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  • Magazine presentation

    1. 1. 113- Comparing Magazine Programs Top Gear and The One Show Jambo Dann and Adam Broome
    2. 2. Introduction • The shows that I have chosen to compare for my first task are Top Gear and The One Show. This is because despite them both being magazine shows, their content and style differ greatly. First of all, The One Show is much more of a light hearted chat show, where the conversations with guests never get risky or rude. The videos of the presenters out in the real world that accompany The One Show are also very tame, featuring sometimes comical scenarios (which are supposed to be funny) and are clearly aimed at families.
    3. 3. • The show has more differences than similarities to Top Gear. One of these is that instead of Top Gear being a light hearted chat show, it is much more a topical program heavily based on cars. There is a guest on the show each week whom they interview, but the conversation is often far from light hearted, and is quite often rude, and there is often a lot of 'risky' banter between the guest and presenters. Top Gear's program is primarily video's of the presenters testing new cars and partaking in various challenges with the car that they have that week.
    4. 4. The Content • As stated before, the content differs greatly in each show. Where as Top Gears content is mostly about cars and challenges, The One Show is primarily a light hearted show covering a range of topics from new headlines to celebrities. The One Show treats the weeks events more seriously, such as having the latest celebrity on the show or getting the audience to share what they think about a topic raised in the news. • This is different to Top Gear, who don’t really focus on anything in the media unless it is to mock and poke fun at it. The show is mainly focused on cars and when not on this theme it is about something closely related. E.g. an interview with the head of transport. • Also, where as Top Gears guests are always heard of and in the public eye, The One show often invites quirky people onto the show. Such as two owners of a dog who apparently can sing.
    5. 5. The Presentation • The presentation of The One show is quite casual and, I found, slow paced. The presenters speak to the audience in a very direct and calm way, often joking around. This is the same on Top Gear, except it is not slow paced and the hosts tend to mock each other and the audience. This is not the same on The One Show, as the presenters often don’t aim jokes to jokily pick fun at the audience. Top Gears presenters are loud and brash, rather than conservative. • The stars on Top Gear are more famous than those on the One Show. This could be because of the controversy. I would say the younger generation know Jeremy Clarkson much more than Adrian Chiles. The stars on Top Gear are often film and TV celebrities, this is the same with The One show, except Top Gear makes the stars interact more with the show. They do this by letting them drive around the test track setting a time record and trying to beat other stars.
    6. 6. The Look -The One Show has a completely different look to Top Gear all together. The studio consists of one long sofa and a table in the middle as well as some lights behind the sofa and The One Show logo behind. It is very simple and the viewer is drawn completely to the presenters rather than the look of the set. Top Gear on the other hand has a vast array of different props scattered around the studio. The props range from anything from the table that is made from an old engine, right to real cars on podiums. This is however because the presenters tend to move around the studio a lot throughout the show. I think that graphics on the One Show do not really apply. Top Gear on the other hand tends to have graphics included when test driving a
    7. 7. Sound • Based on the introductory title sequences, The One Show features a trumpet, and Top Gear features a guitar accompanied by a drum beat. • Both tunes are rather cheesy, opening the shows with a rather light-hearted feel.
    8. 8. Audience • The One Show is aimed at both genders, as the topics a generally quite varied, and the show is hosted by a man and a woman. • Top Gear, naturally, is aimed more towards men. The topics are generally motor-related (stereotypically a masculine theme). The show is hosted by three male presenters. • In addition to this, The One Show is perhaps aimed at an older audience (forties to sixties) due to the calm way the show is presented. • Again, Top Gear differs, as it is more radical, louder and more energetic. This would mean a younger audience would take more to this show. • Ironically, The One Show’s presenters are actually younger than those from Top Gear. • A question - would Top Gear be even more popular if a female presenter were to join? (nods to Laura Mulvey) 8
    9. 9. Likes / Dislikes • Of course, since we’re both in the target category for Top Gear, we’ll warm to that more than The One Show. • The One Show is perhaps more interesting if you have less desire in cars. • Top Gear, however, is perhaps the funnier show because it’s sense of humour (more outrageous) 9