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Durex Re Launch Strategy New Media.


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A product and market study of Durex, and re launching strategies of Durex PLAY through New Media.

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Durex Re Launch Strategy New Media.

  1. 1. New Media Assignment III<br />Submitted to: Mr. Sameer Aasht<br />
  2. 2. Industry Overview<br />Condom use began to increase rapidly with the growing public awareness of the danger of HIV/ AIDS & other STD’s<br />Condom revolution began in 1900’s with major product innovations<br />The industry is subject to economies of scale with low cost of production & high volumes of scale<br />No longer perceived to be a Pregnancy prevention but a tool for pleasure enhancement.<br />Indian condom market is estimated to be around 200 Crores with the production of over 2 billion pieces per annum<br />The market is highly fragmented with over 200 brands<br />
  3. 3. The condom market is divided in to- Free segment<br /> Subsidised segment<br /> Popular segment<br /> Premium segment<br />Major Players- Moods, Kamasutra, Kohinoor ,Nirodh& Durex<br />
  4. 4. About Durex<br />Durex stands for Durability, Reliability & Excellence<br />The world’s No. 1 condom manufacturer<br />More than four billion condoms are sold every year and Durex accounts for around 29 percent of this global market.<br />The company is a market leader in more than 40 countries.<br />Long legacy of investment in marketing, research and development, the company is now recognised internationally as the premium condom brand<br />Durex also works with healthcare professionals, governments and organisations including the World Health Organisation, UNAIDS and United Nations Population Fund in promoting good sexual health<br />
  5. 5. Product Portfolio<br /> Condoms Lubricants Vibrators<br />
  6. 6. Brand Analysis<br />Non-condom products have grown into a major component of Durex’s key business concerns generating around USD 60 million in revenue each year<br />Rather than just replenishing the existing consumer base, it has taken the decision to expand its business concerns into other areas of sexual well-being by introducing products relevant to the lives of its older consumers<br />The company believes in researching potential customers by conducting polls everytime a new product is launched<br />Although Durex name is a combination of its qualities: durability, reliability and excellence, the feel of the brand is sensual, sensitive, and fun. <br />It has been behind many of the modern innovations introduced into condom manufacturing and production <br />
  7. 7. The first lubricated DUREX condom was produced in 1957<br />LRC (DUREX) manufactured the world’s first anatomically shaped condom in 1969 <br />The first DUREX spermicidally lubricated condom was produced in 1974 <br />The world’s first male non-latex condom was the DUREX Avanti <br />
  8. 8. Brand Strategy<br />Since condom use typically begins young ,Durex heavily targets young people, using youth media such as MTV, the Internet, free samples on campuses, sponsoring youth eventsetc<br />Another way it creates interest in its brand and guarantees press attention is by publishing its annual sex survey<br />It involves 5000 participants with ages varying over the years across 14 countries allows Durex to behave as the leader in condom-related information – reinforcing the feeling that you’re in good hands with such an experienced, knowledgeable brand owner as Durex<br />It has carefully designed its marketing strategies to cater to the varied TG -focus on education, prevention and encouraging condom-usefor the youth & emphasizing on the fun and experimental values for a slightly older audience<br />
  9. 9. There strategy involves youth recruitment - attracting young consumers to the brand as older consumers use Durex less because the condom is less relevant to them<br />Constantly innovating & introducing products to suit the needs of the varied TG( 16-35yrs)<br />Moving away from a masculine brand personality to promote a unisex image of the brand<br />In order to change consumer perceptions, they adopted a new distribution method to normalize the buying process<br />Using a blend of ATL, TV & Print commercials alongwith online campaigns<br />
  10. 10. New Media Marketing Strategy<br />An analysis of the past and current new media initiatives undertaken <br />by brand Durex<br />
  11. 11. Social Marketing<br />Social marketing programmes could become central to the work of the Durex Network since their aim is to overturn attitudes and behaviours that impede safer sexual practices. <br />Social marketing uses the same techniques as commercial marketing but applies them within a social and health context to encourage people to change their behaviour. <br />Its approach relies on the identification of specific, achievable and measurable behavioural goals which are reached through systematic processes phased to address short, medium and long term issues in specific target audiences. <br />According to USAID, Social marketing has been the single most important contribution that the family planning field has made to the prevention of HIV/AIDS and other STIs.<br />Social marketing operates on the principle that positive and durable social change follows behaviour change.<br />
  12. 12. Durex Network<br /><ul><li> The Durex Network is committed to promoting responsible sex and reproductive healthcare and raising awareness of the safer sex message worldwide through the development and support of sexual health initiatives.
  13. 13. These initiatives are developed and supported by the Durex Network in partnership with global and national non-governmental organisations (NGOs), politicians and policy makers, healthcare professionals, educators and United Nations agencies.</li></li></ul><li>Durex Social Marketing <br />initiative online<br />
  14. 14. YaariDosti Campaign<br /><ul><li>Yaari Dosti is a social marketing programme designed to improve young men’s attitudes toward gender roles and sexual relationships
  15. 15. Over the past five years, Horizons Program/Population Council, MAMTA, the Durex Network and International Centre for Research on Women (ICRW) have been engaged in a research program to examine the effectiveness and scaling up of the programme which had started as a pilot project in 2004
  16. 16. The initiative is currently being implemented in the three Indian states of Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Goa</li></li></ul><li>Mobile Marketing Campaign<br />Durex chose Mediaburst as its campaign partner for its new Play range of products<br />Durex&apos;s Play campaign included TV ads, which offered viewers the chance to text for a lube sample. They sent a text with the keyword PLAY to 87103. All texts were charged at 25p plus the cost of a standard text message<br />SMS as a medium for sample requests is the easy choice for potential customers to trial a product before purchasing. <br />Most people have their mobile phone close by whilst watching TV which means it is easy and accessible, making response to a TV ad more likely compared with phoning a number, accessing a website or visiting a post box<br />Compared with phone, post and web alternatives, there has been a significant increase in response rates through SMS<br />
  17. 17. Durex Jeans<br /><ul><li>Durex launched a condom for India’s young generation called Durex Jeans, with Durex Jeans, Durex is committed to promote condom usage and safe sex practice among youth
  18. 18. Surfers can log on to ,play the Bunny Blues, for every 10 bunnies tagged Durex Jeans will donate one condom to the NGO.
  19. 19. This initiative targets at creating a corpus of 50,000 condoms through the online route while raising awareness about AIDS among the youngsters</li></li></ul><li>These initiatives are tied in with strong ground level awareness campaigns <br />Bike rally in Mumbai, <br />Graffiti board message in Bangalore, <br />College campus activities through MTV Wassup and a <br />Tie-in with Levi’s where every jeans sold will have a Durex Jeans in the fifth pocket as complementary. <br />All these activities are supported with collaterals like posters, mugs, t-shirts carrying the AIDS awareness message placed at locales frequented by the youth.<br />
  20. 20. OnFacebook<br />Facebook is the most popular and growing social networking community in India, as well as globally<br />Durex has a very dynamic, witty as well as informative profile page<br />Includes polls, innovative games and funny images and jokes for the Durex loyalist<br />Fan pages for users to put up interesting information and pictures, which are screened by a moderator<br />Articles which are to do with sexual harassment and violations are also posted, as a symbol of their association and support <br /> to the cause<br />
  21. 21.
  22. 22. Re launching Durex <br />Non – Condom Series<br />Play for Love Campaign<br />A strategy formulation through new and other conventional media to re launch Durex Non-Condom product segment – Durex PLAY<br />
  23. 23. About Durex PLAY<br />Durex PLAY is the newest range of pleasure enhancing<br />accessories from Durex which are inclusive of:<br />Durex Play Sensations Lubricants<br />Durex Play Vibration<br />Durex Play Pleasure Max<br />They have a newer, more sporty look, and are designed for <br />the young, adventurous consumer.<br />
  24. 24. Objectives<br />Play Series Promotion<br />To create awareness about the non-condom product segment provided by Durex, inclusive of the lubricants and other merchandise<br />To divert more traffic to the Durex website<br />To publicize the re launch of Durex PLAY series in the Indian market<br />Target Audience: 16-35yrs for conventional Durex products and 22 onwards for PLAY products<br />
  25. 25. Strategies<br />TALK TO DUREXpert-<br /><ul><li>Tie up with online sexologist, who people could speak to about their sexual issues and find solutions
  26. 26. Enabling online chats with this expert
  27. 27. The anonymity factor would assist in people opening up with their problems
  28. 28. This could provide valuable consumer insights, which could be incorporated into products
  29. 29. Redesign the Durex website and make it more interactive </li></ul>2. DUREX FORECAST-<br /><ul><li>Subscribing to a sex tip sender, on the website which would send periodic newsletters, articles etc via email or text messages</li></li></ul><li>3. ONLINE PLAY 4 FUN-<br /><ul><li>Online interactive games
  30. 30. There would be in-game product placements to increase brand awareness
  31. 31. Sex compatibility meter, wherein people could punch in details, and get results of their compatibility with partners
  32. 32. Including Durex products into the ‘gift list’ on Facebook</li></ul>4. PASSION GROUPS-<br /><ul><li>Creation of ‘Passion Groups’ by the name of ‘4PLAY’, wherein the PLAY series would be promoted
  33. 33. An online club for Durex users, to promote lubricants, vibrators and other products. Such club members would be given special schemes, offers and privileges on Durex products</li></ul>5. INDUCING TRIAL-<br /><ul><li>Spreading awareness about the PLAY series products by giving out free samples with Durex Condom packs</li></li></ul><li>New Media Tools<br /><ul><li>Active participation and updating of profile and interesting content on almost all active social networking sites such as Digg, Twitter, Stumble Upon etc
  34. 34. Product specific banner advertisements on sites of relevance
  35. 35. Generic creatives which would talk about how one can get educated on sex related topics
  36. 36. Creating a blog on behalf of Durex, which would talk about the various misconceptions people have with regard to lubricants, vibrators and their side effects etc.
  37. 37. Tie up with eminent bloggers would also increase third party credibility of the brand</li></li></ul><li>Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to ensure that keywords such as ‘Sex’, ‘Pleasure’, ‘Lubricants’, ‘Contraceptive’ etc would bring up the Durex site<br />Identifying specific legal sites for advertisements and product placements such as the matrimony sites, movie sites, song download sites etc.<br />
  38. 38. Media Information<br />Press Releases and articles in dailies and fashion and lifestyle<br />magazines which would talk about:<br /><ul><li>PLAY products for fun and releasing stress
  39. 39. Disadvantages of using indigenous and local products
  40. 40. Sachets and trial pouches of the newer products
  41. 41. Narrations of people’s experiences with the product
  42. 42. Sponsored segments in newspaper supplements and magazines where FAQs are answered by experts
  43. 43. Product reviews </li></li></ul><li>
  44. 44. Condom Vending Machines<br /><ul><li>Installing and propagating the use of the Condom Vending Machines, especially among the urban youth
  45. 45. Online or Mobile CVM finder, which would also be located on socialnetworking sites
  46. 46. Placing CVMs at strategic locations such as Institutes, Multiplexes, Night Club, Hotels, near ATM machines, Lavatories etc
  47. 47. Periodic maintenance and stock checking
  48. 48. Targeting Tier I cities initially</li></li></ul><li>Female Condoms<br /><ul><li>Since Durex has been trying to position itself as a unisex brand, such a product would help them enter an untapped segment
  49. 49. With an increasing trend of woman empowerment, it is timely to provide the female community an additional alternative for having safe sex
  50. 50. Currently, only Hindustan Latex Ltd. (HLL) has such a product, by the name of Velvet
  51. 51. Expansion of brand portfolio</li></li></ul><li>Social Media Measurement<br />
  52. 52. Challenges in India<br /><ul><li>Condoms and related products are as yet seen as a taboo in the Indian society
  53. 53. People don't want to discuss these products in public let alone be seen buying it.
  54. 54. According to a report on the site, the condom use in India is only a mere 8%. The product is still perceived to be a pregnancy prevention tool. Indians never have looked it as a tool for pleasure enhancement.
  55. 55. Even CVM (Condom Vending Machines) have turned out to be a failure in the Indian markets</li></li></ul><li>Ridhima Mehra (087)<br />Priyam Chakraborty (084)<br />Public Relations<br />