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Location Recce New Pp


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Location Recce New Pp

  1. 1. Location Recce
  2. 2. -The floor is very rough- this would cause injury if the cast or crew were to trip. -The uneven floor could cause the tripod to fall and damage the equipment. The area is not very appealing, the grass is very patchy and unhealthy. -Being outside there may be problems if the weather is bad. -This field is next to the school fence therefore the sound microphone will pick up the traffic and passers by. Field behind drama -Empty field during lesson it is never in use -Danny and the posse would be leaning against the wall kicking a football around -There us a pathway around the building which leads onto the field where we can put the equipment so it stays clean. Risk assessments Possible problems Location details
  3. 3. - The floor is uneven therefore the camera will not capture steady shots. -We found that while inspecting this location another group were doing the same. This would be very inconvenient to film there whilst another group did so too.
  4. 4. -The sandpit is very dirty. It includes sand, stones, bottles and sticks-safety of cast. -The sandpit itself is dirty. -The sandpit is located at the end of the field, this is the same field which is used for p.e lessons. Sandpit -Important as sandpit is needed as a prop. -The sandpit is located at the very end of the field so we shouldn’t have interruptions from the other students
  5. 5. Would need to set up an area to put equipment without getting in the shot or getting in the way of cast or crew. History 4 -The room was a perfect size to use as the classroom. -The room is not in use very often, -The area around the room is very quiet so there will not be any disturbance.
  6. 6. -Being next to the language blocks we may have trouble with noise coming from the classes. -Field next to it has p.e lessons taking place. Field area behind the language block -This area has an interesting location as it includes some of the field, pathway, bushes and red concrete. -There are stairs where Danny and the posse could be sitting.
  7. 7. Location is fine None. Geography corridor -The lighting was good in this area. -Plenty of room for the camera, cast, crew and equipment. -The doors can be locked so no one can come through.
  8. 8. As there is no specific place to put the equipment cast and crew may trip over cords etc, therefore a place to put kit is needed. <ul><li>Geography 1 </li></ul><ul><li>-Classroom had good lighting. </li></ul><ul><li>Air conditioned so all cast and crew can be in there without any difficulties. </li></ul>
  9. 9. -The classroom was far too big. If we were to use this room we would have to find more cast or set up the whole room to make it look less spacious. <ul><li>The area around the classroom is quiet so there will not be any disturbance. </li></ul>
  10. 10. This room is usually in use with a store room in between teachers and students who usually come in and out.