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Nicholas M. B.

  1. 1. Nicholas M. Beesley<br />Las Vegas NV 89143<br />815.298.7364<br />
  2. 2. OBJECTIVE<br />EXECUTIVE CHEF <br />MASTER CHEF <br />KITCHEN MANAGEMENT<br />View complete resumeas a Word document<br />
  3. 3. QUALIFICATIONS<br />A professional culinary artist that has mastered the medium of food, producing wide variety of exciting dishes that can comfort, energize and inspire us. Consistently contribute to maintaining a 5 star rating at top quality restaurants throughout the country. Specialize in Italian, French, Japanese and American Continental fine dining cuisine. Always a dynamic, creative, highly-motivated, team player inspiring all personnel in the work place. Explore bold new flavor combinations utilizing a flair for experimentation, putting my own stamp on traditional dishes and creating new combinations which ultimately bring exquisite pleasure to all patrons. Direct the whole cuisine preparation process focusing on all aspects of kitchen management. Supervise kitchen workers, delegate responsibility and work closely with front and back house personnel. Plan ahead in depth, organize well, keep cool in a fast-paced stressful environment and bring all elements of the meal together quickly and elegantly. Develop and execute food and labor budgets ensuring optimal productivity and increased profit margin.<br />View complete resumeas a Word document<br />
  4. 4. EDUCATION<br />BLACK HAWK TECHNICAL COLLEGE <br />Janesville, WI<br />Associate of Arts Degree in Culinary ArtsACF Certified<br />View complete resumeas a Word document<br />
  5. 5. Employment<br />BEST WESTERN CLOCK TOWER RESORT and CONFERENCE CENTER<br />Rockford, IL 2006-2009<br />30,000 square-feet of flexible meeting, catering or leisure space, 245 guest rooms, indoor and outdoor pools, fitness center, tennis courts, water resort, hair salon, restaurant and lounge.<br />Executive Chef<br />Key Accomplishments<br />Performed all aspects of kitchen management operations and hired, trained, supervised 23 cooks, chefs and stewards.<br />Directed Executive Chef functions for establishment serving American Continental, Italian, Spanish and Japanese cuisine generating $7M in annual revenues.<br />Managed large volume catering events serving up to 1,600 covers in a 30,000 square foot venue and generating over $3M in revenue.<br />Oversaw Calico Grill and Pizza Hut utilizing over 60,000 sq. ft. of space producing $.5M annual sales.<br />Planned menus, negotiated vendor pricing/shipping, minimized waste and reduced food costs 30.6%.<br />Developed, implemented, reviewed and updated multi-million annual budgets.<br />Served as Manager of the Day for the 245 room resort as scheduled.<br />Motivated all personnel maximizing kitchen productivity, staff performance and customer satisfaction.<br />Coordinated special events for Rick Nelson, Cesar Milan, Vince McCann and Chamber of Commerce.<br />Selected, booked and oversaw entertainers as needed for special events.<br />View complete resumeas a Word document<br />
  6. 6. Employment<br />CLIFF BREAKERS RIVER RESTAURANT and CONVENTION CENTER<br />Rockford, IL 2005-2006<br />Lexington Hotel hosts this elegant property known throughout the region as the prominent contributor and host to the community for doing business and celebrating life<br />Sous Chef<br />Key Accomplishments<br />Managed back operations for high volume operation serving up to 4,000 covers daily, 1,200 people per catered event and supervised 14 cooks, chefs, stewards.<br />Purchased over $1M per year for upscale establishment specializing in Italian and French cuisine.<br />View complete resumeas a Word document<br />
  7. 7. Employment<br />AFFHOLDER, INC.<br />South Holland, IL 2002-2005<br />Earthwork/Utilities Contractor - Sanitary Sewerage Utilities, Trenchless Utility Installation, Tunneling, Mining.<br />Underground Construction Specialist<br />Key Accomplishments<br />Rigged large scale construction equipment in tunnels and poured concrete into forms.<br />View complete resumeas a Word document<br />
  8. 8. EDUCATION<br />MORTON’S STEAK HOUSE<br />Reston Center, VA 2000-2002<br /> A popular, intimate, exclusive restaurant serving signature breakfast, lunch and dinner selections in a refined and elegant private dining space.<br />Dessert and Specialty Chef<br />Key Accomplishments<br />Responsible for creating made to order soufflés, chocolate Godiva cakes, fresh pies and other deserts.<br />Prepared up to 300 covers nightly for many VIP guests including Washington Redskins football team.<br />Maintained consistency in all food preparation adhering to strict company guidelines at all times.<br />View complete resumeas a Word document<br />
  9. 9. SKILLS<br />Master Chef Designation<br />ServSafe #4858296 IL<br />CPR and First Aid<br />Nutrition for Food Service and Culinary Professionals #4874324<br />Gold Medalist: Iron Chef Competition sponsored by Rinehart Food Service.<br />Spokes Chef:Rockford District March of Dimes<br />Instructor:Culinary Arts to Aspiring Sous Chefs<br />TV Guest Appearance:Morning news cooking segments<br />Internship: Aqua Knox Global Cuisine, Venetian Hotel Resort – Las Vegas, NV<br />Member: American Culinary Federation, Inc.<br />View complete resumeas a Word document<br />
  10. 10. Live Application of Chef Beesley<br />Ice sculpture for a specialty brunch<br />View complete resumeas a Word document<br />