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                                     REGISTRATION FORM

ORGANISATION      : ----------...
I hereby declare that the information provided above is correct and valid


10. In case of umpires finding ground weather and light conditions not suitable for
play, will inform both captains. Unles...
20. The officiating umpires hold full rights to handle situations, which may arise
due to any walkover.

21. No player ...
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Corporate Cr

  1. 1. Sports +919999269289, 01120256204 You Fiesta sport & leisure _____________________________________________ Dear Sir, One Sports Academy, run by Danny Grant, offers specialised football coaching for boys and girls aged 5-11 in s ed classes. After School Football Clubs and Holiday Football Courses are led by professional, experienced All sessions have been carefully devised to develop physical fitness, football skills, and emphasise the importance ortsmanship. Children of all abilities are encouraged to develop at their own pace. We aim to ensure that nts fully understand the rules of football and appreciate the team nature of the game. Incentives are offered at ev ensure fair play. Tournaments are played in all classes and courses. The final session concludes with a spe ion Ceremony where all participants receive a trophy. One Sports Academy offers the following activities throughout the year: y After School Football Clubs a large number of schools in North and North West London for 3-4 year olds (Little League One), and 5-11 year olds in small age League One). y Football Courses ring Christmas, Easter, Summer and all Half-Term school holidays at South Hampstead High School, Maresfield Gardens, London, ll Parties ffering a range of action-packed football games for 5-11 year olds. links on the left of the page for more detailed information on our Football Clubs, Courses and Parties, or you can email or telephone 020 8446 0891. who have children who prefer acting to football, may be interested to know that both activities can be accommodated in one place during all school holidays. Dramarama Stage School Ltd, run by Jessica Gra Holiday Drama Courses for 3-14 year olds at South Hampstead High School throughout the year at the sam League One Sports Academy. Saturday Morning Classes and Weekly After School Drama Clubs are also throughout the term. For full details of all Drama Courses, Clubs and Parties, visit .We sincerely hope that your team will accept our invitation and join hands with us to make success of this tournament. Eagerly looks forward to your kind participation. Yours sincerely, Team Fiesta
  2. 2. TWENTY20 CORPORATE CRICKET FIESTA REGISTRATION FORM ORGANISATION : ---------------------------------------------------------------- ADDRESS : ----------------------------------------------------------------- CONTACT NAME : ----------------------------------------------------------------- TEL (M) (O) : ------------------------------------------------------------------ EMAIL ID : ------------------------------------------------------------------ Player Name Designation Sizes (T-shirt & Paints) MOBILE 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Participation fee Rs. 32,000/- (Rupees Thirty Two thousands only), Cheque/Demand Draft drawn in favor of FIESTA SPORTS & LEISURE payable at New Delhi.
  3. 3. I hereby declare that the information provided above is correct and valid DATE: AUTHORIZED SIGNATORY Rules & Regulations T20 Corporate Cricket Fiesta-2009 1. The Tournament shall be played on league-cum-knockout basis. 2. Fixtures and match schedule shall be informed to participating teams prior to the event and no change in the fixture & schedule will be undertaken. 3. All matches shall be played according to the current cricket rules for limited over cricket including experimental laws. However, the Tournament Committee can insert by-laws and playing conditions, which shall be binding on all the participating teams. 4. Matches shall be of 20 over an inning. At least, four fielders shall have to be within the 30-metre circle throughout the innings in all the matches. 5. No bowler shall be allowed to bowl more than 1/5th of the total number of available over a side. 6. In case the side bowling first does not complete the quota of over within the allotted time, they will get to bat only as many number of over as it has bowled in the stipulated time but shall have to complete its full quota of over. 7. The umpires shall be sole judges of the conditions of the pitch, outfield, and other Conditions of play or any other disputes between the teams. The decisions of the umpires shall be final and binding on all the teams. 8. In case of interruption due to rain, or any other reasons, which is acceptable to the organizing committee of the tournament, and if no play is possible, each team shall get equal points in league matches. Semi-finals and final shall be rescheduled on a date as decided by the organizing committee of the tournament, or on mutual agreement between tournament committee and two captains . 9. In case a match is delayed owing to bad weather or other unavoidable circumstances, it would be left to the discretion of the officiating umpires in the match to curtail the number of over to be played by each side up to a minimum of 12 over a side.
  4. 4. 10. In case of umpires finding ground weather and light conditions not suitable for play, will inform both captains. Unless both captains want to commence, or to continue or to restart the match, the game will be suspended. If both captains disagree then umpires will take decision to continue, or to commence or to restart the match. In case of unsuitable light to continue or restart the option goes to batting side only. 11. Granting bad light/play abandonment decisions would be left to the discretion of the Umpires. 12. The umpires' decision on any on-field issue would be considered as final and binding. The organizing committee shall not consider any protest against umpiring Decisions 13. Apprentices, borrowed/guest players, players under stipend scheme shall not be allowed to participate in the tournament 14. All the participating teams must send the names of their 15-member squad in the prescribed format given in Registration form. A passport size photograph of each player alongside his name & contacts is mandatory. 15. In case a team does not have all 11 players (physically present) at the start of the match, to start the match, the decision of the umpires shall be final and binding. 16. 'Tie' shall be declared only if the total scores are equal. There shall be no consideration or over bowled or wickets lost. In the event of a `Tie', the two teams shall share one point each at league phase. At the knockout stage, the winner shall be decided by the Net Run Rate (NRR) 17. In case, during the knockout stage, a match ends in a tie, Points accrued up to the previous stages and the NRR, if need be, would be taken into account. 18. In case of teams having equal points to get right to play at knockout stage, the highest net run-rate' will determine the right position. 19. For calculations of 'net run-rate' the average runs per over given by a team to the opposite teams, throughout the tournament, will be deducted from the average runs per over scored by that team against those teams. For calculations full quota of allotted over will be taken in consideration, even if a team is all out earlier in less number of over.
  5. 5. 20. The officiating umpires hold full rights to handle situations, which may arise due to any walkover. 21. No player shall be allowed to play the match in case it is found that he is not in proper gear. The decision of the umpires shall be final and binding on all in this regard too. 22. Ten minutes break will be taken between two innings. Normally there will be no drinks break during the innings. But in case of excessive heat both captains, with the umpires may agree to have a drink after 10 over. This drink interval will not exceed than 4 minutes and this time shall be excluded from normal playing time. 23. The substitute will not be allowed to a fielder who is absent at the start of the game or leaves the field during the play for any reason, except in case of visible injury or reasons wholly acceptable to the umpires. 24. The prizes shall be distributed to the winners at the Prize Distribution Ceremony on the completion of the event. 25. The Tournament Committee shall have the powers to deal with any dispute regarding. the tournament not covered by the above rules. 26. For further clarifications on the aforesaid `Rules and Regulations' kindly Contact or Call us +919999269289 Fiesta Sports & leisure A Sports Management Company, India H.N.1025 Sector-7, Bahadurgarh- 124507(Hr.) India+91-9999269289 or SMS to 7333 ,, Delhi address: - Anju Sen B-29 BSPS, Bhatti Mines Road New Delhi- 74 (011-20256204)