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Technology 2


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Technology 2

  1. 1. By: Samantha Schneider & Caroline Harroun
  2. 2. Ice cars, stock tickers, and electric dynamos, OH MY!
  3. 3. Mid 90’s 1970 1897 And Today…. 1930
  4. 4. The baby of computers 1970 1946 AND 1867 TODAY…
  5. 5. Now C. Latham Sholes, Carlos Glidden, and Samuel W. Soule invented the first typewriter to be commercially successful in 1867 in Milwaukee, The first electronic computers were developed in Wisconsin. the mid-20th century, but modern computers take up a fraction of the space and are much more capable. Through three significant inventions, Herman Hollerith created the recording of data on a Word processing, which today is accomplished machine readable medium which led to the through programs such as Microsoft Word and foundation of the modern information Notepad, began in the 1970’s. processing industry (AKA the computer). The first 1G(first generation) network was launched in the United States in 1983 and multimedia In March of 1876, Alexander Graham Bell was features, such as e-mail, internet, and data transfer, awarded a master patent for the electric became standard in the 2000’s. telephone by the USPTO. The first radio program broadcast, using the At the beginning of the 21st century, Satellite synchronous rotary-spark transmitter, was Radio, or digital radio, offered for the first time started by Reginald Fessenden in 1906. near CD-quality music beamed to your radio through space. Then
  6. 6. RADIO Original Broadcast Standard Radio Satellite Radio 1906 Mid 20th century 2000
  7. 7. 1939 1920’s And Today… 1900
  8. 8. •The “wheel of life,” or the zoopraxiscope, was the first patented device in America to show motion pictures, however it was not considered true motion picture because of its use of a sequence of still photos taken by 12 stereoscopic cameras •Edison, using technology similar to his phonograph, introduced the first true American motion picture in 1889 •The motion picture error did not begin until Louis Lumiere developed the first motion picture camera, the Cinematographe ,in 1895 •Edison, however, introduced projected film with the Kinetoscope, and later the improved Vitascope projector •The first motion pictures shown to an audience in a theater occurred in 1896 in New York •John Logie Baird is credited with inventing the television in the United Kingdom in 1926 •Original televisions used only 30 lines of resolution while modern devices can do up to 720 •The first color TV was introduced in 1954 •1972 marked the year of the first colored film to be recorded on a disc •1977-first VCR •The 1990’s set off many new trends such as the use of computer animation for feature length films, the shift from physical film stock to digital cinema technology, and the advent of DVDs •The Dark Knight was the first popular film to be shot partially with IMAX technology •Camera systems used to capture films are shifting from film to HD video cameras
  9. 9. • Previous to advancements made •The tallest building in the United during the Gilded Age, buildings States today is the Willis Tower, were limited to 5 stories commonly known as the Sears Tower, which is in Chicago as well Modern Day Skyscraper • Inventions such as the electric •The structure was built in 1973 and is Gilded Age Skyscraper elevator and the use of steel in 1,451 feet tall with 108 stories architectural techniques allowed •This, along with many other skyward- for adversity, and most reaching buildings, was built using a importantly height to buildings in structural tube system developed by cities overcrowded with engineer Fazlur Khan in the 1960’s immigrants and city-dwellers •Ironically, it was the deviation from • The 10-story, 138 foot, Home the steel frame method that had been Insurance Building is considered used for previous tall buildings that the first skyscraper, built from allowed for the advancement in 1884-1885 by architect William Le modern architecture Baron Jenney •Skyscrapers contribute not only to a • Its load-bearing structural frame more efficient economy, but also in defining a cities power and identity, led to “Chicago skeleton” just as they did during the Gilded Age construction
  10. 10. Motion picture began in the Gilded Age, and modern techniques, such as IMAX technology are replacing the older ,less advanced methods just as faster media sources are being developed. The world is getting smaller as Architecture is also based on human’s communication devices such as the reliance on efficiency and America’s telephone and radio are able to reach growing population. Just as Chicago farther distances at faster pace, similar to answered the needs of the crowded the effects of communication devices cities in the Gilded Age, architect today developed during the Gilded Age. Some continue to develop better means. The advancements are practical, but there difference is the artistic element of has always been devices invented for modern architecture. (especially entertainment as well. skyscrapers) Article The article suggests that technological innovations is “The telegraph hastened the based on the human desire for speed at which news was “America has in fact transformed efficiency and amusement in all disseminated. So does the journalism from what it once aspects of their lives. This has internet. Those in the news was, the periodical expression of been the central theme since business use the new technology the thought of the time, the the Gilded Age, and the at every stage of newsgathering opportune record of the similarity between the purpose behind advancements and distribution. A move to questions and answers of electronic distribution—through contemporary life, into an agency throughout the different errors is similar, despite the varying PCs, mobile phones and e- for collecting, condensing and readers—has started. It seems levels to which each time period assimilating the trivialities of the has reached. likely only to accelerate.” entire human existence.”