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Qmd Cv2


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Qmd Cv2

  1. 1. Qualcomm Million Dollar Challenge 2009 - San Francisco to San Diego, October 17-23, 7 days, 620 Miles The text in this document was written by Richard Whittington and is no way representative of any official CAF position or statements but is written by the author using information believed to be true and accurate. Individuals are urged to contact the CAF directly for clarification on CAF as an organization at the address provided in this document or at
  2. 2. What is the event? • It is a 620 Mile bike ride from San Francisco to San Diego, CA over 7 days in October to benefit Challenged Athletes • The ride covers some of the most scenic and challenging terrain on the California coast, visiting cites and areas such as: – Day 1 - Santa Cruz - 86 miles – Day 2 - Big Sur – 86 miles – Day 3 - San Luis Obispo -114 miles – Day 4 - Santa Barbara – 119 miles – Day 5 – Marina Del Ray – 89 miles – Day 6 – Newport Beach – 53 miles – Day 7 – San Diego – 72 miles • Each of the 100 Participants agrees to raise a minimum of $10,000 for the Challenged Athletes Foundation Richard Whittington donation site: Page : 2 07/15/09
  3. 3. Why is this a challenge? • The ride attracts a diverse group of participants and each will have their own challenges completing this – what others have said, is a life changing event • These challenges will range from the physical effort of doing the long ride, the complexity and challenges with raising the sponsorship, balancing time on the bike for 20 weeks to get ready with work, life and family. But these are relatively minor compared to those that we seek to help • You also can help: For example if 100 of you that have 2 “Venti” lattes a week and switch to “Tall” instead for a year that is almost $6000 that could be donated – painlessly! That is close to 2 hand cycles for an athlete. (Assumption: Venti $3.57 vs. Tall $3.00 - source: Wiki answers) – (2 lattes a week at price difference of $0.57, 52 weeks a year x 100 people =$5,928!) Richard Whittington donation site: Page : 3 07/15/09
  4. 4. How do I give? There are two main ways 3. On-line at the Richard Whittington donation site: • Or by mail at – please make checks payable to “ C h a lle n g e d A t h le t e s F o u n d a t io n - M D C . ” Checks made out to fundraisers, even if signed over to CAF may not qualify as tax-deductions for donors.: Qualcomm Million Dollar Challenge PO Box 910769 San Diego, CA 92191 Fax #: 858-866-0958 Remember too that many companies have a matching program Non-Profit # 33-0739596 Richard Whittington donation site: Page : 4 07/15/09
  5. 5. What is CAF? • It is the mission of CAF to provide opportunities and support to people with physical disabilities so they can pursue active lifestyles though physical fitness and competitive athletics. CAF believes that involvement in sports at any level increases self-esteem encourages independence and enhances quality of life. What Difference Does It Make? • CAF has raised more than $19 million – allowing the Foundation to satisfy almost 3,800 funding requests from challenged athletes in all 50 states and dozens of countries. • More than eighty five cents of every dollar raised by CAF provides funding, special events and programs that get challenged athletes into the game. • Whether it’s a $2,500 hand cycle, helping underwrite an Ossur carbon fiber running foot not covered by insurance or arranging enthusiastic encouragement from a mentor who has triumphed over a similar injury, • At the 2008 Paralympic Games in Beijing, China 46 of the participating U.S. athletes (21 percent) were supported by CAF. Richard Whittington donation site: Page : 5 07/15/09
  6. 6. • CAF Quick Facts • Established: 1997 • First SDTC: 1994 • Funds Raised: More than $19 million • Grants Distributed: More than 3,800 • Age of Grant Recipients: 5 - 69 Richard Whittington donation site: Page : 6 07/15/09
  7. 7. What Are CAF’s Programs and who benefits? CAF supports physically challenged athletes through four principal programs: • Access for Athletes – Provides direct funding and support for training, competition and equipment needs to physically challenged athletes. • Operation Rebound – Provides post-rehabilitation support and mentorship to American military personnel, veterans and first responders who suffered traumatic injuries resulting in a permanent physical disability. • Catch a Rising Star – A fitness and mentoring program that helps physically challenged people take the first step towards full, active lifestyles. • Reach High – Conducts outreach to inspire and educate our communities by showing “what is possible” for challenged athletes. Richard Whittington donation site: Page : 7 07/15/09
  8. 8. Who are the athletes? - The Challenged athletes represent a diverse set of people • Some were born with physical challenges to overcome that many of us can not begin to imagine • Some have paid a very high price for serving our country and are at a very young age, having to re-build their previously active lives • Others, through a result of accidents or life changing illness have found themselves taking their lives in a different direction • BUT ALL share a love of being active, a willingness to put aside personal suffering and needs and a spirit that won’t quit – it is for that reason we ride and ask you to think about supporting! Richard Whittington donation site: Page : 8 07/15/09
  9. 9. Representative Athlete 1: Rudy Garcia-Tolson • Rudy lives by a simple motto: A Brave Heart is a Powerful Weapon. He was born with rare, multiple birth defects – a combination of crippling Pterygium Syndrome, a clubfoot, webbed fingers on both hands, and a cleft lip and palate. His legs would not straighten from the knee and he was forced to crawl or push himself in a wheelchair. • At age five, after 15 operations, he told his parents he wanted to move on; he would rather be a double amputee than continue to put up with what his life had become. He had both legs removed above the knee … and he's never looked back. • The loss of his legs marked the beginning of his life, a life without limits. When Rudy was eight years old, he told the world he would swim in the 2004 Paralympic Games. He was true to his word and brought home the Gold in the 200 Meter IM, while shattering the world record for his class. • Rudy continues to swim as a member of the U.S. Paralympic Elite Team. Through his example, Rudy has helped CAF raise more than $16 million to ensure his challenged peers have the same opportunities he did. Richard Whittington donation site: Page : 9 07/15/09
  10. 10. Representative Athlete 2: Sarah Reinertsen • Sarah was born with her left leg deformed by a condition called proximal femoral focal deficiency (PFFD), Sarah wore a stiff, cumbersome leg brace until she was seven. At that point, the decision was made to amputate. • After the operation, Sarah tried to be like all her friends; she was a Brownie. She was a great student with a smile that lit up a room. But she could never overcome being “different”. And nowhere was that more apparent than in gym class.. She was picked last for teams. Teachers and coaches refused to include her in regular play, instead, Sarah would kick a ball against the wall. Alone. • Life changed for Sarah when, at age 11, she competed in her first disabled track meet. Today, Sarah focuses on triathlons, where she has broken new ground and gone where no amputee woman has attempted before – the Ironman Triathlon World Championship in Hawaii (a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2-mile run.) In 2005. • Sarah became the first woman to finish this grueling test on an artificial leg, finishing in a remarkable 15:05. Richard Whittington donation site: Page : 10 07/15/09
  11. 11. Representative Athlete 3: Major David Rozelle • Major David Rozelle, a below-knee amputee, is an icon, resource and inspirational figure for American soldiers injured in recent conflicts abroad. While in Iraq, commanding 140 troops of the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, Maj. Rozelle lost part of his right leg when a landmine exploded under his Humvee. • After completing his rehabilitation, Major Rozelle made the decision to return to active duty and to the same battlefield – the first American soldier to do so in modern times. • After participating in the 2004 San Diego Triathlon Challenge, Maj. Rozelle became a proud supporter of the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF). He serves as a role model and mentor in CAF’s Operation Rebound program. He recently represented the Challenged Athletes Foundation at the Ford Ironman Coeur d’Alene and was recognized with the Ford Ironman Everyday Hero Award. • Rozelle was driven to conquer the Ironman Triathlon World Championship in Kona – an important goal he set for himself to prove that he’s not only “back in action,” but back with a purpose. In Hawaii he went over an hour faster than his qualifying time with a 12:46:26. Richard Whittington donation site: Page : 11 07/15/09
  12. 12. Representative Athlete 4: Jake Frank • Jake Frank was born with a rare condition that left him unable to walk. Searching for a way to help their son, his parents, found hope after watching Oprah Winfrey interview Rudy Garcia-Tolson and realized it was very possible for their son to lead a normal, active life. Inspired after seeing Rudy. • Jake’s parents made the most important decision in his young life: amputate both legs above the knee and have him fitted with high-tech prosthetics that would allow him to participate in sports. • Today, nine year old Jake is a multi-sport competitor, as a wrestler , swimmer, He also rides his bike, shoots archery, and plays baseball, basketball, golf, and runs. • In 2005, Jake was named CAF’s Rising Star award winner for his level of commitment, dedication and focus to meet an athletic goal. Now his goal is to complete the entire 13.1 mile run portion of the San Diego Triathlon Challenge. Richard Whittington donation site: Page : 12 07/15/09
  13. 13. Representative Athlete 5: Trish Downing • Trish was training in Golden, CO when she was hit by a car and suffered a T-4 spinal injury. Her back was broken, but not her spirit. Trish’s experience working with challenged athletes gave her faith that everything would be okay. • Trish understands that her accident was not an end, but a new beginning. Determined to live life on her terms, Trish turned her misfortune into opportunity, She has competed in a wide variety of triathlons, from sprint to Iron distance, is a member of the Physically Challenged National Triathlon team and competed in the World Triathlon Championships and the Hawaii Ironman World Championship. • She was named USA Triathlon’s Physically Challenged Athlete of the Year for 2003. In 2005, she became the first wheelchair racer to compete in and finish the 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, and 26.2-mile run of the Redman Ironman Triathlon in Oklahoma City, OK. • She is a spokesperson for the Challenged Athletes Foundation and mentors to other recently injured athletes. Now as a professional speaker, she hopes to share her message of how strength, courage, and perseverance. Richard Whittington donation site: Page : 13 07/15/09
  14. 14. How do I give? There are two main ways 3. On-line at the Richard Whittington donation site: • Or by mail at – please make checks payable to “ C h a lle n g e d A t h le t e s F o u n d a t io n - M D C . ” a n d a t t a c h t h e f o r m o n t h e n e x t p a g e - Checks made out to fundraisers, even if signed over to CAF may not qualify as tax-deductions for donors.: Qualcomm Million Dollar Challenge PO Box 910769 San Diego, CA 92191 Fax #: 858-866-0958 Remember too that many companies have a matching program Non-Profit # 33-0739596 Richard Whittington donation site: Page : 14 07/15/09
  15. 15. Hard Copy Donation Page Adobe Acrobat Document Richard Whittington donation site: Page : 15 07/15/09