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ICT Mark Summary Action Plan Section 2 Curriculum


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Published in: Education, Technology
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ICT Mark Summary Action Plan Section 2 Curriculum

  1. 1. CURRICULUM Items in GREEN: complete, ORANGE: in progress, RED: not started (created 19/03/09) Resources/ Future Target Action Owner Timescale Costs Success Criteria Monitoring Impact Action To ensure every To identify gaps in PS July '09 and Money (£5000?) Fully resourced Governing body Pupils gain full child can fully provision annually ICT curriculum. meetings/INSET/ range of ICT skills. access ICT (hardware/software) and SMT Curriculum order what is required. To ensure teachers To develop ongoing PS July '09 and Time/INSET Staff are highly Governing body Pupils are better are confident in programme of ICT CPD. annually skilled in range of meetings/INSET/ supported during using full range of software/hardware SMT teaching and hardware/software available. learning To support Share good practice and PS July '09 and Time Teachers Governing body Pupils gain wider innovative and innovation with staff in annually confident to try meetings/INSET/ knowledge of how creative use of IT INSETs and informally. new technologies. SMT ICT can generate, within the support and curriculum. enhance learning. Pupils self assess Develop a self assessent PS July '09 and Time Pupils have an Governing body Staff have training their ICT Skills tool for pupils, annually ongoing record of meetings/INSET/ needs met and are identifiying what skills their own skills, SMT more highly they have and their next and where they skilled. steps (to incorporate are going. KS3 targets) Every pupil Incorporate the self PS July '09 and Time Pupils Governing body Pupils well 'graduates' in Y6 assessment and annually graduatation meetings/INSET/ prepared for with a 'certified' set teacher's assessments ceremony SMT continuing ICT of ICT skills. into Y6 Graduation includes their self development in Process. assessment of KS3/4 ICT Skills can Teachers assess Identify Assessment PS July '09 and INSET Teachers Governing body Pupils aware of ICT progress Opportunities within ICT annually make level meetings/INSET/ what level they are accurately and and enable teachers to judgements for SMT working at and know the 'next make sound level pupils in ICT. how to improve. steps'. judgements. 03/20/2009