it hit this and that, eat this and this and this Nashwan angry, etc., and Otava murder in the life of the world means that the meaning of a bullet wound .... ?... contains the meaning of another and any sense of salvation eaten Began to function in the meaning firearm from scratch and must be completed and the entire humanitarian total to zero as well .... This ?... Also operative absolute justice .... Starting point of the circle end As for the rank of mind and spirit within the content the more it have sovereignty over the content and without prejudice to the requirements The meaning of Fire and desires and rights whenever the function bound to the light ... ..? The more elevated mind, and spirit of the meaning of Fire as measuring the distance to this sophistication within a function of ionization of the Spirit and translated in the ?.. journey of salvation As for the peace of the content of Fire is also a function of the ionization function of the soul ...
  22. 22. and usually discerned in the case of each content Vamahtoy Pacific Radi touch in the performance of peace and tranquility, even in a modern way .... Such know that there are Harmony and peace between him and the content of Antioch of Fire .... The content Gipsy noisy and without warning, you know that this content to Islam is and that there is something wrong with the harmony and peace within the content ... Yes. .... In this degree in this degree ... and they are generally localized in the world of salvation In general, should know that the journey of salvation begins with the act directly ... But whether the reward or punishment and because they directly intervene in the degree of ionization of the Spirit ... The journey begins life in a bullet and then the part of it is luminous or less Well ... Vtkon the result of the degree of ionization stages ....? ... Yes, it is the sum of the .... two They called on the operative part of repentance and in all faiths .... We are innocent of this ?.... operative All you do is calculated in particular and as previously mentioned it is accompanied by the kind of stress or excitement of the meaning of firearm In general, you know the Creator (metaphorically) the creation of the universe as a whole and .. ... as services are programmed defects unimaginable And where .... The one and one = two ... .. three will not be an exception will never, under any .... names No exceptions, not emotions or love, for example, people from the people or to the category ?.... of the category ... ..? Playfulness And we can not say that human beings only in their entirety, only now are not more than a .... small child ... a small play in the dirt It is only charting ... .. A ... B ... either in the Humanities (Alnoraniat) or the meaning or firearm in the sciences Natural treasure ...? Yes ... especially as it perhaps did not start the road yet ... is not yet ?... known what is Not yet known way ...? Is lost in heritage and beliefs and superstition and fanaticism and .. ?.... ethnic mini-states and Tah Tah ... .. Yes ...? ... It is not the problem Intuitively must be a person comes his way .. satisfaction in it or not satisfied ...? .. Yes ... ?... there is no problem yet Still, it must be emphasized that the nature of the paradox of the soul of the body and you know death as well as determined by the way Function meaning firearm or degree of ionization of the Spirit ... Even if it as well as the nature of the diseases that might be exposed to the body Of the meaning of life associated with fiery closely linked to the ionization function of the spirit .... as well In general, remains to be talking about some examples of functions to guide the meaning firearm. ... The analogously to try to come up with ------: ... Bmnazertha in the world of imagination and access to the differences and Mviaderh ?.... Snakes and snakes come a function of the meaning of deprivation of Fire Comes a function of migratory birds travel and travel. ... The bathroom comes as a function of .... peace And songbirds as a function of Tarab and singing .... It comes as a function of the peacock .. ... vanity and boastfulness, and wilderness .... The spider as a function of containment. ... The most of the imams beliefs The animals came Kmottaghat fanatic insisted on the direction, whether of material goods and the quantum .... Vtjd elephant and buffalo Or the meaning Ohtdbaa firearm in the fire or to do evil adamant it was black and tigers ... and cats Strings) ... .. It should be noted that the snakes are in the same operative, but there are other) differences in the function meaning (Dogs Kmottagh fanatic a function of sex (sexual intercourse between male and female .... The horse Kmottagh fanatic of a function recalcitrant and stubborn .... And the weasel or Vare for a Vampire, a revenge often ... ... And derives most of the plants and trees as a function to neurons and to uphold the .... .... homelands .... Comes a function of the insects of weakness and humiliation
  23. 23. Also comes Fairyland full reciprocity with the difference of the environment and therefore with a different embodiment of the equivalent of the journey of salvation .. ... And the degree of ionization and as I have already tried to trip for There is also amphibians ... .. It is cheap functions of the meaning of a firearm ... the meaning of lived reality and assassinated many Of the meanings of the imagination .... "Inappropriate, and find that it was the equivalent of the embodiment in the form of an ugly or bad ....? The sort of Alnhaz ?.... There she lived reality and has totally lived and is not fantasy and has totally We would also like to note that the kangaroo and the rabbit comes after the operative part of a vector a long period of animal life and then come A serious attempt to change the direction has not been completed ...? ... .. Ie it is the sudden ?.... change in the meaning of the function of Fire And that it should be mentioned that the strings of meaning can be found birds and animals, insects or ?... ... Trees and may find the meanings of what is common between two or more In general, When the ratings reflect the equivalent of taking many criteria which we have spoken of the meaning of Kmwtherat firewall and add --- :To Is it a bird or animal or insect or a tree or participative debates in the world of - 1 ... imagination ... Size of the embodiment of - 2 Increase the length of the head and neck from the body - 3 Differences between male and female - 4 Color - 5 Ubiquity - 6 food and drink - 7 .. Conduct and the internal state of excitement - 8 ?.... And so on standards As for the high head and the length of the neck to say that the higher the head and long neck whenever the light of reason and HH As for the difference between male and female still say that whenever the difference between male and female as the function of light His Highness the meaning and class, urbanization, on the contrary the greater the difference between male and female as the function of fire And underdevelopment and the decline in urbanization As for color, there are illuminating a green color (for development) and blue (containment) and white (for purity) and violet Hope), especially when they are light and transparent .... As well as Brighter firearms are red) ?.... and yellow, orange and black ?.... And degrees of color to reflect the standards also fall within the We mean that when evidence of other functions of the meaning ... and this is not possible .... Because the other variable also functions But our intention to clarify the standard is not ... not because the function of other RFID-you- go ... ... The lesson nutshell .... The meaning of the function of firearm as a whole We have made clear that the punishment or reward comes automatically and after engaging in any act that salvation comes directly after the fact Things up and that in most cases, it is overflowing with meaning firearm on the body and only feel the aura of the content Especially with age, and before the journey of salvation (ie, before the process of death that (you know Should also be noted that the journey of salvation comes in the way of salvation ... the first in the direction of the meaning in the same firearm, and the second of salvation in the direction ?.... of the total around Farahlp salvation has also stages a series of meaning ... .. can not start any of salvation in the embodiment equivalent of a lion For example, after the death of the lion enter the soul of the salvation in the embodiment is equivalent to a tiger .... And then to a lesser extent Vtkon Fahd And then ... and then a large cat kitten .... And so on and so on .... To be up to a complete ... loss of ionization and return
  24. 24. .. ... To their first We also emphasize that some of the embodiment stepped on a journey equivalent means of salvation ... stepped down these meanings from the world of firearms rights .... In the calibration as well as the quantum equivalent of the embodiment in the journey of salvation significance of its presence in the world of humans And by almost rough and real there resides the true proportions and the nature of the conduct ?.. ... prevailing in the world of humans And we must touch upon some of the issues in this regard and heralded the process on a :journey of redemption the process of abortion for women who are interested in this .... Is permissible .... And of - 1 course when his months in the first (preferred) and may even in his final months if it was distorted by the defect or disability of organ transplants are permitted in the dust if they do not impede the other party donor - 2 may be traded in the event of death or accident in the interest of the people, now - 3 deceased but we reject this principle But the present and the reality of human tragedy that is now the floor and do my people to ... a kind of degeneration ... The meaning which makes it in handling the tragedy as well the meaning of Zakat is also death for each of the statement have a disability or deformity - 4 obtain a sense of peace Or Mahtin by ....? Must be the will to do so from him or from the governors of his ?.... command the meaning of Zakat is also emphasis on birth control for fear of humiliation and indignity - 5 of the meaning and almost unrealistic humanitarian entered in this space humiliating and return the reason for the ignorance of the humanitarian campaign to the beliefs and the governors of the matter and politicians, including governors who ruled and led the peoples, ?.... ignorant of the road and track Because there are operative called widespread and it may, the process of humanitarian presence on the ground to follow a calculation 000 of Doualha affluence and the widespread and necessities of the humanitarian track ....? In a serious attempt to promoted a sense of humanitarian mission and not the mind of the task ... and natural meaning that Ntmathl to heal Of this Alzll and disgrace, who signed it in our present contemporary sense may become a kind of Infitar so But there is nothing wrong in this, but it was assumed from the outset to lead the path of reason and despite the nose of the meaning of Fire .... Perhaps we have previously explained that we are the soul ... and only ... the spirit and meaning of Fire is just a way for us to reach the completion of the human experience .... (Should not be stand with the meaning of Fire a (lot Yes, but as a result of ignorance of humanitarian and crashes light and fire within the human content has brought us to the case ?.. ... .. ... Is us ... .. but we emphasize the need to return to return Jazz employees as well as in the field of medical research, the work of all research on - 6 human beings and because of the merits of the path Such as dealing with embryos or things similar to all forms of cloning or genetic .... .... engineering ... .. It is clear We also emphasize that the issues of sex to the body Aloinsany cheap all licenses and - 7 must be dealt with as such and who are Ohtdapem to this matter are the dogs .... But perhaps it is right that these issues take the form ... of customary and away from elimination Understanding dogs no more, no less .... Such cases are very simple and should not stand with her a lot ... .. The strangest thing is that some in the Beliefs made them films and big issues Sometimes where the punishment of death ... ... We do not say only that ignorance ?.... sometimes up to a certain extent of the disease and may hint in this matter, and it is not wrong to pay a lot for some of the fresh water - 8 Alzlal to the salt sea water .... We are of the spirit and the spirit of not only being of us and our ... way and features of the mind. ... The meaning firearm and a means not only ?.. ... And not exist for this campaign that brought him clowning beliefs In general, we want to clarify some of the thing that we must take a stand with two --- :major themes
  25. 25. .... peace to the meaning of firearm as defined by you or psychological peace - 1 containment and the theory of spider .... To assess human behavior and calibration of the - 2 embodiment in the equivalent journey of salvation (The meaning of peace for the firearm (as defined by psychological peace you Must first know the meaning of peace ... Peace and satisfaction as well as they say it once and the two sides of same coin Does not come one without the other ... Yes .... Peace to light ... who know peace and find it is always keen to do .... And most importantly, it is common sense ... Hdthok about peace while on the contrary call for war .... Hdthok for peace and each have arsenals of weapons of Hdthok for peace and they steal and plunder of others around them .... Hdthok for peace and their forces raided and occupied Other nations for peace ... Hdthok Omeskuk gun and then they kill you ... this is an enemy of ?... your country or religion ?... ... And so they have peace ... .... Ejehloh Ejehloh .. ... ?.... What is the peace .... And how we come to it The beginning and must know the meaning of peace ... Peace is not to stop its assault on others or hurt them or the like Do not .... But there must be e inside you first so that you know of others ... How do you .... know the peace of others and know To your content .... Find the peace inside you first so there e to others and to society and the .... whole world ?.. ... But how are e inside you .... Human content inside you contains Dziitin As previously explained First partial to light in a twofold spirit ... they are the master and the second a natural tendency of mind to light and, although .... That was the embodiment of fire Second point is for the fire (meaning fiery) the body and the meanings Mlahakath firearms Ktma, selfishness and arrogance ... And stubbornness, recklessness, and the hurt and Alnhaz and so on Peace comes not yourself not to have known every detail of them from the duties and rights - as against the other micro ?.... Sovereignty and the reins of the spirit of our fast and light and so But in practice this may not satisfy the meaning is known firearm and reckless obstinacy and Alnhaz etc. This In addition to that, in some cases may force the mind and his department to work for him in spite of the soul ... it is like Bzmam holding executive management and rages interested ... Here are receding into the soul ... and then the human content Absolute evil, or that the true expression of a fire or as in your understanding you already ?.... ((devil Of course, this may vary between the content and the other, thus varying the degree of .... ionization of the Spirit Thus, such content does not and never know peace, whether for its content or for others on ... both One of the signs that you find the situation of the meaning of firearm always in a state of .. ... tension and nervousness and anger continues ?... Just like the black As previously that trip for the light (soul) within the content there is an easy-hwan newborn .... children Yes, easy-hwan, a drop of water .. and the orders came too easy and almost at the .. beginning a sensitive alarm Every behavior is wrong and shows you the situation of dissatisfaction with this behavior and generally do not begin the process of indoctrination or command of the Spirit Apparently not with the physical maturity of the content of humanitarian .... In this particular period also begins in the mind Openness to the spirit and meditation and the search for facts, as well as openness to the meaning firearm and the body in particular
  26. 26. Especially since in this case, the opportunity exists to open a lot of energy to the meaning firearm .... In this becomes Reason as well for researchers and exploring things around him, whether in the direction of the soul or meaning, whether in the direction of firearm ?.... .Or its existence or the same ... Yes Here begins the road and start the Spirit (light) in the performance of its mission, which is .... characteristic of human content within And the instrument the mind and nothing else .... When it begins in the meaning in fiery stubbornness and Alnhaz which are essential for almost Fungal him .... It is here that the task of reason in the formulation of the border between them. ... The start with the elusive meaning fiery And bargaining a lot of bias at the expense of the soul or the light .... It is here that the task of taming the mind in the meaning fiery Hoping to dominate the light (spirit) on the content of human quest for peace between them and because of the content of the common humanitarian And when he can tame the mind the meaning of the principle of a particular firearm .... A .... (point on the boundary between the Spirit (light The meaning is fiery and at times this process will continue from the lottery to settle matters .. ... between the soul and the meaning the firearm Unbend reduction between Aldziitin .... Books for the content of the meaning of peace (and (.... you know you peace psychological ?.... It was what you know you are conscientious proper or proper rights It is considered that this content would be able to go long distances in the prospects for the ?.. ... .light ... Yes Can not get this situation if you can not make it possible for the mind within the human content and permeability to have a firearm in the meaning which can reprimand him the meaning firearm whenever he found wrong in the first place first in the form of Forms of behavior ... ..? In order to enable the mind within the human content, it comes from the children's education and indoctrination Soft and gentle advice Tried children in different environments and friction between the children or reading to a child opens the prospects of the imagination and the capacity of perception and thus is the empowerment of the mind ... .. The owner of the imagination is the ?.. ... mind If so .... With a maturity period of the border can take the mind of the things Bzmam of its available its expertise and science and show that it is both Bzmam Aldziitin or Bzmam of light ?.. ... and fire together. ... The mission and knows his way ?... ... And other things may take, including ships is not desirable, as they say May not find the means of reason or the ability to contain the meaning firearm and indulge in the meaning of this firearm in vice and in So extensive that it does not listen to the argument of the mind or spirit ... and here, as I have already receding trip for the soul little by little and perhaps Lurks within the mind firearm or firearm may be able to contain the meaning of reason and is driven to execute his will and his will ?.... Of course, in this case goes far beyond the meaning firearm into the trap of fire Hence, we can identify conditions that are necessary in order to achieve peace with the --- :meaning fiery to satisfy the rule of the soul and conviction on the content of humanitarian - 1 to return all its affairs with reason and wisely and ordered him to accept the - 2 .. ... be aware it is a means and not an end and that the end of the soul - 3 ... In general, stress the image of your mind to make them closer to settle for what we made a .. Fares ascend the great horse, beautiful, and genuine Mitriid and highly trained, strong and) (... stubborn Yes Valvars great is the spirit and mind (Nur) and the horse or horses, coach and the inherent powers and excessiveness is the meaning firearm ... .. and the beauty of the beauty of the ?.. ... meaning that has eluded him Try to be your content. ... The power of meaning firearm or recalcitrant and training for this determination and the will ?... And training to know when and where you're using Of course, with varying degrees of ionization of the spirit find peace of the meaning of firearm
  27. 27. clustered varying degrees of ionization that And it is relative between the content and another and often take the birds and trees and some of the romance fiction part of the multitude Them ... Yes. .... It comes from a little black part .... And also with the sharks in the ... imagination Of course, also the vector of the ionization starts, such as the maturity and any content can be a human Igierh especially if aware of it .... If we continue heading toward the ionization- based changes to make peace without the meaning fiery relatively grades vary between a vector and another ... .. yes .... Although that the change of the meaning of firearm it is changing the vector of the ionization suddenly Accompanied by a companion change to a function of the meaning of peace .. For example, a fiery human content started to fire (evil) ... and suddenly The event has changed direction to light (good) ... the content is going through stages of this change in the meaning of peace ... and may be Backward in the sense that it gave them periods of stress, anger ... and the reason for this is ?... the first frontier between the light and fire On the contrary, also if the vector of light and the fire suddenly started to change a function of the meaning of peace ... and workability of content Of anguish and remorse and bile from time to time ... Yes, the peace Valdalp meaning vary according to the vector in the sense of firearm And a case of tension and turmoil of the meaning of firewall is usually parallel to the points ... of the change in the direction of the ionization of the Spirit And "inappropriate, you may see some of the content of the meaning and although they do ... not enjoy the peace of the meaning of firearm only slightly Mottaghadtha 00 were taken in a function of ionization of the Spirit ... the view that it is better to enter into a cycle of change of direction for fear of tense situations Anxiety and confusion or loss of direction that the search for a new direction ... .. Perhaps, but this coupled with the quality and size of the vector ....? ... In general, beware of the sudden change in the meaning of the function of firewall ....? .... It is always what's trip ?.... Salvation has to incorporate the equivalent distorted to some extent ... yes Also, it must be emphasized that the peace of the meaning of its provisions or may correspond with each other without the other 00 were consistent With a class full as the vector sum of ionization and ionization of the Spirit in this category, and approximately one and consistent with the other category are relatively a vector outcome of ionization of the Spirit is also one about ... and so on. ... The multiple vectors and multiple Depending on its degree of ionization of the spirit and meaning firearm ... and it is not our intention to be any way to get The approval of all human beings on a decision. ... The decision might be right one hundred percent and do not receive it only on A lower proportion of the five or ten per cent ....? .... And certainly they converge in the ... direction you somewhat Therefore, rates vary in a case of believers, whether in the homeland or in the doctrine or the Constitution or law in any thing according to the varying functions have meaning firearm. ... The sense of relative can not take the law applies to cats to dogs or snakes ?.... For example .... Or to apply to birds, for example ...? ... Yes .... You can not It can be of concern in many countries of the current world ... you find many differences between the regimes and their peoples as well as find the claims to change the constitutions, as well as find the dissatisfaction of some people to other peoples And find the wars and find ... and find ...? .... Which is right or wrong, whichever is .... Is not ?.. ... aware of The issue is larger than that ... much because the framers of the Constitution or the decision or ruling of a particular function ... for the meaning of a bullet At odds with many of the functions of other firearm special meaning that the change in ... ?... .time, followed by a change in the functions of the meaning of firearm as well ... Yes And the issue remains outstanding will be discussed in the door of globalization ....? ... Man is .... one and one issue In spite of the emphasis and certainty it will be with long-term consolidation of the meaning of man and his fiery function become the meaning of any firearm and one was the content of human .... But it would be the solution to contain pieces of ammunition to the meanings of all human beings