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My Final for selecting a place for my teacher to live.

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AP Euro Final

  1. 1. A Life In Spain BY: NATHAN DYER & BECCA LLOYD
  2. 2. MAP OF SPAIN
  3. 3. THE HISTORY  Roman Catholic  Enemies w/ the English  Spanish Armada defeated by Queen Elizabeth  Was involved with many wars throughout the years.  Founded UN in 1993
  4. 4. DEMOGRAPHICS  Population  40,491,052 (July 2008 est.)  Age structure  0-14 years: 14.4% (male 3,011,815/female 2,832,788) 15-64 years: 67.6% (male 13,741,493/female 13,641,914) 65 years and over: 17.9% (male 3,031,597/female 4,231,444) (2008 est.)  Median age  total: 40.7 years male: 39.3 years female: 42.1 years (2008 est.)  Population growth rate  0.096% (2008 est.)  Birth rate  9.87 births/1,000 population (2008 est.)  Death rate  9.9 deaths/1,000 population (2008 est.)  Crime Rate  Total: 923,371 primarily theft and piracy of software
  5. 5. DEMOGRAPHICS CONT.  Religions  Roman Catholic 94%, other 6%  Languages  Castilian Spanish (official) 74%, Catalan 17%, Galician 7%, Basque 2%, are official regionally  Literacy  definition: age 15 and over can read and write total population: 97.9% male: 98.7% female: 97.2% (2003 est.)  School life expectancy (primary to tertiary education)  total: 16 years male: 16 years female: 17 years (2006)  Education expenditures  4.2% of GDP (2005)  Net migration rate  0.99 migrant(s)/1,000 population (2008 est.)  Sex ratio  at birth: 1.07 male(s)/female under 15 years: 1.06 male(s)/female 15-64 years: 1.01 male(s)/female 65 years and over: 0.72 male(s)/female total population: 0.96 male(s)/female (2008 est.)
  6. 6. GOVERMENT  Currently Spain’s political affairs are looked after by a Parliamentary monarchy. The king is King Juan Carlos I The Prime Minister at this time is Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. Jose Luis Rodriguez King Juan Zapatero (2004) Carlos I
  7. 7. ECONOMY  The global economic crisis is affecting Spain as of the third quarter of 2008. The housing market and construction boom are what stimulated the economy the most and the Socialist leader caused that to come to a halt. GDP growth was only at 1.3% in 2008 as opposed to the normal GDP at around <3% for approximately the past 10 years. The American dollar is still worth slightly more than the Euro, which is the currency in Spain.
  8. 8. HEALTH AND WELLNESS  The health care system in Spain is very good. Its hospitals are very modern and are well- equipped. There are local health clubs that will assist you in anyway they can to help you stay physically fit and maintain you’re health by recommending methods of getting your body nourished.
  9. 9. PAYING FOR HEALTHCARE  The European Health Cards are available from relevant healthcare organizations from your country of origin. Private hospitals and doctors in Spain though, do not honor a European Health Card. If you prefer to have a private health care, you are expected to settle your own hospital bills or you can apply for an insurance policy that covers your preferred health care.
  10. 10. TRANSPORTATION  In Spain there are many methods of getting yourself from point A to point B. You can drive yourself, when in or nearby the city you have to the option to take a taxi or use the public buses.
  11. 11. CLIMATE  The climate varies tremendously in Spain, due to its large size. Visitors can generally expect a Mediterranean climate, characterized by hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters.
  12. 12. AGRICULTURE  Local Agriculture  Grain  Vegetables  Olives  Wine grapes  Sugar Beets  Citrus  Beef  Pork  Poultry  Dairy
  13. 13. FOODS TO TRY!  Spain is famous for their Cabrales blue Cheese Cochinillo Asado-Cochinillo Asado is roast baby pig. Its fatty outside is crisp and perfect for those who like pork rind, while its meat is tender and juicy
  14. 14. PLACES OF INTEREST  Calle de Fuencarral- A long narrow street filled with culture. This street always has performers entertaining the public, and at the same time this street is packed tightly with shops that contain all the new fashion and what is in.
  15. 15. PLACES ON INTEREST #2  Prado Museum- The Prado is one of the worlds most famous art museums, containing masterpieces from the 12th to the 19th century, making it one of the most visited Madrid tourist attractions.
  16. 16. MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT  Newspaper: Costa News  Websites: Typically Spanish, this website is made for visitors and new people to know events that are going on throughout Spain.  Music: Great variety in styles of music depending on interests.
  17. 17. JOBS AVAILABLE  Working in Spain is very similar to the USA, it requires that you apply and most likely have an interview where salary would usually be discussed then which mostly depends on experience.
  18. 18. JOB # 1  Job / Employment title: English teacher (also French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese teachers needed). Academy: BBS (Baxter Business Services). Location: All classes are in-company, usually in Madrid but also in the suburbs. Need the teacher by: Always looking for teachers (we are growing fast!). Minimum experience required: Evaluate each CV individually but experience plus TEFL preferred. Description of the academy: Fast growing language school with impressive client list and more than 30 teachers. Teachers usually work with us for more than two academic years because of the excellent conditions. While Business English classes are important, we also specialise in Technical English such as English for Finance, English for Human Resources, English for Law etc. If you are a teacher with experience or a qualification in any specialised field, please send in your CV. Conditions of employment: We understand that happy teachers give excellent service to our clients. So we pay very competitive rates and always try to organise block hours. 72% of our classes are in blocks of 3 hours or more. Less than 1% of our classes are 1-hour blocks. We pay between 21 and 26 Euro per hour gross to self-employed (14.50 to 17.00 Net on social security contract) depending on type and location of class. Salary: Depending on the class, between 21 and 26 gross per hour for self-employed teacher, between 14.50 and 17.00 Net for a social security contract.
  19. 19. JOB # 2  Job / Employment title: English Teachers for leading summer camp organization in Spain during July and/or August. Company: Forenex, España. Sitio web: http://www.forenex.com. Camp Locations: Uclés, Coruña, Gredos, Palma, Valencia and Madrid. Need all teachers by: June Minimum experience required: Be a native English teacher with at least 6 months working with large groups of children. Description of the company: Since 1992, Forenex has been at the forefront of organizing summer camps for children ages 4-16, which combine intensive English courses and sport activities. More than 4000 students attend our residential and non-residential courses every year which are located in unique settings throughout Spain and abroad. Conditions of employment: 4 to 5 teaching hours per day, Mon-Fri or Mon-Sat, depending on camp placement. Teachers are responsible for carrying out daily English classes to one homogeneous group of children during an entire fortnight. Full room and board in shared living setting plus transport at all residential options. Lunch included at non-residential courses. Open positions in July/August. Looking for month-long commitments. Salary: Base pay of 500€ per fortnight. Bonuses are awarded to returning teachers and applicants with recognized teaching degrees, experience working in official school systems or TEFL teaching to children for 3 years or more.
  20. 20. JOB #3  Job / Employment title: English teacher. Academy: Cambio Idiomas. Website: http://www.cambioidiomas.es. Location: Calle Orense 20, 1ª – 10 28020 Madrid. Google Maps. Need by: Always looking for full or part time teachers. Minimum Experience: TEFL or CELTA important and at least one year's teaching experience. An asset would also be lots of imagination and a sense of responsibility. Description of Academy: We are an established school that offers a wide range of classes to companies and individuals. Classes are held both in and out of the academy, mainly in the central area of Madrid. We have a friendly and supportive working environment, and provide all materials, books etc. for our teachers. Conditions of Employment: Contract and social security paid for EU teachers. Salary: Discussed at interview. Contact Information:  Person: Hazel Flack. Email: info@cambioidiomas.es. Telephone: 91 556 7804.
  21. 21. POTENTIAL REAL ESTATE  Spain is similar to the USA in this aspect they offer many types of housing to accommodate each individual varying from flats to mansions. The buyer with an average amount of money should look at purchasing a flat or chalet.
  22. 22. DESCRIPTION PHOTO  169.900 euro  mortgage 695 eur/month  120 m² detached home or chalet, 2 bedrooms  2 wc  st. mallorca, 23  28640 cadalso de los vidrios, madrid REAL ESTATE OPTION #1
  23. 23. DESCRIPTION HOUSE  180.000 euro  mortgage 737 eur/month  100 m² detached home or chalet, 2 bedrooms  1 wc  st. buen pastor, 7  28515 olmeda de las fuentes, madrid REAL ESTATE OPTION #2
  24. 24. DESCRIPTION PHOTO  specific features  200 built m², 160 functional m²  resale / in good condition  heating central gas oil  chalet of 3 floors  under 5 years old  layout and materials  3 bedrooms  3 bathrooms, including toilets  plot 100 m²  terrace open of 40 m²  4 built-in wardrobes  floors of parquet  equipment  store room  reinforced door  valdaracete, madrid 180.000 euro, 200m² REAL ESTATE OPTION # 3
  25. 25. DESCRIPTION PHOTO  Bumca  B1175798  I am a: 39-year-old woman zodiac sign: Gemini located in: Valencia, Spain looking for: 35 - 45- year-old man relationship: Friendship Discreet relationship Penpal Business partner race: Other marital status: I'll tell you later children: n/a eye color: Blue hair color: Blonde body type: Thick height: 5' 10'' (178cm) religion: Other drinking: Non drinker smoking: Non smoker food: Non Vegetarian occupation: Other дизайнер education: Post-Graduate languages: Spanish (Fluent) German (Some) Russian (Native) interests: Cars / Motorcycles Water Sports Singing / Playing Instrument POTENTIAL DATE #1
  26. 26. DESCRIPTION PHOTO  I am a: 35-year-old woman zodiac sign: Leo located in: Barcelona, Spain looking for: 34 - 45-year-old man relationship: Friendship Marriage Long-term relationship Romance Penpal race: White (Caucasian) marital status: Divorced children: None eye color: Green hair color: Blonde body type: Average height: 5' 4'' (163cm) religion: Christian drinking: Non drinker smoking: Non smoker food: Non Vegetarian occupation: Other education: Some College languages: Russian (Native) Spanish (Spoken and Written) interests: Cycling Cooking Literature / History Museums / Galleries Music - Latin Music - Pop / R&B Music - Dance / Electronic Nature Travel / Sightseeing Religion Theatre / Ballet Hiking / Camping Movies / Cinema POTENTIAL DATE #2
  27. 27. DESCRIPTION PHOTO  I am a: 38-year-old woman zodiac sign: Cancer located in: Madrid, Spain looking for: 35 - 50-year-old man relationship: Friendship Romance Platonic love Activity partner Travel partner race: White (Caucasian) marital status: Divorced children: none eye color: Blue hair color: Light brown body type: Voluptuous height: 5' 2'' (158cm) religion: I'll tell you later drinking: Light/social drinker smoking: Non smoker food: Non Vegetarian occupation: Education & Science education: College Grad languages: English (Native) Spanish (Some) interests: Arts / Crafts Billiards / Pool / Darts Cooking Dancing Food and Wine Gardening Hiking / Camping Literature / History Mountaineering Movies / Cinema Museums / Galleries Music - Alternative Music - Blues/Jazz Music - Classical / Opera Music - Country Music - Latin Music - Rock Politics Theatre / Ballet Travel / Sightseeing Volunteer / Charity POTENTIAL DATE #3
  28. 28. ORGANISMS TO AVOID  There are some poisonous organisms to be aware of such as the different types of snakes called vipers some examples are Seoane's viper, Asp viper and Montpellier Snake .In all there are approx. 13 venomous snakes.  The Mediterranean Scorpion is also something one should be aware of.
  29. 29. FISHING  Fishing –  Fishing Seasons -  March – end of July for salmon fishing  March – end of August for brown trout  June – August for sea trout  September – No-Kill fishing w/ fly rods  Ice Fishing (if available)  Asturias Rivers –  Cares-Deva  Puron  Bedon  Sella  Pilona
  30. 30. ESSENTIAL FISHING SPOTS  Tramo Rio Zarza  Coto de Montes Claros- Rio  Free fishing for trout is available Jarama along this extensive 10.2km stretch  Good 7.5km day ticket stretch of the of the Rio Jarama. The fishery Rio Jarama. The fishery runs stretches from it's source to the between the confluence with the Rio confluence with the Rio Lillas. This Huelgas and the village of Matallana. is a catch and release fishery and a The season runs from the 1st May fly only water. until the 31st July. This is a catch and  Species and Methods release fishery.  Trout. There is a very large trout population along this river - but the  Species and Methods fish tend to congregate in pockets.  Trout. Large bags of fish to 30 cms Fish a roving style, upstream possible. Up to 25 fish in a session is nymphing for best results. A team of possible. Gold head nymphs are very small wet fles will also score. Fish productive. A really nice place to up to 500 grams have been spend a day fishing recorded. There is a good wild fish population. April is the best month.
  32. 32. MAP OF MADRID