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7 Statistics You Must Know About Marketing


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80% Of people rank the search engines as the single most useful tool when making a buying decision. If you aren't currently using the search engines to advertise your business, then you're missing out on a huge portion of your market. 39% of search engien users voiced frustration over not being able to find local businesses when searching.

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7 Statistics You Must Know About Marketing

  1. 1. 7 Marketing Statistics You NEED To Know You Are About To Be Told You’re Dead Wrong In The Way You Currently Do Your Advertising
  2. 2. Statistic 1/7 80% Of Your Customers Ranked The Search Engines As The Most Useful Tool When Making A Buying Decision
  3. 3. Statistic 2/7 96% Of Consumers Regularly Use The Search Engines To Research Professional Services
  4. 4. Statistic 3/7 76% Of Consumers Use The Search Engines To Find Financial Services/Products
  5. 5. Statistic 4/7 93% Of Consumers Use The Search Engines To Research All Health Related Service
  6. 6. Statistic 5/7 70% Of Your Customers Use The Search Engines EXCLUSIVELY To Make Purchasing Decisions
  7. 7. Statistic 6/7 78% Of Consumers Use Search Engines To Research Real Estate Purchases
  8. 8. Statistic 7/7
  9. 12. Guaranteed Page-1 Of EVERY Major Search Engine For EVERY Potential Search Term Someone Would Use To Find Your Products/Services Guaranteed To Generate New Leads/Sales Guaranteed To Be The Best Way You Find & Hire Employees Guaranteed To Be Profitable From The First Month* Engage The Right Market With The Right Message At The Right Moment *Not Available To All Business Categories